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About Us

Thank you very much for visiting

Friends, the purpose of starting India Pet is just to connect with animals and know about them, due to this a site like India Pet has been created, which can give you accurate information about all the pets of India.

You are making love and caress of all the people and may God keep the good health of all of you brothers, this is the only prayer from the Lord.

Our Story

My name is Thakur Dilaawar Singh (Abhishek) and I live in the Deoria district of Uttar Pradesh. I am from a rural area, so I have many pets like cows, dogs, birds, etc. Friends, the purpose of making India Pet is just that you can be told about pets to the people.

I am very fond of pets and at the same time my hobby is also to take information about pets like their training and how their food should be. Because of this, I thought that I should share all the information that I have with all of you so that you can become aware of how pets are taken care of.

Friends, my friend has a great support for making this website, whose name is Guru Sharan Jaiswal. The Guru takes care of the technical system of all the sites and I give information about the pet to all of you. My friend is also very fond of pets, together we earn knowledge of each other and bring it in the midst of all of you.