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Best Dog Breeds in India 2023 with Price

Hi, If you read this post, you might be interested in having a pet dog in your family and want to know which best dog breeds in India is right for you. Intelligent dogs will fill your life with love, trust, feathers, and many more reasons to laugh.

When you leave the store in five minutes, they’ll welcome you as if you’ve been gone forever. When the nights are cold, they warm up your bed. Dogs can watch TV with you without using the remote control. Dogs enjoy even the simplest things like riding in a car.

It is known as a beautiful Indian country because of its many specialties like Bollywood, Taj Mahal, Butter Chicken, and Delicious Indian Curry. But did you know that India is home to some of the strangest and most entertaining dog breeds in India? Dogs have long been called “Humans best friend. ” Dogs are one of the most reliable and intelligent animals globally and are the first choice of human animals.

There are more than 340 dogs in the world today, and most of the dogs and animals in India are exotic. Unlike smaller domestic dog breeds, Indian dogs differ in personality, looks, and unique traits. However, here are 35 interesting Indian dogs that you might not have heard of, but are really worth a look.

How many Dog breeds in India

In ancient times, Indian dogs were revered worldwide and exported extensively for their hunting abilities – long trips to Rome, Egypt, and Babylon – but were neglected at home. The global demand for dogs in India and the fact that their genetic pool is dilapidated for almost three centuries has contributed to this breed’s existence.

According to Baskaran, in the eighteenth century, a Frenchman passing through India discovered 50 species of dogs breeds, most of which were a beautiful blue. Baskaran writes that the Lut is one of several dogs not seen in living memory. Based on four decades of study and observation, the author has concluded that only 25 domestic dogs are breeds in India today.

The reasons for this decline are broad and complex. During the colonial period, long-lived British rulers in India imported many dogs from their homes. As exotic species enter hybrids, the government has shown no interest in conserving the species and preserving these genes.

Some Indian offspring who keep dogs as pets are attracted to foreign children. Efforts to preserve the Indian breed are made only by English dog lovers, who pay close attention to our purebred dogs, especially those from the Himalayas.

List of 16 Most Popular Best Dog Breeds In India with Price, Size, and Pictures

NO. DOG NAME       COLORS           SIZE (CM)     PRICE (₹)
1. Labrador Retriever Black, White, Yellow, Brown Male: 57-62 cm, Female: 55-60 cm ₹7000-₹20000
2. Golden Retriever Dark Golden, Cream, Golden, Light Golden Male: 56-61 cm, Female: 51-56 cm ₹16000-₹42000
3. German shepherd Black, Red-Black, Black-Silver, Black-Tan, Grey, Sable Male: 60-65 cm, Female: 55-60 cm ₹15,000-₹40,000
4. Rottweiler Black, Mahogany, Tan Male: 61-69 cm, Female: 56-63 cm ₹16000-₹42000
5. Doberman Black, Black-Rust, Red-Rust Male: 66-72 cm, Female: 61-68 cm ₹5000-₹16000
6. Great Dane Black, Brindle, Fawn Male: 76-86 cm, Female: 71-81 cm ₹5000-₹12,000
7. Dalmatian Liver-White, Black-White Male: 58-61 cm, Female: 56-58 cm ₹65,000-₹75,000
 8. Pomeranian White, Black, Blue, Cream, Red, Orange, Brown Male: 27-36 cm, Female: 22-30 cm  ₹3000-₹8000
9. Indian Spitz White, Brown, Black Male: 35-45 cm, Female: 30-40 cm ₹6000-₹8000
10. Pug Black-Brown, Black-Silver Male: 30-36 cm, Female: 25-20 cm ₹15000-₹25000
11. Boxer White, Fawn, Brindle Male: 57-63 cm, Female: 53-60 cm ₹15000-₹45000
12. Dachshund Black-Brown, Brown, Cream-Brown Male: 20-23 cm, Female: 18-20 cm ₹7000-₹9000
13. Tibetan Mastiff Black, Brown, Red-Gold, Back-Tan, Brown-Tan Male: 66-76 cm, Female: 61-71 cm ₹60,000-₹80,000
14. Bulldog White, Black, Fawn, Fawn-White, Red-White Male: 31-40 cm, Female: 28-35 cm ₹45,000-₹70,000
15. American Akita Black-White, Chocolate, White, Brindle Black-White, Chocolate, White, Brindle ₹40,000-₹55000
16. Siberian Husky White, Black-White, Grey-White, Blue-White Male: 51-61cm, Female: 45-55 cm ₹20,000-₹60,000

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is one of the best choices for Indians. They are intelligent, loving, and noble family dogs—India’s best option. The Labrador retriever is a good friend and a good dog. The Labrador Retriever, also known as a Labrador or “lab,” is a hunting rescue made from flying dogs imported from the UK. The Labrador is one of the most popular dog breeds in India and many parts of the world, especially in the West.

