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Illegal Or Most Banned Dog Breeds In India – Keep Pets In Own Risk

As you can see, there are more dogs in India than you can count. However, other breeds, known as Breed of Dogs, are not allowed in India.

So who is the banned dog breeds in India? Here I will show you the best dog breeds that are not allowed in India, and if anyone knows how to keep them legally, they will face serious problems.

Although the main reason for the ban was a lot of hurt and anger, I noticed some very quiet dogs that were said to be very bad. Because a dog’s work depends on how it is fed and its environment, some people don’t know; they say dogs are banned in India.

And that’s why I’m telling you dogs are banned in India. You shouldn’t. But in the end, we all have to follow the government. Rules and regulations if we want to live happily in the world.

List Of 11 Banned Dog Breeds In India

Fila Brasileiro

He’s kind of fun and smart but at the same time serious and powerful, which makes him one of the lowest on the list. Their wickedness is commendable, and they do not touch them and allow any cruelty in the show’s color.

Tosa Inu

Large dogs drink tosa in many ways and can weigh from 130 to 200 pounds. Surprisingly, people fight quietly without sighing. From the start, they have been bred to fight dogs, and they are illegal in some countries where they are considered dangerous.


Some studies suggest that 42% to 45% of targets in 70% are children. The Pit Bull is one of the most unknown and dangerous dogs. If you see them as fat pigs or dead lizards, they cannot be legally responsible in most parts of the world.

Neapolitan Mastiff

The Roman Colosseum used this species as a gladiator dog. These dogs grow to males weighing up to 200 pounds. Although the Neapolitan Mastiff does not appear to be dangerous, it is illegal in Singapore. If you want to go somewhere in Romania, you will have to undergo a psychological examination, but these dogs can be dangerous if they are large enough and do not want to be kept near children.

Wolf dog

The dog is in the middle of an argument. It isn’t easy to raise dogs and puppies due to genetics. This dog is a little hidden, sometimes like a wolf and sometimes like a dog. If you are not able to do what they want and they do not look good, it isn’t easy to visit them.

American Bulldog

This true and heavy English bulldog is slightly longer. He was known for being kind and friendly in seeing farmers and playing small games. Their strong sense of security can’t stop them from risking their lives for their families, so communication is vital to them to separate themselves from truly dangerous friends and families.


Since the Middle Ages, people have used the term chariot to describe a large dog that releases a chain to protect its possessions at night. Today, the gangs we see are unclean, and many different methods are used in their work, including American Pit Bull Terriers and Mastiffs. The goal here is to make a dog the size of a mastiff and a bull terrier. In fact, dogs are forbidden everywhere.


This species is native to South Africa and acts as a mastiff. The term “boerboel” is a type of dog used as a first-line to protect predators such as bears, lions, and other big cats. They are very intelligent and are seen as high guard dogs, and it can be devastating and destructive if not trained properly.

Dogo Argentino

This breed was first bred in Argentina in 1928 and was derived from a dead dog called the “Cordoba Fighting Dog” after it was bred by different breeds such as the Great Dane, Irish Wolfhound, and Doug de Bordeaux. They are known for their great sport and can tragically spend weeks like mountain lions, although this is not their main goal. It has also been used against dogs and is now banned in at least ten countries.

Presa Canario

These dogs from the Spanish Canary Islands weigh over 100 pounds. In 2001, a 33-year-old couple named “Bane” and “Hera” were mocked and murdered by a married couple in Paris Canario. These dogs were as bad as they were bred to the original shepherds.

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Which Dogs are banned in India

For those who want to know that dogs are prohibited in India / dogs are prohibited by law in India, the answer will be simple. Dog owners in India are not required to register their dogs and there are no restrictions on handling them.

It is prohibited to import foreign dogs into India, but there is no fee or penalty if you get a dog.

However, there are many restrictions in some territories. Some dog breeds are not prohibited (for example, animals cannot keep these animals because they are considered dangerous).

Also, some species can be kept on the farm for protection, and not at home. Small dogs, such as pigs, are prohibited in many places. The situation is different in India. Traditionally, in India, park rangers have the power to decide whether or not they are registered.

Could other dogs be banned in India in the future?

In 2019 the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation discussed banning endangered species of domestic dogs such as Rottweilers and Pitbulls. A similar petition was discussed at the National Canine Convention. The idea of ​​banning some dangerous guard dogs seems to be growing in different regions.

This is because Pitbulls and Rottweilers have been attacked and killed multiple times. If not a coalition government, other local government agencies prepare for such a ban.

Why was Rottweiler banned in India?

The Rottweiler is the most aggressive dog globally, which is why strong dogs in many countries have strong legs and feel they are not going to give up their possessions.

Hello, I'm Thakur dilaawar Singh (Abhishek), I am very fond of pets, I have 2 dogs, a parrot, fishes, and turtles. That's why I thought that I should share the experience of pets with all of you.


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