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Why do Dogs yawn when Excited (2024)

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Why do Dogs yawn when excited?

Dogs do not yawn so much, but if they do, it means they can suffer from some problems. Their yawn indicates that they are suffering from health and mental issues, and as human beings, if we start to yawn, then it means that we are getting tired, bored, or want to sleep. But in dogs, yawning shows their stress levels, trust issues, tiredness,

Some veterans say that yawning is a symbol of positivity; it shows that they are good and relaxed with you, and they feel relaxed in your place. But why did the dog yawn? There are several reasons why dogs yawn when excited, confused, stressed, or while communicating.

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Yawning is also a symbol of excitement; it shows how your dog enjoys your company; they want to play with you and want some attention. There, I listed some indications that show your dog is happy and excited to stay with you.

  1. Your dog started to roll down, expose its belly, and open its legs broadly.
  2. lying down on the floor and relaxing their legs around the floor.
  3. Their ears become relaxed and in a natural position.

Bored and Frustrated

While you train your dog, if they start to yawn, it means they are getting bored with your training and feel some tiredness in their body. When they are yawning, you should watch their reaction. If they are yawning during the training, it means that they want some support and an easy task. And if your dog completes their task without any difficulties, it means they are feeling bored during their training.

There are some signs that show that they are bored and frustrated.

  1. They have started to chew furniture and shoes
  2. Started digging
  3. Start Barking and whining more
  4. Pacing forth and back


If your dog is yawning, they are usually trying to hide their face and do any of these activities: panting, pacing, and cowering. It means that your dog feels some anxiety and stress. There are some signs if your dog shows that they are feeling stressed.

  1. Trembling
  2. Do so much panting
  3. They change their posture
  4. Are they doing rapid eye blinking or lip-licking?
  5. do a continuous yawn without a break
  6. Drooling
  7. Are their ears pinned back?


When your dog does not get proper sleep and rest, they get fatigued and overtired. If they don’t get proper rest in an uncomfortable place, then their quality of sleep gets reduced, which indicates overtiredness.

  1. They will have Drooping ears and eyes
  2. Started heavily panting
  3. their energy level decreased
  4. Reduced interest in play
  5. start licking their paws and body
  6. do not stand up properly.

Affection for you

Sometimes dog yawning indicates love towards you; it is a sign of giving love to you, trusting in you, and getting a stronger bond with you. When your dog yawns with an open mouth and widens its jaws, it indicates that they are happy and relaxed with you.

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