Always buy Labrador Retrievers from reputable breeders. Dog breeders who respect a dog receive a premium for their dog because of their heritage and, most importantly, because of the care they provide. The premium price you pay ensures the quality of your dog.
At Mix

Price- ₹7000- ₹2000

Color- Black, White, Yellow, Brown

Size- Male: 57-62 cm, Female: 55-60 cm 

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is another popular dog breed on the list in India. The Golden Retriever is easy to train, and he has good habits. It is suitable for domestic dogs. The Golden Retriever is a medium shot dog bred for hunting and shooting waterfowl such as bats and mountain birds. The name “retriever” refers to the sport’s ability to take photos without damaging the soft mouth.

Golden Retrievers are highly water-loving and are easily trained to basic or advanced compliance standards. It is an elongate element of paint, the multi-inner layer provides sufficient heat from outside, and the outer layer relaxes and dissipates the body. Gold repair tools are suitable for rural or urban life.

Retriever Care

  • Price- ₹16000-₹42000
  • Color- Dark Golden, Cream, Golden, Light Golden
  • Size- Male: 56-61 cm, Female: 51-56 cm

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is one of the most intelligent dogs. They are smart and easy to understand, and it is often used as a guard dog and for police and military purposes. The German Shepherd is the first medium and large breed of dog to appear in Germany. According to the FCI, the English name of this breed is German Shepherd Dog.

German shepherds are especially appreciated for their intelligence. The breed list can be used as a guard dog. Thanks to their strength, this habit makes this breed highly desirable for police, guard, and search and rescue dogs as they can quickly learn a variety of tasks and interpret suggestions from other breeds.

At Mix

  • Price- ₹15,000-₹40,000
  • Color- Black, Red-Black, Black-Silver, Black-Tan, Grey, Sable
  • Size- Male: 60-65 cm, Female: 55-60 cm


Words that are intelligent, honest, and strong are used to describe the offspring of this dog. Rottweilers make a good watchdog. Often used for police and military purposes. The Rottweiler is one of the oldest dog breeds as per FCI standards. It originated in Roman times. These dogs are kept as guard or command dogs. They marched along with the Roman Legions to the Alps to protect the people and feed their cows.

If you are a first-time dog owner, we recommend choosing another breed. Rottweilers need experienced owners who know how to train strong dogs. Rottweilers are known for their seriousness and loyalty. They require training and socialization at an early age. Even experienced dog owners will want a professional trainer to help train Rottweilers.


  • Price- ₹16000-₹42000
  • Color- Black, Mahogany, Tan
  • Size- Male: 61-69 cm, Female: 56-63 cm


These dogs are known for their intelligence, speed, and quickness. Once trained, they can find true love and friendship. The Doberman is one of the best dog breeds in the world. Strong, obedient, clever, brave, honest, caring, and self-confident are the characteristics of this dog. The Doberman is a popular breed of dog in India because of its ability to protect and nurture the habitat.

Your whole family will love this loyal dog. As a reward, this dog will be rewarded for saving your family’s life. Remember, being a Doberman is great, but it’s also a responsibility. Doberman dogs are just like us, they need our love and care. 

Most of us have a calm attitude when it comes to photographing a dog. In fact, your spending will not start until the dog comes home. We don’t know because the Doberman family had a very high start-up rate. Dog owner size is very expensive, and providing dog and dog food is not cheap. Hence, we ask you to know the Doberman price in India before buying your dog.

Animal Insider

  • Price- ₹5000-₹16000
  • Color- Black, Black-Rust, Red-Rust
  • Size- Male: 66-72 cm, Female: 61-68 cm

Great Dane

In fact, it is one of the deadliest dogs in the world. Great Dane is very beautiful and caring. The head of the Great Dane is small and the top is flat. Eyebrows look good. The ears are clipped or cropped to stand up straight. The neck is long and strong. Great Dane has a long body, the ligaments of his front legs are straight. The tail is medium long. It thickens and hardens under the hook.

 They are suitable for children with joy and simple love, and they will take care of their homes. The Great Dane usually interacts with other animals, especially when it is raised, but some people of this breed can become aggressive with unfamiliar dogs.

They really make great family friends. The Great Dane is truly an incredible dog – big and classic, nicknamed the gentle giant or “Apollo od dogs”. Apollo is the Greek sun god, the brightest combination in the sky. Great Danes have been around for a long time, and dogs have been featured in works of art for thousands of years. Although these are pure-breed dogs, you can find them at shelters and shelters, so remember to use them! If you decide to use it cheaply and risk low bandwidth, you could be making a fool of yourself.

