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10 Best homemade Cat toys for your Feline

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10 best homemade cat toys for your feline

Cats are very lovely and like to play, they are always trying to scratch their own claws in other things. and in this blog, we cover the 10 Best homemade Cat toys for your Feline if you searching for this topic then you visit the perfect website you must read, and don’t forget to share with your friends.

Ball of yarn

There are lots of videos on the Internet where you see cats playing with yarn, chasing yarn, and keeping it in their mouth, they have become very playful while playing with yarn. Cats have natural hunting instincts. When a roll of yarn gets open the skill of hunting gets started from them.

Toilet paper Roll Chaser

toilet paper roll is another thing that is likable by cats to play cats like to chew and shred things you can make so many things from it you can put some favorite things of your cat which help them to discover the toilet paper roll, cat like to play with colorful things and a colorful toilet paper roll is a good choice for them.

Cat tent

take an old T-shirt and make the secret base with it for your cat this DIY project is very fun and cats like to enjoy this type of tent, as you know cats are very shy and like to hide in shelters, so you can put a blanket inside the tent.

T-shirt Bows

another good use of an old T-shirt is making T-shirt bows by tieing T-shirts and making a knot into it, these colored toys are very friendly to cats and you can make different colors of bows by using different colors of T-shirts.

Scratching post

another great thing which are very likable cats, as we know cats scratch their claws to keep them healthy and like to scratch, if you can make a scratching post then it will be a very good toy for your cat.

Feather and string toy

you can make a feather string toy very easily and attach a bell to it then it becomes a cat’s favorite toy, if your cat does not like it its mean, your cat is not playful.

Pipe cleaner toy

One of the easiest and simplest toys anyone can make in different designs and your cat will enjoy playing with it, easy to make and likes to play with.

Cardboard cat palace

A cardboard palace is one of the things you can make in different ways and is easy to make just take an old box and cut a door and window and tada your cardboard palace is ready put a light and you can decorate it as you want.

Upcycled mice

With your old clothes, you can make soft and colored mice that are very likable to your cat. You wear any type of clothes like your old sweater and your old jacket. Lots of videos and tutorials are available you can learn from there.

Socks toys

Your old socks can become an interesting toy too, take a sock put some cotton inside the sock, and sew it up, you can make a fish toy, a cute ball, and other different things, You can get lots of tutorials on YouTube you can watch and learn from their.

People also ask:

  1. What toy do cats love most?
    chasing balls and batting them.
  2. What Colours can cats see?
    blue-violet and yellow-green 
  3. How do I keep my indoor cat happy?
    Play with your cat each day
  4. What gets the cat’s attention?
    Offering tasty treats
  5. What are cats’ favorite food?
     Cooked beef, chicken, turkey, and small amounts of lean deli meats 


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