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Ragdoll cat price in India 2023 – Latest Price Update

One of the questions that always come to the mind of any potential ragdoll cat owner is the price of ragdoll cats in India. Although most people consider Ragdoll cats to be precious, I can say without a doubt that this breed is worth the investment.

Raggies are usually (but not always) a friendly, beautiful cat breed. The ragdolls are soft, gentle, loving, and caring for pets with their lovely floppy nature.


WEIGHT 4kg-9kg
LENGTH 17 to 21 inches
COAT Silky, medium-length coat
COAT COLOR White black, Ebony red, Orange blue, Gray Lavender, Silver Cream, Beige, Tan chocolate, Brown, Sable lilac

Ragdoll Cat Price In India

The cost of a Ragdoll varies depending on where you live, and this is due to variances in location and breeder reputation.

In India, a Ragdoll will set you back between ₹20,000 to ₹35,000, or even ₹60,000 in some situations. Due to its fantastic beauty and high demand, it is a somewhat expensive breed.

Ragdoll cat price in Kolkata

Ragdoll cat price in Kolkata ranges from ₹20,000 to ₹30,000. Whenever you are planning to keep and buy a Ragdoll cat, thoroughly identify the cat breeds of your city so that you can get healthy kittens.

Ragdoll cat price in Delhi

Ragdoll cat price in Delhi ranges from ₹20,000 to ₹35,000. Whenever you are planning to keep and buy a Ragdoll cat, thoroughly identify the cat breeds of your city so that you can get healthy kittens.

Ragdoll cat price in Kerala

Ragdoll cat price in Kerala ranges from ₹15,000 to ₹30,000. Whenever you are planning to keep and buy a Ragdoll cat, thoroughly identify the cat breeds of your city so that you can get healthy kittens.

Ragdoll cat price in Pune

Ragdoll cat price in Pune ranges from ₹20,000 to ₹40,000. Whenever you are planning to keep and buy a Ragdoll cat, thoroughly identify the cat breeds of your city so that you can get healthy kittens.

Ragdoll cat price in Chennai

Ragdoll cat price in Chennai ranges from ₹20,000 to ₹30,000. Whenever you are planning to keep and buy a Ragdoll cat, thoroughly identify the cat breeds of your city so that you can get healthy kittens.

Ragdoll cat price in Mumbai

Ragdoll cat price in Mumbai ranges from ₹20,000 to ₹35,000. Whenever you are planning to keep and buy a Ragdoll cat, thoroughly identify the cat breeds of your city so that you can get healthy kittens.

Ragdoll cat price in Bangalore

Ragdoll cat price in Bangalore ranges from ₹20,000 to ₹45,000. Whenever you are planning to keep and buy a Ragdoll cat, thoroughly identify the cat breeds of your city so that you can get healthy kittens.

Different Ragdoll Patterns and Their Prices

Ragdoll Kitten Pattern Approximate Cost
Mitted ₹28,000+
Bicolor ₹25,000+
Lynx ₹30,000+
Tortie ₹25,000+

Breeding Costs Affect the Price of Ragdoll Cats

 Costs Affect the Price of Ragdoll Cats

A breeder considers many factors when determining the price of a ragdoll cat.

These factors include:

  • The cost of showing cats in cats show
  • The titles won in cat broadcasts by raising the queen
  • Breeding overhead costs
  • Cat vaccination and other health costs
  • Travel expenses

Cat show attracts breeders that travel far and wide to show off their queen and studs.

In addition to travel expenses, there is a nominal fee for such exhibitions. During these actions, the cat acquires pseudonyms that represent the quality of the breed.

For example, the cats of the Triple Grand Champion will cost more than the cats of the hero studs alone.

Therefore, it is essential to note that cats that do not receive multiple pseudonyms from the competition ring will not receive more than those with more than one pseudonym.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Ragdoll Cats in India


Prices for Ragdoll cats vary from city to city, and the main reason for this is the difference between fame and the existence of breeds. For example, getting a Ragdoll from Mumbai will cost you more than Bangalore and Delhi.


Ragdoll cats are usually more expensive than adult Ragdoll. Sometimes the potential buyer has to pay before the cats are born due to high demand. Also, cat lovers at this age prefer to enjoy more company.

The fame of generations

All breeders operate under the same rules and regulations, but they charge different fees from Ragdoll and related services. Why would a senior breeder raise their prices a little higher than theirs?

We suggest that you get your Ragdoll from a reputable breeder. Calculate the value of each penny.


Ragdolls come in different quality classes at different prices. Demonstrating the quality of Ragdoll breeders and pets, for example, is even more valuable. The former is undoubtedly selected and bred to meet the best breeding standards.

On the other hand, Breed-quality Ragdoll has been created for breeding purposes, while pet-quality ones are only a pet because they do not have the necessary markings to participate in the show. You will spend a lot to get a high-quality Ragdoll combination of show and breeders.

Health record

Ragdoll will be cheaper than the perfect one with unusual and other health issues. Consumers are reluctant to pay the extra medical costs, and the shortcomings have deprived their Ragdoll of the ability to offer.

Second, the vaccine protects against diseases and ensures that you have healthy and exotic pets. Similarly, be prepared to pay more for a fully vaccinated Ragdoll than a non-vaccinated Ragdoll.

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History of the Ragdoll Cat

Ragdoll Cat

This cat is a new breed more than any other. The Ragdoll Cat breed was born in 1960 in California. A cat breeder named Ann Baker wanted to create a beautiful cat with an exciting personality. I started using a long-haired domestic cat named Josephine, the original mother cat of the breed, who was all white and was born with many similar Burmese cats.