Animal Watch

  • Price- ₹5000-₹12,000
  • Color- Black, Brindle, Fawn
  • Size- Male: 76-86 cm, Female: 71-81 cm


The Dalmatian is a special type of dog with a black or brown coat with a white background. They are smart, funny, and lively. Originally a hunting dog, it was also used as a transport dog in the early days. The race is from the historical region of present-day Croatia and Dalmatia.

The dog’s body should be square when viewed from the side: the body should be long from front to chest where it is dry, shoulders well-positioned, shoulders closed and the carriage stable. The feet are rounded with soft toes, and the nails are usually white or dog-like.

If you are looking for a quality proposition and a healthy dog, then the Dalmatian dog prices in India can be high. Dalmatians are one of the best dog breeds, and we recommend consumers purchase Dalmatian from controlled breeds. Take the Dalmatian letter by letter and avoid confusing the breeder. Due to limited breeds, a lower cost may be required, but this does not guarantee reliability.

Animal World with Aun

  • Price- ₹65,000-₹75,000
  • Color- Liver-White, Black-White
  • Size- Male: 58-61 cm, Female: 56-58 cm


If you are talking about the best dog breeds for royal families and people, you are probably referring to the Pomerania. It is one of the best toy breeds in the world. You can have fun with this dog, and it is one of the most common dogs found in Indian homes. There is more about this little dog, you can read it here.

There are more Pomeranian fathers than ever before in India. These are the smaller subtypes of the Spitz. The fame of this small and interesting breed of dog reached another level when Queen Victoria described it. Cute dog in the apartment. It is best if the Pomerania lives in an apartment. It is small and very suitable for families living in apartments. Happy and active Pomeranian. It would be a great companion for adults who live alone.


  • Price- ₹3000-₹8000
  • Color- White, Black, Blue, Cream, Red, Orange, Brown
  • Size- Male: 27-36 cm, Female: 22-30 cm

Indian Spitz

It is one of the smartest dog breeds in India. This makes it an interesting and suitable animal for Indian families. This breed of dog is often confused with the Pomeranian breed. There is an endless list of Indian dogs not to be overlooked or given the love and care they deserve. The Indian Spitz is one of the items on this list. All these local tribes deserve a better home. runs a series of blogs to encourage the use of domestic animals, providing you with information about local animals so that you can gain education and awareness.

Indian Spitz is part of the breed, they are small and alert animals that make the best watchdogs. They look like German shepherds, but they have a smaller bodies and more fur. They are intelligent and dynamic creatures, they make excellent students. In India, this famous dog breeds for the Bollywood movie “Hum Aapke Hai Koun” starring Salman Khan. Although Pomerania is one of the most diverse species found in Poland, it is still considered a Pomerania.

Pomtoy Anurag

  • Price- ₹6000-₹8000
  • Color- White, Brown, Black
  • Size- Male: 35-45 cm, Female: 30-40 cm


Known for their unique physical features, these dogs are one of the most sought-after dogs in India. It’s fun and great for kids. It is one of the smallest dogs in the world. The Pugs depicted in the 18th-century edition are tall and slender, and the modern generation has Cuban square bodies, compact sizes, deep chests, and unusual muscles. A beautiful and bright coat can be a fan, apricot fan, silver, or black fan. The signs are clearly marked, and the black line runs from one line to the next.

Pugs are the best dogs for a family in India, due to their strong and loving natures. Even if you need a high-quality vacuum cleaner, it is still very difficult! Fun but it doesn’t require a lot of action, the offender is the material he is involved in, whether it is watching a movie or walking around the building. Sometimes cute and interesting, insects are funny, loving dogs that are very loyal to their owners.


  • Price- ₹15000-₹25000
  • Color- Black-Brown, Black-Silver
  • Size- Male: 30-36 cm, Female: 25-20 cm


Boxers are known to be high-energy dogs. Boxers are known for their strength and ingenuity, and they make great watches for families. When children show patience and love to play, they respond to danger to their loved ones. The Boxer is a medium to large breed, short-haired dog that originated in Germany.

The coat was soft and firm, fringed or white in color, with or without white markings. Boxers have muscular heads (they have wide and narrow skins), a square nose, a deep lower jaw (lower limbs), a very strong front, and strong limbs that are suitable for intercepting large prey.

A boxer team needs work and training. If these conditions are not met, it can lead to disaster if the Boxer is at home. Boxers are often ideal for those who want a single, large family with a friend or a single person. As long as they can work and waste energy, they can work well on country farms or in a city apartment. This should be done regularly if you live in an urban area.


