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British Shorthair Price In India 2023 :- Latest Price Update

British Shorthair Price In India 2023:- The British short-haired cat is a medium to large cat breed with a short, bushy coat and a distinctive round head and face that makes it look like a beautiful bear.

The most common color is British blue, with a solid gray-blue undercoat, orange eyes, and a medium-sized tail. This breed is also available in other colors and patterns, including tabby and color point.

What is the price of British shorthair in India? Would they be a good choice for you? Keep scrolling to find the answers to all these questions.

Breed Overview:-

ORIGIN:- United Kingdom
OTHER NAMES:- British Blue (British Shorthair Price In India)
PERSONALITY:- Affectionate, easy-going, and calm
WEIGHT:- 4kg – 7kg
LENGTH:- 22 – 25 inches
COAT LENGTH:- Short and very dense
COAT COLOR:- White, black, blue, red, cream, smoke, silver, golden, cameo, tabby, tortoiseshell, calico, and bicolor
EYE COLOR:- Can be blue, gold, copper, green, blue-green, brown, or odd-eyed, depending on coat color and pattern (eyes of two different colors)
LIFE EXPECTANCY:- 12 – 16 years

British Shorthair Price In India

The price of a British shorthair cat in India ranges from ₹50,000 to ₹2,00,000. It is dependent on the color of the cat, the quality of the cat (Standard or Show Quality), where you reside, and where you purchase the cat.

British shorthair price in Kerala

The price of British Shorthair in Kerala ranges from ₹50,000 to ₹1,50,000 rupees. This price remains between these differences, you can buy and adopt this cat by going to a good breeder of your city.

British shorthair Price in Delhi

The price of British Shorthair in Delhi ranges from ₹40,000 to ₹1,90,000 rupees. This price remains between these differences, you can buy and adopt this cat by going to a good breeder of your city.

British shorthair price in Bangalore

The price of British Shorthair in Bangalore ranges from ₹60,000 to ₹2,50,000 rupees. This price remains between these differences, you can buy and adopt this cat by going to a good breeder of your city.

British shorthair price in Mumbai

The price of British Shorthair in Mumbai ranges from ₹40,000 to ₹1,80,000 rupees. This price remains between these differences, you can buy and adopt this cat by going to a good breeder of your city.

British shorthair price in Kolkata

The price of British Shorthair in Kolkata ranges from ₹45,000 to ₹1,75,000 rupees. This price remains between these differences, you can buy and adopt this cat by going to a good breeder of your city.

British shorthair price in Chennai

The price of British Shorthair in Chennai ranges from ₹50,000 to ₹1,50,000 rupees. This price remains between these differences, you can buy and adopt this cat by going to a good breeder of your city.

Monthly Expenses Of British Shorthair

If you are thinking of buying British short hair and this price, you should also be aware of the monthly price of British short hair. The monthly cost of keeping a British shorthair will be from ₹2500 to ₹5000 rupees.

Most of the cost will go to cat feeding and care. You can feed your cat either ordinary or premium cat food, depending on your budget. Standard cat food will cost you less than ₹1500 rupees per month. In contrast, high-quality cat food from a brand-name company costs about ₹2,500.

Other benefits of owning a British shorthair cat are as follows:-

  • Toy to play
  • Vet
  • Vaccination
  • Treats

History:- British Shorthair Cat

British shorthair cat

The British shorthair is probably the oldest breed of cat in England. The most widely accepted view of the evolution of this breed is that British shorthair began as short-haired street cats, but the breeders improved and standardized cats as long as they did not have British short hair.

Not like we know and love today. One of the breeds featured in the first organized cat show in England in 1871 was the British short hair. At the time, this breed was known as British blue because blue was the most popular color in the breed, especially in the early days.

Although British blue short hair is very popular today, it comes in many colors and styles. British shorthair was first introduced to the United States in the early 1900s, but it is known as domestic short hair. The Billy Fanciers Association officially recognized British shorthair in the 1980s. Today this famous breed is found all over the world.

Characteristics of the British Shorthair Cat

The British shorthair cat is a big cat – not as big as the Maine Coon or Siberian cat – but some British shorthair males can weigh up to 17 pounds (females usually weigh 12 pounds or less).

The British short-haired cat is an adorable domestic cat – a simple figure of this breed and usually associated with everyone, including babies and other pets that live in the house. They are powerful, quiet, and can live happily in almost any home, including apartments.

Affection Level  High
Friendliness  Medium 
Kid-Friendly    High
Pet-Friendly  High
Exercise Needs  Medium
Playfulness  Medium
Energy Level  Medium
Intelligence  High
Tendency to Vocalize Low
Amount of Shedding Medium

Care Of British Shorthair

As the breed name suggests, British shorthair is a short coat that only requires minimal preparation. Brush your British shorthair once a week with a soft brush, and frequently brush during seasonal hair loss to remove soft hair all over the house before removal.

Trim the nails every two weeks and look inside the ears every week. If you see any debris in the ears, use a pet air cleaner and a cotton ball to clean the ears with a cotton ball (do not use a cotton ball). If British short-haired ears look too red or smoky, see your doctor.

British shorts play well in their youth, but they are not very active or inactive. They can do a lot of exercise by searching the house and playing with you several times a day. Combine British shorthair with curling irons, mouse games, and other favorite games.

