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why do dogs pee on beds {2024}

why do dogs pee on beds?

What could possibly be worse than stepping on dog poop? slipping into a damp puddle your dog made for you before bed. You need to wash the sheets and the mattress in addition to changing your clothing. If you’ve already had a hard day, that adds a lot of labor. Everyone is in agreement that dogs should only go potty outside. Dogs can’t talk, therefore they haven’t really agreed to do it.

Since dogs cannot communicate, we are unable to comprehend the motivations behind actions that we humans would never take. The fact that we are not animals, as well as the fact that it is often frowned upon, make this more difficult.

Why Does This Happen?

There are several explanations for why some dogs relieve themselves on their owners’ beds. Your young dog could struggle with housetraining and have an accident on the bed just as he might anywhere in the house. It’s possible for an elderly dog to become incontinent and leak while resting on the bed. A nervous dog could urinate after first selecting the bed as a haven of protection.

The majority of dogs who urinate on the bed are young ones. Given that they are teens, dogs between the ages of nine and fourteen months (plus or minus a month or two on each end) are more likely to urinate on the bed. Teenagers often act strangely, and we aren’t always sure why.

why do dogs pee on beds
why do dogs pee on beds

Prevent Access to the Bed

It’s crucial to bar your dog from your bed if he urinates on it. When you aren’t home or are too busy to watch him, this is very crucial. Just shut the door to your bedroom.

Put your dog on a leash and instruct him to lie down and stay by your side whenever you enter and exit your bedroom, such as when getting ready for work. The leash serves as a simple reminder that you want his cooperation rather of serving as punishment.

If your dog has previously been invited to get up on the bed, you may continue do so, but only while you are present. He stands up if you do. If not, simply prevent him from hopping onto the bed.

Managing the Situation

Since every dog and owner pair is different, so will the technique taken to solve each issue. Prevent your dog from accessing the bed if they are still learning how to use the bathroom, and focus on their housetraining techniques. If you aren’t seeing the development you’d like to, ask a trainer for advice.

The terrified dog frequently needs expert assistance as well. A gentle training regimen might help these dogs develop self-assurance.

Make sure your elderly, incontinent dog sees a vet. Aging, illness, and medicines are just a few of the many factors that can contribute to incontinence. Use dog diapers or potty pads to safeguard your bed since you won’t want to kick the elderly dog out for something she can’t manage.

Avoid Angry Reactions

It’s reasonable that anger would likely be your first emotion when you step into bed and see a damp area. However, try to avoid expressing that rage to your dog. The only thing that being angry teaches your dog is that you could be dangerous and unpredictable.

As an alternative, relocate your dog until you’ve cooled down. Get your bed made up. Pour yourself a cup of chamomile tea to calm down, and then make a deal with the dog and yourself that you’ll think about it in the morning.

Dogs Mark With Urine

Dogs mark their territory with pee, therefore it’s possible that your dog is claiming your bed as part of their domain. If your dog just urinates a tiny bit on your bed rather than entirely emptying their bladder, they are probably urine-marking. Although it is possible for female dogs to engage in this activity, male dogs do so more frequently.

Due to the increased likelihood of urine marking in unspayed or neutered puppies, spaying or neutering your dog may prevent this behavior. Keep in mind that urine marking is not a criticism of you; rather, it indicates that your dog is concerned and is trying to calm herself by marking certain places with her scent.

Health Issues

Your dog may choose to send you a pee-mail rather than communicating with you verbally when they’re sick. To be sure that sickness is not the cause of your dog’s accidents, you must take them to the doctor for a checkup.

If your dog is suffering from a medical ailment, it should go away after he recovers and your vet has taken care of the problem. If the unclean pee continues, you might want to stop letting your dog lie on your bed until they are feeling better.

Since dogs cannot communicate, we are unable to comprehend the motivations behind actions that we humans would never take.


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