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11 Most Dangerous Dog In India That People Keep As Pets

India has a long history of great dogs, which are highly prized for their toughness, honesty and dedication. His great praise stories were written around 400 BC. Historians and historians have praised Indian dogs for their strength and courage.

There are many dangerous dog breeds in India, and this section will look at some of the most common types. Boxer are one of the most popular dog breeds found in India. They were loyal to their owners and their families but were killed by strangers. Even they are the best family animals with children. Here’s what you need to know about them.

11 Most Dangerous Dog In India – Indian Breeds Only

Caravan Hound or Mudhole Hound

Caravan dogs are stable. They were called Mudhole, Maratha and Paschim Hound. They are found in the regions of Karnataka, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh.

Above all, they are hardworking, and they can work harder than other dogs. Their physical strength is combined with running and their strength allows them to catch and kill animals from rabbits to black deer in bad places.

Caravan dogs are known for their speed and agility. They want to exercise regularly and are not fit for home life.

Dhole, Indian Wild Dog or Indian Red Dog

Dhole is a wild dog, also known as the Red Fox. Its body is similar to the Australian border collie’s, but almost identical to the white African wild dog. They were going to kill ten prisoners of war, and their speed was 34 miles per hour.

It is said that the dust is gone. They were very anxious and lived in large families that were sometimes divided into smaller sacks to keep track of.


This species is relatively rare and is located in Tamil Nadu, India. The flowers will come from the trailer or Mudhole Hound and Saluki. used for hunting.

The ear resembles a piercing greyhound or closed Doberman, with highly clipped ears and a long tail. Black, red, sometimes white on the legs and chest. There is a type of red called palakni. It’s functional, comfortable and easy to build with a deep chest and slim body. Males of this species stand 25 inches off the ground and females about 22 inches.

Rampur Hound

The Rampur Greyhound is a dog seen in the northern city of Rampur used to hunt deer, foxes, wolves and rabbits. It was believed that it was a dog’s attempt to snatch the golden wolf. It may be slow, but it has plenty of speed and power if needed. A person can run 40 miles per hour faster than Indian or dumb wild dogs. They are like cats by comparison and can climb stairs with fences.

Indian Gaddi Kutta or Pahari Leopard Hound

Gaddi Kutta is a mastiff dog that is found in the north, mainly in the western Himalayan states of Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Kashmir. They are called Indian Panther Hounds and Mahinda Mastiff. Gaddi Kutta was first used by local cattle herders, especially Gaddi (of the same family name). He was strong enough to withstand the onslaught of snow leopards and had the wisdom to return stray sheep and goats to his pen.

Alangu or Sindh Mastiff

Alangu Mastiffs are tall and strong, and are often used for defense or combat, as they are known for their defensive skills. They were called Sindh Mastiff and replaced the Indian cat or Mastiff.

It originates from Bahawalpur in Punjab, parts of Rajasthan and the Kutch desert. Today, this flower is most commonly found in two regions of southern India: Thanjavur and Trichy. They have black ears and a wide mouth.

Indian Mastiff or Bully Kutta

The Indian Mastiff is the largest and strongest of the northern mastiffs. They were known as Kamao Mastiff, Sindh Mastiff, Pakistan Bully and fierce Indian dogs. In Pakistan, they are also called Bully Mastiff or Bully Kutta. The Hindi/Urdu words bohli, meaning ‘big crumpled’ and dog, meaning dog. So cat is the first name, not cat, but it was changed because English couldn’t explain the word.

The Indian Mastiff is very different, strong and adaptable to the climate of the Indian subcontinent. They were bred to protect wildlife owners and help them hunt. The bones are very strong, with a broad head, flesh, strength, and stamina. He is known for his fighting style but also for his intelligence, determination and defence.

Indigenous Himalayan Mastiff or Himalayan Guard Dog

The Himalayan Mastiff belongs to the Himalayan province. They were called the Himalayan Watchdog or the indigenous Tibetan Mastiff. This gentle and loving dog wants to please his master around him and his family. For sure, they can’t stand the heat and survive. They did not want the other dogs to meet, so the male could only leave two dogs.

Natural, soft and gentle, the Himalayan Mastiff can get very angry if something goes wrong. They are famous for fighting and dying. They are the only clean Indian Mastiff, and, unfortunately, there are only a few left. This species was considered fatal.

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Bakharwal Dog, Kashmir Sheepdog or Bakharwal Mastiff

Bakharwal is a descendant of the indigenous Himalayan people and was raised by a single Muslim immigrant group called the Gujars to protect their animals from pirates. The name Bharol is derived from the word goat, meaning goat, because it arose to protect goats and sheep from bears and bears. He is known as Kashmiri Sheep Dog, Bakrwal Mastiff, Kashmiri Bakharwal Dog, Gujjar Watchdog, Bakharwal, Gujjar Dog and Kashmiri Mastiff.

Gujjar has been associated with the Bakharwals for centuries as a nurse and residential manager. Pyorrhoea is deeply rooted, muscular and functional. They have straight backs, broad shoulders, and long legs. Their bones were strong, their necks strong, and their heads large.


He is taller and shorter than Great Dane, and his body is strong, muscular and heavy. This pig is used for hunting and hunting rabbits. He was a friendly dog ​​of the royal family of the southern city of Rajapalayam and got its name from the area

The beast and therefore needs to be kept in good working order. He should be open, loving, and loyal to his boss, even if it’s a regular show. He did not want to be touched or taken care of by strangers and was considered a human dog. Rajapalayam rarely interacts with other animals due to their hunting habits (such as cats).

Kombai or Combai Dog

The Kombai is a strong working dog from southern Tamil Nadu. During the rule of the Marwar King in southern India, the Kombai was used to hunt pigs, bison and deer. The family has been identified as Indian and Tamil bear hunters.

Black or red with black mast and hood on the back. His chin was a strong, deep and broad, and straight chest. These dogs are sloppy and ugly, but at the same time they are very protective of their owners. Combai did not want to be associated with invisible dogs or other animals and was very angry with them. They are known to fight and kill predators – humans and animals.

It was difficult to find a clean combai because the dog was relatively dry and was considered dead.

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