Ensure your cat has plenty to eat and drink, such as cat trees, cat libraries, and small apartments. Cats can also get exercise and nutrition from the start. Identify acceptable scratch sites in the home, including vertical scratches (such as long lines or cat trees) and horizontal scratches (such as cardboard or sesame scratches that are flat on the ground).

Appearance:- British Shorthair 

The British shorthair cat is a large cat with a relatively strong shape, broad chest, strong legs with round claws, and a medium length and slender tail. The head is relatively large and round, with a small cap, broad cheeks (more important in adult males, which are popular), and large, deep copper-orange round eyes with British blue and other colors, depending on the layer. Their large ears are wide and broad.

The British blue variety can often be confused with the Scottish gray fold, a breed closely related to the British shorthair. However, short hair can be distinguished by triangular, pointed ears, while the coverings have soft, formed ears.

They grow slower than most cat breeds and reach full physical development in three years. Unusually in domestic cats, it is a sexually diverse breed, with males averaging 9-17 pounds (4.1-7.7 kg) and females 7-12 pounds (3.2-5.4 kg).


They are a gentle and kind breed, not active and playful, but have a gentle temperament and dedication to their owners, which they prefer animal breeders. They are safe around other pets and children as they will tolerate more physical contact, but they do not like to move or move around as a general rule.

They need minimal beauty and love to be kept just like cats indoors. However, they can become obese without being taken care of in their diet. They are relaxed and attentive, but if they trust their masters, they will comfortably follow the master’s movements and stay with them. British shorthair cats are not cats.

They have a habit of living with people rather than sitting in their arms. Similarly, they like the feeling of keeping their feet on the ground. His voice is low and medium performance. When no one is home, they will quietly stay home and wait for the owners to return.

Food And Nutrition

British shorthair is firmly established but kept at a low and healthy weight to prevent weight-related health problems such as diabetes and heart disease, affecting any cat but overweight. Having it can be complicated. Feed your adult British shorthair twice a day with standard amounts (three times a day for cats).

Don’t eat free food (skip meals all day). This exercise can lead to overeating and weight gain. Talk to your veterinarian or breeder for guidance on the best diet for your cat.

Where to Adopt or Buy a British Shorthair Cat

Where to Adopt or Buy a British Shorthair Cat in india

The British shorthair is the most popular breed of cat—the Cat Fanciers Association and The International Cat Association list British shorthair breeders on their websites.

One of the fun ways to meet British shorthair breeders and see cats of many different breeds is to participate in local cat shows. Newcomers to cat shows are very welcome, and breeders enjoy educating people about their offspring.

To find local cat shows, search the internet for “cat shows near me.” British shorthair rarely ends up in animal shelters, but you can ask local British shorthair growers if they know of any adults who need new homes.

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Pros and Cons of British Shorthair Cat

Pros Cons
Relax and unwind A moderate short coat shade
Lovers, but not necessarily They don’t like lifting or carrying it
It goes well with children and other pets They should not be alone for a few hours a day

FAQ:- Blue British Shorthair

Are British Shorthair naturally fat?

British Shorthair cats do not contain fat. These cats are extremely tough, not because of fat gain, but because of their strong meat and fat.

Why do British Shorthair not like being picked up?

Finding and capturing British Shorthair will take you out of the comfort zone and give you a sense of denial and neutrality. Keep handcuffs and cats short, and make sure the cats are fun for people.

Are British Shorthair cats large?

British Shorthair is a medium sized to large size cat. He had big muscles and strong bones. His face was round. Like a strong cat, everything in this breed should grow well.

Why is my British Shorthair not chunky?

Your British Shorthair cats will grow up to be attractive or big-legged cats, but you won’t see much growth unless they are beautiful by the age of 2-3. Freedom, personal skills and hunting.

What age is a British Shorthair fully grown?

They are sluggish and do not reach full maturity for three years. Adults weigh 9 to 40 pounds [9 to 17 kg], and older women weigh 7 to 12 kg. Although most people think of blue cats, they come in a variety of colors and shapes.

How do I make my British Shorthair Fluffy?

With British Shorthair makeup, it is easy to remove dead hair and apply oily skin with cold or cold every week. You need to water it often in the spring and leave it in the dressing room to prepare it for new growth. Wear a long-sleeved British suit every day to avoid injury or damage.

Are British Shorthair grumpy?

If you are always looking for a nice and stable pet with comfortable clothes then British Shorthair is for sure. The best kind of cat is calm, this breed is known for calm and serenity.

Are British Shorthair cuddly?

They like gossip, but they also like to talk about polite love. When the cats are gone, they like to collect but do not like to pick them up. Get to bed quickly.

Is British Shorthair smart?

British Shorthair is smart, friendly and inseparable. They tolerate children and dogs and make the best cats in the family.

Should I get a male or female British Shorthair?

British Shorthair’s male are bigger and stronger than female. He will be your true friend, sometimes lazy, but always ready to play with your obese child. It is a perennial animal that needs to grow and has a dog at its feet. He asked his master to feed him or play with him.

Can you walk a British Shorthair?

Because British Shorthair often needs a little help to get the training it needs to improve, mobility can help them benefit from their job.

Can British Shorthair be left alone?

Yes, British Shorthair cats are strong and independent, lasting longer (1-3 days) than other breeds. If you need a longer period (5-14 days) arrange a cat care service or a friend who visits your cat every day.

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