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Love Birds Price In India 2023 – Latest Price Update

Love birds are small members of the bird family, with nine species of birds, most of them African. The three most popular species of lovebirds are the bird’s face, the fisherman, and the indoor bird. Every bird knows that these birds are beautiful, enjoyable, fascinating, and adorable.

Lovebirds quickly form relationships and are called “love birds” because of their nature. So if you want to know what beautiful birds need to keep pets? What is the price of Love birds in India? How to take care of love birds and care for others and then continue scrolling.

Love Birds Overview

COMMON NAMES Fischer’s lovebird, black-masked lovebird, yellow-collared lovebird, peach-faced lovebird
SCIENTIFIC NAME Agapornis fischeri, Agapornis personataAgapornis roseicollis
ADULT SIZE 5 to 6 inches
LIFE EXPECTANCY 10 to 15 years

Love Birds Price In India

Love birds cost in India start at ₹1,200 and increase to ₹24,000 depending on the type and color of the birds. Two cute Rosy Peach-faced lovebirds cost ₹1200, and a Pair of Violet Par blue Opaline love birds cost ₹30,000.

Love Birds Price In Delhi

Love birds price range between ₹1200 to ₹2000 in delhi but some times increase prices of this birds.

Lovebirds Price In Kerala

In Kerala the love bird price range between ₹1400 to ₹2500 depending upon breeder in your city.

Love Birds Price In Mumbai

Love birds cost between ₹1000 to ₹2000 in Mumbai. This bird are very amazing and energetic so enjoy to take a pet in your family.

Lovebird Price In Kolkata

The price of love bird between ₹1200 to ₹2400 in Kolkata. Some time price increase on breeders profile.

Love Birds Price In Chennai

The love birds price range between ₹1300 to ₹2300 in Chennai. Some time price increases upto 20,000 in India.

African Love Birds Price In Tamilnadu

african love birds price in tamilnadu

The approximate starting price of a love bird is ₹1,200. However, species like African love birds can cost you about ₹40,000 or more.

Types Of Love Bird In India and Their Price

Love Birds Price in India (Pair) Price
Rosy Peach Face Love Birds (Pair) ₹1,200 to ₹1,600
Green Orange Peach Faced Love Birds (Pair) ₹1,400 to ₹1,800
Rosy Opaline Love Birds (Pair) ₹1,800 to ₹2,200
Green Orange Opaline Love Birds (Pair) ₹1,800 to ₹2,200
Lutino Peach Face Love Birds (Pair) ₹2,000 to ₹2,500
Lutino Opaline Love Birds (Pair) ₹2,700 to ₹3,200
Lutino Opaline Hood Love Birds (Pair) ₹2,700 to ₹3,200
Rosy Pied Love Birds (Pair) ₹2,500 to ₹3,000
Rosy White Face Love Birds (Pair) ₹1,500 to ₹2,200
Violet Peach Face Love Birds (Pair) ₹5,000 to ₹8,000
Fischer Love Birds (Pair) ₹1,800 To ₹2,200
Dhani Love Birds (Pair) ₹2,200 to ₹2,800
Blue Mask Love Birds (Pair) ₹3,000 to ₹3,500
Cobalt Mask Love Birds (Pair) ₹3,500 to ₹4,000
Mauve Mask Love Birds (Pair) ₹4,000 to ₹4,500
DF Voilet Mask Love Birds (Pair) ₹10,000 to ₹12,000
Wild Mask Yellow Love Birds (Pair) ₹12,000 to ₹16,000
Violet Parblue Opaline Love Birds (Pair) ₹18,000 to ₹24,000

Bringing the new Love Bird home: a one-time price

The cost of buying a Love bird to bring home may depend on the source you decide to buy. You can pay anywhere from ₹7,000 for this kind of exciting bird. Below you will find the most popular methods and prices for purchasing beautiful birds.

love birds

Free of charge

You might get free Love birds scores by searching local newspapers and online advertising stores. Social media is another excellent place to find beautiful birds that need a home. Maybe people in your community want to put beautiful birds in places like yours. So, even if no ads are looking for new cute bird owners, don’t be afraid to post some of your ads to let others know your intentions. You can get it back!


Choosing a love bird is different from buying a breeder, as you will choose the pet rescue facility. These places are not interested in exploitation, and instead, they are just trying to cover the cost of caring for and preparing the pets for the new “forever” home. Choosing a Love bird can cost you anywhere from ₹2,000 to ₹6,000, depending on the type of care it takes, how long it has been in the shelter and its skills.

Buying from a breeder will require the largest financial investment. The breeder will determine the price of his favorite bird based on the specific species of birds, speaking skills, whistling, color, marking, and general temperament. You can expect Love birds to cost between ₹2,500 and ₹9,000 per breed, and some species of lovebirds can cost up to ₹15,000. The higher the price of the birds, the rarer it will be, or the more trained and eager it will be to talk to new family members returning home.


When caring for any beautiful bird, you need to keep a lot of equipment in hand. Not everything needs to be the first. With basic accommodation and some toys, some food and water will do. But over time, you’ll want to take advantage of the other items on our list to improve Love Bird’s quality of life.

List of Lovebird Care Supplies and Cost

Caged Habitat ₹500-₹1600
Habitat Cover for Cold/Sun Protection ₹500-₹700
Habitat Litter ₹100-₹200/month
Cuttlebone ₹100-₹200
Nail Clipper (optional) ₹100-₹150
Litter Scoop ₹100-₹150
Toys ₹500
Carrier ₹500
Food and Water Bowls ₹1000-₹2000


₹1000-₹2000 per month

Lovebirds need to consume commercial pellet foods as an essential source of their nutrients. A few tablespoons of seeds and grains may also be offered. In addition, a quarter of the diet should consist of fresh fruits and vegetables such as apples, oranges, pineapples, carrots, and oysters. Kitchen scraps are good fruits and vegetables for your birds if they are well chopped.

