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Sun Conure price in India 2023 – Latest Price Update

Sun Conure is a beautiful green and yellow parrot from South America. They are known as pets because of their friendliness and beautiful color.

If you plan to add Sun Conure to your family, it is essential to know their needs and features. In this section, we will talk about the origin and history of Sun Conure, its features, and the price of Sun Conure in India.

These superb parrots are easy to train pets with characters that are interesting to domestic pets. The sun is the loudest sound and cries. If you believe this is your pet, this bird will give you much love and affection.

Breeds Overview

COMMON NAMES Sun conure, sun parakeet
SCIENTIFIC NAME Aratinga solstitialis
ADULT SIZE 12 inches
LIFE EXPECTANCY 15 to 30 years

Sun Conure price in India

Due to a variety of circumstances, the price varies from bird to bird. A low-quality Sun conure, for example, costs ₹18,700 on average, whereas a pure-bred Show-quality conure costs ₹37,500.

Purchase a Sun conure from a reputed breeder to ensure its health and genealogy.

Green Cheek Conure price in India

The cost of Green Cheek Conure or Pineapple Conure in India can range from ₹15,000 to ₹50,000. The price of a bird depends on its age, location, color, due to which the price keeps increasing and decreasing.


The price of Sun Conure in Chennai is between ₹30,000 to ₹200,000.


The price of Sun Conure in Kerala is between ₹25,000 to ₹150,000.


The price of Sun Conure in Mumbai is between ₹30,000 to ₹150,000.

Factor Affecting the cost of Sun Conure Birds In India?

Sun Conure birds

The price of Sun Conure birds in India may depend on the number of items. For example, the age and sex of birds can affect the cost and the presence of the birds in question. Other potential price risks include whether or not the breed is a breed, raising the tame, and the owner’s position. So while there is no exact answer to how much Sun Conure costs, it is essential to identify all the factors that influence its price.

1. Age factors: –

Sun Conure’s little birds are more expensive than the old ones, and it is because young birds are usually healthier, and older birds are less likely to pose a health risk. Therefore, small Sun Conure birds are often a good investment for birds.

2. Features: –

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you plan to add Sun Conure to your family. The age, sex, and color of the bird contribute to the price, such as location and owner information. In addition, lines and bloodlines can add value. Some artists focus on quality and perfection, while others prefer to make large birds. Most importantly, the question of how much Sun Conure costs is not relevant. It is essential to research and find a reputable supplier to put first.

3. Types of competitions: –

Sun Conure is a beautiful bird that is known as an animal. However, they can be costly because they are not the same. Many factors make up the price of a Sun Conure bird, and these include the disadvantages of this bird, its characteristics and features, and the cost of raising it. Also, the demand for Sun Conure birds is high, so sellers often get higher prices. If you want to add Sun Conure to your family, be prepared to pay the base price.

4. Health condition

As we mentioned earlier, children are less likely to succumb to specific conditions on sunny days. Farmers need to be vaccinated and tested before reaching old age, affecting prices. No client wants to go to the doctor for treatment, which would be another investment.

Health Issue. Cause/ Sign. Suggested Action
Diarrhea Change in diet or bacterial/internal parasite invasion.A few unformed portions are present in stool fecal. Maintain a proper diet. Consult a vet
Chlamydiosis Loss of appetite,Respiratory difficulty,Nasal discharge,Swollen abdomen. Consult a vet
Polyoma Virus Weight lossAnorexiaLethargy Seek a vet’s attention.
Feather Plucking BoredomPoor dietOther unknown illnesses. Keep boredom at bay by offering more attention and toys. Consult a vet

How Much Does a Sun Conure Cost Per Month?

₹1000 – ₹3500 per month

When you buy your accessories and equipment, Sun Conure pays you less every month, and you should only buy food that comes in large and cheap packages and is guaranteed an ample amount of your pet’s Calcium.

Health care

₹500 – ₹2000 per month

If your Sun Conure is not sick, you need to check it every few years and every year to make sure everything works. If you have a sore throat, if your bird works abnormally or refrains from eating for a long time, you should see a doctor.


₹500 – ₹1500 per month

Many experts advise feeding your Sun Conure with a high-quality bird pellet mix, the best way to feed. You will also include a small portion of fruit with leafy vegetables such as broccoli and bananas. The pellet mixture makes up 70% of the bird’s diet and usually stays in large containers.


