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How to train a Miniature Schnauzer {2024}

How to Train a Miniature Schnauzer

The Miniature Schnauzer, the smallest of the three Schnauzers, attracts attention everywhere. The Mini has a refined gentleman’s appearance that is difficult to miss because of the breed’s bushy eyebrows and dense beard fringe.

This strong terrier-type dog is extroverted, highly clever, and quick to pick things up. Your pup’s first year with you will go smoothly if you put some thought into it, and are patient, and persistent. Although there may be a few training hiccups along the road, at least you’ll know what works.

According to John Constantine-Amodei, when your Mini Schnauzer puppy arrives at your house, set some important training goals. This seasoned Miniature Schnauzer breeder serves as the American Miniature Schnauzer’s judges education chair.


Steele is a charming Miniature Schnauzer who embodies the best traits of his breed: he is intelligent, active, sociable, and flexible. Both he and his family are devoted to one another. Although Steele is normally quite docile and picks things up fast, he may be easily distracted.

When he goes outside on walks, his terrier personality really shines through as he becomes enthralled by every small animal that moves within 100 yards of him. If Steele becomes enthralled with a bird or even a butterfly, he may tug on his leash or refuse to respond when called.

Training this little house dog will need to maintain his attention on you because he may be fairly independent and prey-driven. Focus can only be attained by establishing yourself as its leader, and these sensitive, independent canines learn best via positive reinforcement.

In general, they don’t want or need punishment or harsh methods of discipline. To successfully train your Mini Schnauzer, use firmness and consistency, make sure your dog is well-socialized, and make sure he or she respects you.

how to train a miniature schnauzer
how to train a miniature schnauzer

Defining Tasks

Miniature Schnauzers are wonderful pets. They often get along well with kids, are devoted to their families, and are fun, intelligent, and enthusiastic. Although miniature schnauzers are typically thought of as being simple to train, because of their intellect, vigor, and inherent prey instincts, they can lack attention and be obstinate, particularly when faced with distractions.

By being a strong leader and ensuring that their dog understands that they are the source of all good things, including food, play, rest, and affection, successful Mini Schnauzer owners make themselves the center of their dog’s universe.

Getting Started

It’s critical to have a cheerful attitude and avoid losing patience with your Miniature Schnauzer throughout training. Set aside some time for exercise when you are stress-free and feeling upbeat. Your Miniature Schnauzer may be trained using rewards, toys, and praise.

The terrier breed is known for its love of play, thus play may be a fantastic form of positive reinforcement. You may prevent the risk of overfeeding your little house dog, which can be a problem. Due to their small size, miniature Schnauzers are often very motivated by food. While food is a great incentive, it may also be used in conjunction with affection and play to prevent misuse.

Keep sessions short

Begin training your Miniature Schnauzer as soon as you can. A puppy as young as 8 weeks old can already begin learning. Keep training sessions brief for young dogs and make sure they are tailored to your dog’s maturity level and age.

Socialize and expose

To help your tiny Schnauzer develop confidence and adaptability, socialize with him and expose him to a range of circumstances. Additionally, it keeps your dog’s mind active and engaged, preventing boredom and the development of negative behaviors.

House train

Teach your baby Miniature Schnauzer basic etiquette like using a kennel and going pee in the appropriate place. Use a kennel to housebreak your dog, or keep an eye on him and take him outdoors as soon as he wants to relieve himself.

The best technique to house-train your dog is to instill healthy restroom habits in them when they are young. Because they may be pretty meticulous, Miniature Schnauzers often house training quite quickly, but your young pup will require guidance and opportunity.

Outdoor Activities

Apply fundamental training to loose-leash walking and off-leash recall. As they are often distracted, these are the terriers’ most difficult habits to learn.

Begin teaching your dog to walk on a loose leash and to come when called when off-leash in a setting that is somewhat safe, such as inside. Apply after moving to an enclosed yard, then when taking walks where there are more distractions.

The Be the Leader Method

Provide food

Be the source of everything good. Manage the resources of your little schnauzer. Once you’ve given him his supper, stay by his side as he eats to make sure he realizes that you are his source of nourishment.

Provide fun

Play and show lots of affection. For your Mini Schnauzer, create toys and chewables. Pet and cuddle regularly. Manage your dog. Take him on road trips and outings.

Provide exercise

Walk your miniature schnauzer often. Practice both directed walking at a heel or on a loose leash and free walking with plenty of time for your Mini Schnauzer nose and opportunities to explore, which they like.

Give commands once

Do not reiterate orders. Give an order no more than once or twice. Correct your miniature schnauzer or remove him from the situation if he doesn’t respond.

Handle Bad Behavior Methods

Do not reinforce unwanted behavior

Avoid focusing on your little schnauzer’s misbehavior, even negatively.

Remove attention

Practice putting an end to undesirable behavior by removing your dog from the circumstances or withholding affection when necessary. Play and focus can resume after disruptive conduct ends.

Use name positively

When calling your Mini Schnauzer to give him food, exercise, or attention, use his name in a pleasant way. Never chastise your dog while calling him by name. In order to have strong memory and be able to attract his attention—rather than his avoidance—you want his name to be something he reacts to.

Provide alternatives

Distract from undesirable behavior and offer substitute pursuits or objects, such chew toys, to reroute behavior.

The Miniature Schnauzer, the smallest of the three Schnauzers, attracts attention everywhere.


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