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10 dog Breeds that love to Sleep [Update 2024]

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10 dog Breeds That Love to Sleep

Hi, welcome in thsi blog posti know you are very excited to learn about 10 dog breeds that love to Sleep [Update 2024] then you visit prefect webstie Here are 10 dog breeds that are often associated with a love for sleep:-


Heavyweight dogs like to enjoy all their time because they lose lots of energy.  They can sleep up to 18 hours and this was 3/4 of the day, So much laziest dog ever. Mastiffs are heavy and large so large dogs need so much effort to walk and run, and they burn more calories than small dogs so they need lots of sleep to recover their energy.

Basset hound

The owner of Basset Hound claims that they are their companion and sleep a lot, anywhere and anytime. the basset hounds can sleep around 20 hours a day.

Shih Tzu

One of the Lazziest dogs in the world sleeps 20 hours a day as an elder dog, While a Shih Tzu pup sleeps 14 hours a day when it comes to adult age sleeps around 12 hours. This is the most sleepy dog ever.

Lhasa apso

Lhasa also has very long hair and fur covered all over the body. They are very playful and love their sleep too, sleep all the time, anywhere.


Pugs are a very cute and small dog, they are very small and eat lots. After eating a lot, they want a snap. Pugs are so playful and want to sleep all the time.

Saint Bernard

Very big and slobbery dogs, heavyweight and world laziest dogs, want to sleep all the time with their partners; they want a warm and comfortable bed all the time. Saint Bernard belongs to the mastiff family, and they help rescue lost travelers in the snowy mountain.

They are very strong, and they easily pull heavy things. But if you see them in your home you will see that they are very lazy and always want to sleep more than excited.

English bulldog:-

Bulldogs are very lazy dogs, and they are best described as snoring, snoozy dogs, the breed of dog that always stays sleepy and snores. Bulldogs are very friendly and sweet, but they are very heavy, and the owner really enjoys staying with them. The bulldog is very loyal and after a long walk in the garden, they deserve to have a good snap. Their snoring is also incredible and very loud.

Chow chow

Chow Chow is my personal favorite dog because of its beauty, but as you know sleep makes beauty so they really like to sleep, They are highlighted for their sleep. Chow Chow is a very friendly dog,, but when they are in sleep they don’t like to curl you in your body they are just in sleep.

Great Dane

A very big dog, very very energetic but always likes to sleep, they are always asleep. A heavy and bulky dog who likes to enjoy all the time on their.

Cocker spaniel

Cocker plays a lot but after so much play cocker wants to sleep a lot. They are very lazy dogs and get muddy and dirty very easily. So they need extra care after that, they like to sleep in the fireplace and want to relax a lot.

Poeple also ask:

  1. What dog breed loves to sleep?
    The Shih Tzu 
  2. What dog sleeps all day?
    Newfoundlands, Saint Bernards and Mastiffs 
  3. What type of dog is lucky?
    Chinese chow
  4. Which dog is peaceful?
    St. Bernard
  5. Which dog is most calm and intelligent?
    Golden Retriever


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