₹500 – ₹1500 per month

You can help your Sun Conure improve the environment to work on its own. These birds need a bath, so providing clean water will help the bird get rid of debris in the bath. The different sizes of feathers are similar to those of a bird coop and help shape the nails, while soft wooden toys help keep the bird’s mouth healthy.

Medications and Vet Visits

₹500 – ₹1500 per month

As mentioned earlier, your Sun Conure requires less medication and usually does not need to see a doctor. If your bird becomes infected with parasites or starts fluttering its wings, you need medication, a sign of the disease. Some birds may experience frostbite while on the program, and hostile environments may weaken the pet’s immune system.

Pet insurance

₹500 – ₹2500 per month

Unfortunately, getting bird insurance is much harder than getting a cat or dog. However, you may be surprised to see bird insurance offered by reputable companies such as International. Insurance can help save your animal’s life in the event of an accident or sudden illness. For most people, the unexpected cost of treatment may be higher than you, leaving you with pets. Thus, animal insurance allows you to cover these costs and keep your animal healthy.

Environmental maintenance

₹500 – ₹2500 per month

Once you install it in your area, maintenance costs will be lower, and you will have to spend several dollars a month to replace damaged paper or other items. If your bird doesn’t pay enough attention, it can make things worse in your cage, but there are often other warnings, such as loud noises.

Cage bottom liners $20/month
Deodorizing spray or granules $5/month
Wooden perches $5/month


₹500 – ₹3000 per month

Your Sun Conure will not need much in the way of entertainment. Your pets will have a good time with you, and no one else will. Some owners like to add glass, and wooden puzzles can help keep the birds alive, while others give the birds a good breakfast, but you have to be careful not to overweight your pet. It can lead to health problems in the afterlife.

Sun Conure Overview

Sun Conure Overview

Origin and History

Sun Conure is located in northeastern South America, including Venezuela, northern Brazil, and Guyana. Found indoors in most tropical habitats, the Sun Conure can also live in dry savannas and coastal forests, and they usually live in fruit trees and palm trees.

Currently, the number of endangered birds is declining due to habitat loss and pet trade networks. According to the World Parrots Trust, the population has declined dramatically over the past three decades, despite the US import ban in 1992 and European Union ban in 2007.


Sun Conure is a fun and playful bird that enjoys playing tricks. These birds are intelligent, interactive, and easy to train. It is a very loving and caring bird and is kind to all family members as long as it is well behaved. The bird isn’t helpless; Mistakes can lead to sudden aggression.

These parrots can go through nipple stages that can be difficult for children and adults. Even the tiniest pet birds can bite and eat. It is not a true reflection of his personality, and this is a normal reaction.

Like all mulberries, the Sun Conure is a social bird that requires a lot of interaction to please its owners. They are naturally playful and loving when getting the attention they need, which makes them especially well suited to someone who wants a bird for a stable companion.

Note that the Sun Conure volume is too high, capable of producing earwax. A loud crack sound draws attention to a dire situation miles away in the woods. Likewise, these birds may be the best version of the guard dog for your home.


These talkative, expressive, and playful birds attract the whole world’s attention with their sharp mouth and beauty.

The Sun Conure device is about 12 inches tall, including the tail. They weigh between 100–130 g and have 15–30 years of shelf life.

The Sun Conure Pure comes in a bright yellow-orange color and has green markings on its tail and wings. This bright color makes Sun Conure the most desirable breed in the world. Other surprises include bright white circles around the eyes, dark eyebrows, and a long, slightly suppressed tail.

Male Sun Conure looks larger with a flat head, while females have rounder and smaller heads – a fact that only experienced breeders can tell with good eyesight. Otherwise, the quality of the pet doesn’t make much difference.

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The Sun Conure is the most social and audio of all the conical types. They are very funny, cheerful, and love gossip and songs. Some people also call it the “the canary of the bird world.”

Sun Conure is generally very friendly and wants to communicate with its owners. They can be taught to speak, and most people learn to speak individual words and sentences.


Like other parrots, Sun Conures need a varied and healthy diet to thrive. The staple food should be a mix of high-quality bird seeds, including fresh fruits and vegetables. Chestnuts can also be fed with nutrients and should be about 25% of the bird’s diet.