Although it took several generations, Baker eventually produced the first cat called the Ragdoll. These cats are admired for their skin tone, large size and outgoing personality.

Unfortunately, Baker and some other Ragdoll fans split up in the 1970s. However, despite the confusion, the Ragdoll Tao is still famous.

The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) began registering Ragdoll in 1993. Ragdoll is one of the most popular breeds of cats ever registered with the CFA.

Ragdoll Cat Care

Ragdoll has a silk layer (meaning it doesn’t have a leather cover). It is considered to be less shiny than other medium hair cat coats. This breed should be brushed at least twice a week to avoid matting.

Since Ragdoll does not have an undercoat, the amount of shading and lensing is reduced. However, most people are still allergic to cat saliva and skin fluids, and Ragdoll still produces allergens in cat saliva and skin fluids.

Like all other cats, the Ragdoll usually requires a nail clipper. Keep in mind that your cat may walk faster than usual after caring for your feet, so be sure to provide an excellent wet posture.

Ragdoll is also a very active social cat, and he needs time to play regularly with wooden toys or other interactive cat games. Many also take advantage of the cat’s puzzle feeder. Don’t stop playing with your cat; it’s best to get up and play together. This will help your cat lose weight, prevent behavioural anxieties due to fatigue, and help build relationships in the family.


This breed comprises large cats with large lobes, with males averaging 14-17.5 pounds (6-8 kg) and females 12-16 pounds (5-7 kg). They range in height from 9-11 inches and 17-21 inches in length, except for their sharp tails. You will enjoy 12-15 years with your Ragdoll baby.

These cats are incomparably beautiful! The head is proportional to the medium-sized ears and triangular face, while the eyes are blue oval. The hind legs show long bangs, while the front legs show short hair. Their tails are long and full of exciting plums.

Ragdoll has a mid-size chassis with limited features. They have a long, sleek coat that looks bigger than themselves.

You can find Ragdoll Cat in different colours and patterns. The most popular colours are cream, purple, red, blue and chocolate.

Their skin also comes in a variety of basic designs: (1) Color dots (black body colour on the ears, face and tail); (2) mitted (showing one point but with white legs and chin) and (3) two tones (black skin on forehead, white legs and upper V).

Temperament & Character

Do you want to experience the father’s life of the most precious cat? Get it, Ragdoll! These beautiful babies are very touching and kind to their close family members.

They are attached to their human beings like dogs and chase after them for love, and when they reach home, they are welcomed at the door.

Ragdolls are good and don’t make noise without something going wrong. When it comes to kids, Ragdoll gets 4.5 out of 5 stars. At the same time, it is safe to leave your children around to enjoy playing and caring. However, make sure that the old cat is well trained in handling to avoid minor injuries.

Ragdoll also supports other pets due to its soft nature.

Ragdoll is not an aggressive cat, but leaving it alone for long periods can lead to fatigue, anxiety and consequently loss of valuables. As an intelligent generation, Ragdoll is an excellent and effective custodian of the knowledge gained through training.


Ragdoll is generally considered an easy breed for training due to its superior intelligence and gentle nature. Due to their high energy and passion for games, they create fast moves. We suggest that you start your Ragdoll training as a cat to increase their knowledge.

Here are some tips for a healthy training session with your pill.

1. Create a regular training schedule. Unexpected changes in routines will reduce their interest.

2. Offer your cat health rewards if he treats her well.

3. Positive support is what motivates them to train wisely.

4. Pay close attention during the meeting and respond immediately to encourage him.

5. Give your Ragdoll some time between training sessions and keep the sessions short, making them less dry and more fun.

There are many things you can do for Ragdoll training. From clicker training to Ranging training to leg walking and obedience training.


They have hair, so it is not easy to clean them. Long skins become complex quickly and require constant preparation. Don’t take it as a painful process but a communication session for you and your cat.

Brush at least twice a week to keep the doll coat away from the matting at bay. As long as the coat is clean, there is no need to bathe. Cut their cages regularly to keep them out of the trash.

Keep the ears clean to reduce the chances of infection. Your beautiful eyes should be bright and not show signs of extinction.

Please check your doctor with your Ragdoll for examination at least twice a year. During these visits, your cat may need to take care of its teeth and get proper flea prevention (if required).

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Ragdolls well-suited to be a family cat?

Big yes, these breeds make the perfect family doll. They like to be around their humans, called “puppy-cat.”. As long as you teach them to handle dolls, they are equally attached to children.
You don’t have to worry about leaving Ragdoll with other pets.

Is Ragdoll hypoallergenic?

Yes. These cats do not have coats which are mainly known for rich milk. Don’t worry if you have a cat allergy; you are safe from this breed.
However, cat saliva can cause allergic reactions in such people.

Is Ragdoll an outdoor cat?

No, Ragdoll likes to hang in its small area and get closer to humans. Placing it in a large room creates fatigue and anxiety, leading to destruction.
Oh! And don’t leave them alone because their beauty is only a test for thieves.
Now that you have the first details about the Ragdoll Cat Breed, why not consider it for your home today?
Before becoming a parent of Ragdoll, it is essential to know that although this generation is very demanding of time and money, their love is worth every penny.
We are sure that this piece will be very useful for you, a possibility for Ragdoll’s parents.

Is Ragdoll Suitability for Family Life

Ragdolls will enjoy a home with people who live most days, a home with other ragdolls, and adult children who know the needs of cats and space needs.

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