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Finches Bird Price In India 2023 – Latest Price Update

These little finches are ideal animals because they do not bother the owner by asking for time and care. They are happy and friendly in their groups. Their beautiful and soft voices love the air stay in touch if you want to know the price of Finches birds in India.

Beautiful children illuminate the audience with colorful prints. Popular Finch animals are Gold Finch, Zebra Finch, Owl Finch, and Australian Finches. Finch For the first time, it is advised to be the best choice for pet owners.


Common Names Finches
Scientific Name: Fringillidae
Adult Size: 3–4 inches
Life Expectancy: 5–10 years

How Much Finches Bird Price In India

The price of finches birds in India ranges from ₹180-₹5,000 depending on the type of finches birds and where you buy them. If you have to keep a finch bird and you are looking at its price in India, then before that know how the finch bird is raised and what is given in their food.

Black Cheek Finches Price In India

Black Cheek Finches can cost ₹500 to ₹1000 in India, but before you buying black cheek then check breeders profile and there bird environment.

Zebra Finches Price In Chennai

Zebra Finches price range between ₹500 to ₹1000 in Chennai, but some time price vary to ₹5000.

Finches Bird Price In Kerala

The price of finch bird in Kerala ranges from ₹500 to ₹1500, sometimes the price of this finch can range from ₹3000 to ₹5000, if you are going to buy finch bird in Kerala, then check the bird breeder there thoroughly.

Finches Price In Tamilnadu

You will get ₹500 to ₹1000 finch birds in Tamil Nadu, before taking a finch bird, check the bird breeder there thoroughly and find out in which environment the finch birds were growing so that in the initial period you will not face any problem in their maintenance.

Finches Price In Kolkata

The price of finches bird ranges from ₹500 to ₹1200 in Kolkata, this bird is very easily available in Kolkata, sometimes there is an increase in their prices, due to which this bird starts getting prices from ₹3000 to ₹5000.

Finches Bird Price In Bangalore

The cost of finches bird in Bangalore ranges from ₹500 to ₹1500. These birds are very beautiful and attractive in appearance, if you are going to buy this bird in Bangalore, then identify the breeder from where you are buying well, due to which you can get a good breed of finch.

Types Of Finches

types of finches bird

Finches birds have small or pointed tails, wings with medium, round or long bodies, and round heads with three or fewer triangular holes.


Like the Chaffinch in size and shape, the male pink pants have a blackhead and a white waist. It shows a long whitetail on the fly. In severe winters, it can produce thousands of head of cattle and is often greeted with saliva. The numbers may vary during the winter months, depending on the food supply. This is the first type of graph.


The male bullfinch definitely has bright pinkish-red breasts and cheeks, a gray back, a black hat and tail, and a bright white bean. The sound of bells ringing on the flight and often the first sign of another finch. They feed on the leaves of various trees in the spring and sometimes become “insects” of fruit crops.


Chaffinch is one of England and Ireland’s most widespread finches. Its feathers have a shape that helps it to mix with the ground during feeding and are very noticeable during flight, showing white glitter on the wings and white feathers on the tail. These finches don’t feed on open owners – they like to jump under the finch tables or under the couch. If you haven’t seen them yet, you can hear the owner with his powerful songs and various bells.

Common rosefinch

The Common rosefinch (also called scarlet rosefinch) is a sparrow-sized finch with a streaked breast, yellow belly, and brown tail. A male over one year of age has a head, chest, and tail. Females, teens, and first-year males have brown heads and somewhat resemble corn buntings. It breeds mostly in North Asia and parts of Eastern and Central Europe and migrates to the Southeast in winter. He grew up in the UK from time to time.


The Crossbill is a chunky finch with a large head and a beak on the head. This chunky beak is used to extract seeds from conifer cones. They are often found in noisy family groups or large herds and usually fly near the top of trees. They eat acrobatics, beating from cone to cone.

Adult males are brick-red, and females are greenish-brown. This is one of the categories listed.


