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10 Best winter Dog Breeds [Update 2024]

10 Best Winter Dog Breeds

As the winter season comes, everyone wants a pet who is able to survive. Winter dogs are the most popular pets in the world, and there are varieties of dog breeds available across the world. Winter dogs are very furry and have long hairs on their body which help them to survive in cold weather.

List of top 10 winter dog breeds

Anatolian Shepard

These dogs are very tough and rugged and are found in Turkey. These dogs are used as flock guards in Turkey, and they can easily walk long distances. They are less energetic, but they are very protective; they know their master very well.

Chow Chow

Chow chow are very cute; they have young black and very hairy fur which can make them able to tolerate extreme colds. You can go outside in the winter snow season, chow chow are very friendly pets and like to travel with their owner and you will also enjoy them.

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

the greater Swiss is a mountain dog and a very powerful and heavy dog, also known as poor man horse because farmer-herder and local people use it to travel along long journeys if you give them proper exercise, they can hike small carts, herbals, etc.

Karakachan Bear Dog

Karakachan, one of the active dog like to stay outside and very protective dog. This dog is also known as a guardian or working dog. Referring to staying outside without shelter, like to sleep outdoors. This is also known as the Bulgarian Shepherd.


Keeshond has a very thick coat and is a very intelligent dog. He learns very quickly that this type of dog can survive in very extreme conditions because they have hairy skin.


One of the loyal dogs came from Japan. For decades, it was only a pet of the royal family. This dog was also gifted to another family as a sign of loyalty and happiness. This type of dog has furry skin, which helps them survive in the winter season.

Great Pyrenees

This dog is used by shepherds to herd the sheep. This dog is very loyal and humble. They are very calm and like the weather of winter too much. Have a double layer of thick, hairy fur.

Tibetan terrier

The Tibetan terrier comes from Tibet and is a mannered, energetic dog. They have large, flat, and round feet, which help them to walk and run around outside and on tracks. They have a double-protective coat. This dog is also known as Lucky Charm.

Siberian Husky

Siberian huskies come from northeast Asia and are very popular all over the country. Lots of people pet them. Siberian husky used for sleds. They do not need lots of exercise to stay healthy; they are very tough and mentally strong.

Shiba Inu

One of the cutest dogs, who is very intelligent, energetic, lovely, and loyal. Always stay in energy and like to roam around the snow. He likes to search for new things in the large stacks of snow.

People also ask:

  1. Which dog is good for cold weather?
    Siberian Husky
  2. What dog loves winter?
    Saint Bernard 
  3. Are dogs easily cold?
    Dogs do feel the cold too!
  4. Do dogs enjoy winter?
    Many dogs love playing in the cold and snow.
  5. Do puppies sleep a lot?
    They need sleep—lots of it, just like babies.
  6. What’s the most expensive dog?
    Red Tibetan Mastiff
  7. What is the largest dog?
    Aicama Zorba of La-Susa
  8. What is the oldest dog breed?
    Salukis are acknowledged as the world’s oldest dog breed


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