Besides eating a healthy diet, Sun Conure also needs enough water to drink. A fresh water supply should be available, and water containers should be emptied and cleaned regularly.


Although not as talkative as other breeds of parrots, the Sun Conure is quite interesting to be tamed and trained in various techniques ranging from walking, running, toilet training, coin hopping, and basic running.

These birds require active mental exercise because they are a high-energy breed.

Here are some of what we’ve covered before Sun Conure starts training:

Relationship- When the birds return home, they not only start the training sessions but take the time to build strong relationships with each other.

Age- Sun Conure’s smaller devices are easier to train but don’t be discouraged if you’re older. Start by training one trick at a time.

Personality– Each Sun Conure has its own personality. Before you begin training, take the time to understand your approach. For a handshake with your child, consider these different ideas.

Patience– Sun Conure can be moody and complicated at times. It is a big challenge for impatient parents.

Positive supplement- using harsh words about these smart birds doesn’t make them less attractive.

Clear distractions– Open windows, colorful toys, and people passing by during training sessions are likely to distract birds.

Please pay close attention– Pay close attention to your birds and train them to be motivated.

Timeliness– Short and entertaining sessions are best. Don’t let your birds get too tired during long sessions.


This breed does not require grooming like other mulberries but always keeps these essentials in mind.

Nail trimming– Cut your nails weekly or monthly. Be careful not to damage their claws while cutting.

Beak trimming- this should be normal if the bird has a major liver disease that causes the abnormal development of the beak. Other than that, the Sun Conure Beak generally maintains the desired state with daily use.

Feather Clipping– If your bird’s first five feathers are too long, they should be trim them. The goal is to prevent injuries during exercise and consult a doctor before cutting them.

Most importantly, maintain a temperature of 650-850F and proper air circulation for your Sun Conure.


Sun Conure is a beautiful bird native to South America. These birds are generally healthy but can occasionally be exposed to certain health conditions. Common problems faced by Sun Conure include problems with their beaks, ingrown feathers, and overgrown toenails. In addition, Sun Conure may be suffering from “Gout.” Joints are a problem that can lead to arthritis and can be very painful for the joints. If your Sun Conure has a problem with your health, it is important to see a qualified doctor for treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Essential Foods For Sun Conure Birds?

Your Sun Conure diet should consist of 60-70% balanced, fatty and nutritious foods and small amounts of fruits and vegetables. Rare though strong seed treatment is necessary. Don’t forget to fill your water bottles every day.

Can Sun Conure talk?

Although not as talkative as other parrots, these birds can imitate their human voices when taught. They are known for their screams, which annoy their owners when something unusual happens.

How good is Sun Conure for kids and other pets?

These birds love to cuddle and feed and therefore behave well with children. Although they may be angry at times, this may not be the case. Social Sun Conure also has a great relationship with other pets.
Although it may seem bright and beautiful, Sun Conure needs energy and attention.
If you think this is the right bird for you, be prepared to waste your time and energy and cry out for grief.

Are conure beautiful birds?

The difference between conure and lovebird as nouns is that conure refers to any of the many new world parakeets in the former genus.
In contrast, a lovebird refers to any small parrot from one of the nine species in the genus Agapornis, which are sometimes kept as cage birds and are known for their affection for one another.

Which conure makes the best pet?

White-Eyed Conure
White-Eyed Conure pets live about 20 years, but they make the best conure pets of all. Due to their docile nature, they behave more than other mulberries.

Which male or female Sun Conure is best?

Men’s Sun Conure looks stronger with a weaker body than female Sun Conure. On the other hand, females have a thinner body and a smaller, very thin beak.


We hope you enjoyed the Sun Conure look and got the answers you needed. These birds are sociable and showy, and their color is so bright that it’s hard to take your eyes off them.

The initial cost of a pet and your one-time purchase can go up to ₹20,000 to ₹50,000, but once you get everything organized, your monthly expenses will drop dramatically, and you’ll be able to keep your birds well-maintained.

I will be able to, just a few dollars, and it will take one month for maintenance. If we want you to try one of these birds at home, please share this guide with Sun Conure on Facebook and Twitter.

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