The Gold Finch is a very colorful finch with a bright red face and yellow wings. Friendly, often born in comfortable colonies, they have a fun song and a good voice. Their long, soft cheeks allow them to pull out accessible seeds from thorns and thistles. They often visit tables and finch feeders. Most of the goldfinches in the UK migrate to southern Spain in the winter.


Screaming as it flies, the yellow and green glitter makes this Finch a really colorful figure. The greenfinch builds nests in conifers or feeds on black sunflower seeds and comes to the garden regularly, benefiting from food in rural and urban gardens. Although they are very social, they can fight each other or other finches.

Greenfinch population declined in the late 1970s and early 1980s but increased dramatically during the 1990s. A recent decline in numbers has been linked to Trichomoniasis, a disease caused by a parasite that prevents Finch from feeding properly. To help prevent the spread, be sure to keep chicken feed clean.


The Hawfinch is the largest Finch in England and has a large, powerful bill. Hawfinch is usually shy and hard to see, but their traditional breeding grounds have made it difficult to identify them in recent years. Reducing numbers is difficult; however, eggs are easily overlooked, especially in the summer.

Lesser redpoll

These little finches – somewhat larger than blue nipples – are brown and gray with red spots on their heads and sometimes on their breasts. They like to be hung on trees for nourishment. It recently split from the mealybug (or common) Redpole, a large, yellow breed that migrates to the UK in the winter.


It is a small, slender, broad finch, famous as a cage Finch because of its satirical song. Males are attractive with red foreheads and chests; females are very brown. It is full-bodied, usually screaming in flight, and can be seen in large flocks in winter.

The number of Linnet has dropped dramatically over the past few decades, with the UK population estimated to have shrunk by 57% between 1970 and 2014. The latest survey of poultry breeding shows a decline in all countries.

Common redpoll

The Common redpoll (or mealy) is a small finch, and it is bigger and lighter than the same small red pool. It is white with brown stripes at the top, and black stripes at the bottom, and two white stripes are seen on the formed arm. It does not thrive in the UK, but it is at risk of migration and winter, especially on the east coast.

Parrot crossbill

A Parrot crossbill is a large and powerful finch, and it has a black parrot-like beak and pointed tail. Males are orange and red with black plumage and tail, and females are olive green or brown. This is similar to the Crossbill and the Scottish Crossbill – the most reliable way to distinguish between a banknote structure and a special deep clip.

A few years after the failure of the corn crop, the British invaded Europe and were expelled from their base in the Abernathy forest. They are listed in the Wildlife and Rural Areas Act.

Scottish Crossbill

The Scottish Crossbill is a large finch with a large head and large beak. It isn’t easy to distinguish it from other members of the Crossbill family, and it is the only Finch in the UK (not found anywhere else in the world).


The Serin has small wings, a small beak, and a sharp tail. Two cutaways were included in the upper bouts for easier access to the higher frets, and two cutaways were included in the lower bouts for easier access to the higher frets.

Males have bright yellow spots on the head, black spots on the crown and under the eyes, and females and adolescents are very dark. They have been recorded in small numbers every year in the UK since the 1960s and have been growing steadily since the 1970s (Devon, Dorset, Sussex, East England, and Jersey), but more than one or two pairs a year.


The Siskin is a small finch, a live finch smaller than a yellow finch. It has a distinctly stony tail and a long narrow beak. The male body is yellowish-green with black crowns and babes.

There are yellow spots on the wings and tail. It is a type of habitat mainly from southern England to northern Scotland but is more common in Scotland and Wales. Many domestic finches live here, and Finch’s also come here from Europe in winter.


The Twite is a small brown finch closely related to the linear but with a long tail and short beak. Behind it is a straight, dark brown with heavy stripes, and below is white with black-brown stripes on the sides. Males are pink, but females are brown. Like lentils, it eats seeds all year round.

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Native Region / Natural Habitat

finches bird

Australian finches such as zebra, owl, oval, and community finches are native to Australia.

Care Of Finches Bird

When it comes to caring for your finches, Finches, it is advisable to keep them in a large horizontal window, and this allows the finches to fly and play when you put them in pairs. If you want your Finch to be in a “male-female” pair, provide them with cage hanging equipment, and you will get good news very soon.