Environmental protection

₹2000-₹10,000 per year

Raising Love birds requires fresh supplies of litter, deodorizer, and toys. Here are some of the environmental care costs you can expect to incur throughout the year:

Cage ₹2500/year
Deodorizing spray or plug-ins ₹1500/year
Toys ₹1500-₹3500/year
Bathing supplies ₹50-₹000/year
Perch maintenance ₹0-₹2000/year


You can spend as much as you want on entertainment. If you’re going to entertain your Lovebirds without spending a penny, buy some paper bags, boxes, or other household items and make homemade toys that they will enjoy. If the money is nothing, you can spend a hundred dollars or more on store-bought toys to keep your birds busy all day.


₹2000-₹5000 per year

You can expect your Lovebirds to be examined once or twice a year, depending on their age and health, and you will pay a fee for each visit – usually around ₹2000 but for medication. Or other health care costs don’t work.


First up to ₹5000 a year, then less than ₹2000 a year

Love birds should get most of their vaccines when they are still young, costing up to ₹5000 a year for the first year or two. Afterward, you can experience years without the cost of vaccines, while you spend more years where the required number of vaccines reaches ₹4000.

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Own a Love Birds on a budget

If you are ready to make toys outside to collect floor sheets for their cage and enjoy the old items kept around the house, then it is possible to have a Lovebird on a budget. However, no one can overcome when it comes to occupational health care, which every lovebird deserves in prison.

Save money on lovebird care

To save some money for lovebird care, you can find wild seeds, cereals, nuts, vegetables, and fruits in your area if possible. If there is a forest reserve nearby, find some free food for the beautiful birds! You can grow foods like carrots, cantaloupe, and collard greens to feed the lovebirds. Another way to save money is to make homemade sculptures out of tree branches and homemade swings from wire coat hangers.

Behavior and personality

A common myth about lovebirds is that they must be kept in pairs; otherwise, they will die of depression, but this is not true. Many pets and owners suggest that lovebirds be kept as pets, and they should be kept as long as they have a good relationship with the owner.

If you decide to buy Lovebirds, you should buy one male. It may be a better pet than females, as female Lovebirds may be aggressive, especially when Lovebirds are harmonious and females are in cages. Be very local. A lovebird that has been bred and socialized makes a great pet of the family, especially males, because it is less aggressive.

If you want a pair of lovebirds, make sure you get them as a young couple who are already engaged but remember that they will always be more attached to each other than you. Remember that sometimes lovebirds are very aggressive and can even kill their mates.

Lovebirds are not known to imitate human speech, but some lovebirds can learn the pronunciation of certain words, but they do not sound or speak as loudly as Cockatiel, parrots, or African grey.


Lovebirds are small in size and have large beaks and short tails; and lovebirds weigh 50 to 70 grams and stand 5 to 7 inches high. It is difficult to tell whether they are male or female when they are children. So if you want to know the sex of your baby, you need to take a DNA test.

Care and Nutrition

Beautiful birds kept in small spaces are very aggressive and nervous. That’s why it’s essential to keep them in a large window, so they don’t behave like that. Loving birds enjoy playing, running, and flying. Since cute birds are very active, it is essential to keep toys in your birdcage so that they can play with toys and stay active at all times.

Love birds are very active and dynamic birds, so you should give them a healthy diet that includes all the nutrients. Most cute birds feed their birds only seeds, which is not suitable. It would be best to provide the lovers with a meal that includes a few seeds and some fresh food each day.

Fresh foods containing deep leafy vegetables such as spinach, bok choy, kale, and beetroot are essential for your birds, so you should include them all in the diet you are preparing. If you do not know what to feed the birds or you doubt what they are eating, you should ask your veterinarian before feeding the birds.

Health concerns

Like all birds, lovers face several health problems, such as:

Psittacine Beak & Feather Disease – This disease is common in sweet birds. They can become ill when they are young, as the disease produces abnormal bird feathers.

Pacheco disease – is a serious disease caused by the herpes virus. The virus infects lovebirds’ livers and can kill them.

Depression – Depression is just like any other illness that needs to be addressed. Fatigue and continuous exhaustion will accompany weight loss.

Feather Plucking and Mutilation – Sometimes, unhealthy food causes birds to come a little early and start plucking their wings, so you need to give them healthy food. Sometimes they can because they are trying to cleanse themselves, so you have to make sure you bathe them from time to time.

Suppose you see your bird behaving differently or showing any signs of illness, as discussed above. In this case, you should see your doctor immediately for a diagnosis.

Are the lovebirds friendly?

Yes, lovebirds are very friendly and love to play with humans, and they like to be petted and stand on human hands and heads. Male lovebirds, especially female lovebirds, are more endemic.

What is the Lifespan of lovebirds?

The average life span of a love bird is 5 to 7 years, but with reasonable care, it can survive for a long time.


Pros Cons
Friendly Biters
Playful Personality Noisy
Easy to care  


We conclude that lovebirds are more beautiful, fun, and easy to care for than other pets, such as cats and dogs. They adapt quickly, blend well with other birds, and never miss a chance to talk. Are you interested in choosing a love bird? If yes, why? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below. We’re glad to hear from you!

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