  • Price- ₹15000-₹45000
  • Color- White, Fawn, Brindle
  • Size- Male: 57-63 cm, Female: 53-60 cm


This type of dog is available in a variety of sizes and colors. Due to its unique appearance, it is one of the most popular dogs in India. They have short legs and long tails. Dachshund dogs, also known as wiener dogs, badger dogs, and sausage dogs. Hair can be soft, curly, or long.

The Dachshunds can be aggressive against strangers and other dogs. However, they classify a dog’s intelligence as normal. He is ranked 49th in Stanley Cohen’s ranks for dog intelligence, average workmanship, and intelligence. They have a heavy loud bark. Some call, need to stop training, others do not know how to laugh.

The Dachshunds are known for their loyalty and support to their masters, even when they show courage to strangers. If not checked from time to time, touching something can lead to separation problems and the stress of crying household items can be avoided.

Cocker Spaniel World

  • Price- ₹7000-₹9000
  • Color- Black-Brown, Brown, Cream-Brown
  • Size- Male: 20-23 cm, Female: 18-20 cm

Tibetan Mastiff

This is an old dog born in Tibet. The large and wild Tibetan Mastiffs are often used as guard dogs. A friend of the Metro family knows a stranger who invaded the area. The double coat is medium to long and weatherproof, available in dark black, black, purple, red (darker than silver), gray-blue (liquid black), and sometimes in different colors, with white markings on the neck, chest, and leg area.

Tibetan Mastiff is an ancient nation. It generally maintains the difficulties necessary to survive in Tibet, Mongolia, the Himalayan mountains, and the northern part of Nepal, including India, Pakistan, and Bhutan. Western standards define the Tibetan Mastiff, but Indian breeds are divided into two types: Lion head (short, long hair, coarse or male) and Tiger head (large, small hair).

tibetan mastiff

  • Price- ₹60,000-₹80,000
  • Color- Black, Brown, Red-Gold, Back-Tan, Brown-Tan
  • Size- Male: 66-76 cm, Female: 61-71 cm

Bull Dog

The Bulldog, also known as the English Bulldog or the British Bulldog, is a medium-sized dog breed in India. It is a muscular dog with a short face and distinctive nose. The Kennel Club (UK), the American Kennel Club (AKC), and the United States Kennel Club (USA) monitor breeding records.

The very interesting nature of the Bulldog sometimes leads to adult behavior. Bulldogs are very loyal, especially when they have strong ties with children. If a Bulldog feels that its owner or family members are at risk from another person, dog, or animal, the Bulldog will be vaccinated and show signs of attack.

Bulldogs are not aggressive, but they can become aggressive when encouraged like any dog. This doesn’t mean that all Bulldogs around the circle will show signs of danger, but if Bulldogs don’t behave well, they will act resolutely to see this as a threat to your interests. 


  • Price- ₹45,000-₹70,000
  • Color- White, Black, Fawn, Fawn-White, Red-White
  • Size- Male: 31-40 cm, Female: 28-35 cm

American Akita

The Akita is a large breed of dog that breeds in the mountains of northern Japan. There are two types of Akita: from the Japanese breed, also known as Akita Inu (Inu for Japanese dogs) or Akita, also known as Akita or American Akita. The Japanese breed comes in a narrow color palette where all other colors are unusual, while the American breed is available in all dog colors. Like other Northern Spitz breeds such as the Siberian Husky, the Akita has a short double coat, but the American Akita dog is found in high densities due to genetic defects.

Although the American Akita is a large and powerful species, it has been kept as a family companion for hundreds of years. Akita owners love their loyalty and dedication. Akitas often follow you through all the rooms of your house and your only purpose in life is to protect and keep you together. However, the Akita can be an invading fortress.

Usually, other dogs attack. It is generally not aggressive towards people, but you need to be careful when strangers enter your home with the ultimate protection of nature. To the children of the family, Akita will be as loyal to them as to any other family member. Of course, young children usually cannot live alone with older dogs, especially if they are new to the family.

Animal Insider

  • Price- ₹40,000-₹55000
  • Color- Black-White, Chocolate, White, Brindle
  • Size- Male: 66-71 cm, Female: 61-66 cm

Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky is a medium-sized breed in India. This breed belongs to the genetic spitz family. It is known for its motto, double layer, ear triangle structure, and distinctive markings, which are smaller than the size of an Alaskan Malamute.

Huskies are amiable and loving dogs and love to play and jump at every opportunity. Your kids will love to play and run with the husky all day long but remember that such a strong dog needs encouragement and training from an early age. Siberian Husky dogs are good friends, but they are also very protective, so always get to know your new dog before drowning in anything.


  • Price- ₹20,000-₹60,000
  • Color- White, Black-White, Grey-White, Blue-White
  • Size- Male: 51-61cm, Female: 45-55 cm


All the best dog breeds in India have been told in this article. If you want more information about these dogs, all the information is given on

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