But if you do not want to increase their number, put them in the “male-male” or “female-female” pair. Always keep chickens in pairs. Do not share finches with other species, especially parrots, as they can harm young finches. If you want to breed more than one feather of different species, check their compatibility with a professional breeder.

Diet Of Finches Bird

Finches’ feed often consists of grains and seeds. However, their food choices vary somewhat – they eat wild fruits, plant matter, and insects – so be careful not to eat animal feed that is limited to seeds. Otherwise, they will. Be unhealthy and can cause some problems. Serve with fresh fruits and vegetables – especially calcium-rich leafy vegetables – and finch nuggets with hard-boiled eggs.

Personality And Behavior Of Finches Bird

The Finches make an ideal finch for the pet because they do not bother their owner in any way. The best part about raising Finch is that they do not need the owner’s attention or time because they are happy among friends and other finches.

These are charming and kind finches, and they love their boss with a sweet voice. Although they are not close to humans, some species, such as zebra Finches, sit at the fingertips of their owners for food.

Speech And Sound Of Finches Bird

Finches have a soft and gentle voice and are therefore happily kept by their owners. They usually speak in short voices, such as ‘peep – meep.’

Health And Common Condition Of Finches Bird

If you keep your finances healthy, it is advisable to protect it from stress as it can cause serious health problems such as airborne mites.

Some common problems that can affect finches are nail growth and beak. Finches are susceptible to infections of gray faces and airborne particles, and this can cause a white spot near their face, legs, and beak. Both problems are caused by mites, which are parasites in animals. Regular veterinary visits ensure that the health of the s is checked and taken care of as they may cause problems that you cannot solve in time.


The average age of Finch is usually 4 to 7 years. Properly covered, it will withstand a lot of adverse conditions. Some studies show that a healthy, happy finch can live up to 10 years.

Other Common Features

There are many other characteristics that finches have in common. These are shy birds that do not like to be touched by humans, so hands should be kept to a minimum to avoid pressure. These finches are relatively calm; they make sounds through a system of sounds and bites and have simple but musical songs. Healthy Finch needs to be active and energetic and eat throughout the day, even in the morning and evening.

Amazing Facts About Finches Bird

Let’s take a look at some amazing facts about fiches that will make you want to raise them.

  • This young, 4-inch-tall pet finch is the most common and probably the smallest pet in the category. Because of their size, many people think that they can keep the Gold Finch in a small window and they will need less space for size, but the reality is something else. These kids have to spend their lives in cages and need to escape. A wide window (horizontal window is recommended) is required to facilitate short trips.
  • Fiches are very talkative birds but are easy to hear because they are funny with a low voice. Parents of their pets love to spend time listening to soft cries.
  • Finches are social but differ in their characteristics. They live in groups with their mates or other finches. Unlike parrots, they do not like human touch or repetitive handling. For healthy and happy animals, avoid close contact and touch your chicken as it can put pressure on them and affect their health.
  • Finches are often referred to as soft bulls. If you have experience raising Finch, you should be familiar with the term, and if not, describe the category of “soft grain” finches based on their diet. Their main food is seeds, not insects or nectar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Finch a talking bird?

Finches do not talk and are practical birds, but their owners love their aviation and social interaction with each other.

Are the finches being bitten?

Although finches do not like to be touched by humans, they are unlikely to be bitten. This is a great feature in pets that children will be interested in in the first place.

Do finches like toys?

Finches are active birds that make interesting pets. Finches don’t rely on you to play like other birds, but they do need space to practice and play every day. You can entertain the animals by making sure they have a clear flight path and a large window with lots of birds and toys.

Can Finch be happy himself?

It would be difficult for this Finch to survive alone as a social bird. They are happy and really enjoy the company of other finches.

Should the finches be in pairs?

Yes, it is always advisable to keep your finches in pairs. If they do not associate with their partner, it can make them feel isolated and put pressure on the birds.

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