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10 Dog Breeds that are Good with Cat [Update 2024]

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10 Dog Breeds That Are Good with Cat

If you already have a cat at home and are looking to add a dog then you visit the perfect website because here we share all the information related to 10 Dog Breeds that are Good with Cats, you choose the right breed here are 10 dogs breeds that are good with cats.

Labrador retrievers

Labradors are very calm and friendly dogs, They are very playful and gentle with cats, Labradors are ideal and good companions for your children, they never feel jealous of others and don’t want any separate space, they can share easily their stuff with cats.


Papillons are very small dogs like cats and have butterfly ears, they are very curious about making new friends, they are very friendly, and even behave well with strangers, they join anyone between family fun and also become happy and joyful to play with cats.


Collies are very athletic dogs and very playful, they do a lot of exercises and are very companionable, they can easily tolerate other pets, and their love also can extend with cats, collies are very good herbalists and love children.

Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers have very playful personalities and also need a lot of exercise in daily life, they are very adaptable and they can easily make cats their friends. they are very friendly with the cat.


Little Cute companion very lovable and playful. lots of his cute things attract a lot of attention on the internet, they also feel very comfortable with cats and they do not need to tense about their fight, they look small but they are strong enough to play with cats.


Beagles are very friendly with other animals but they are also known for hunting in packs but its not mean they hunt house as their go-lucky nature gives them pleasure in joining anyone’s party. The beagles are very cute and chubby so they will become a good partner with anyone. And they can become a good partner for cats too.

Basset Hounds

Basset Hounds are very loyal and low-key partners, But when the time for training comes basset hounds become very stubborn, but they have mild-mannered attitudes which make them very friendly and they can easily tolerate other cats and pets.


Very fatty and chubby dogs if they want can be playful with anyone even with cats, Bulldogs are very lazy dogs also so they like to sleep in with their companion, they are very friendly towards other creatures, and they have easy-going personalities so they can easy adjust with other pet animals.

Cavalier king

a Gentle and fearless little dog, much bigger than a cat, they are very adaptable and gentle kind of personality, very beautiful and also lover other animals, they can be a good partner of a cat, not even a cat they can make good friendship another animal too.

Bichon Frise

Long and silky hair have a very happy personality and will never miss a chance to entertain us, you can easily make them happy mate with cats and the bichon frise outgoing personality will make cats more overwhelming when left alone, they are very sweet and they can easily become a friend of a cat, very charming personality help them to make a spot of attraction.

People also ask:

  1. Which dog is friendly to cats?
    Golden Retriever
  2. What cat loves dogs?
    Abyssinian Cats
  3. What dog is closest to a cat?
  4. Is the cat a friendly pet?
     they do have a friendly, affectionate side.
  5. Can a dog breed with a cat?
    Cats and dogs cannot mate
  6. Do dogs cuddle like cats?
    each dog has its preference and tolerance for cuddling.


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