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10 Expensive Dog Breeds in the world to own Video

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10 Expensive Dog Breeds in the world to own Video

Hey, if you are searching for the 10 Expensive Dog Breeds in the world to own video, then you have come to the perfect website because we share information related to this topic, and on the downside, we share YouTube videos of the 10 most expensive dog breeds in the world.

Dogo Argentino

Dogo Argentino is a very muscular and heavy dog that is used for hunting wild hogs in Asia and South America. They have come into the world as the most expensive dog, around 8,000 dollars. They are very strong and energetic; they are so active, and their ancestors are the Cordoba fighting dog and the great Dane. Their life expectancy is around 12 to 14 years.

Afghan Hound

Afghan Hounds are known for their beauty; they have come into the world as beautiful dogs, and they have curly tails and silky, hairy coats. But they require daily grooming because they have long hair. If you do not brush them, they become tangled easily. Their price is around 7,000 dollars, and they are found in the mountains of Afghanistan. Afghan Hound’s life expectancy is around 10 to 14 years.


Rottweilers are becoming the world’s lowest-immune dogs. I listed this dog as our most expensive dog. They have lots of health issues and can suffer from lots of diseases that can empty your pocket.

Their insurance claims are higher than those of other breeds, and their life expectancy is lower than that of another breed (8 to 10 years), but they are a very loyal and great partner and very good family pets.


Azawakh are very good hunting dogs; they quickly recover from any injury, but they are not protected from wobble disease and epilepsy. They have also come in with their newest dog, which was found in 2019 in West Africa. Their lifespan is around 12 to 15 years, and they want high-quality pet care and also want daily walks.

Chow Chow

Chow Chow is a very expensive dog from China and is the oldest and rarest dog. They require lots of care, and they demand high-class food, treats, and grooming. The total expenditure is around 11000 dollars. They need more than 5 walks per day; they are very stubborn, and their life expectancy is around 8 to 12 years with proper care.


Samoyed originated from Siberia; they are a very rare breed; they are also very kind, loving, and always active. They are very expensive, and they have a strong sense to run away.

They can run miles, so you must put them on a leash. They are very brilliant and social, and they do mischievous things to gain attention. They are the perfect family dog, but they have a total expenditure of around 12,000 dollars to own.


Lowchen is a very popular dog breed that has been in Europe for more than 500 years. They are very rare, and because only 300 dogs were left, they are also known as little lions. Their price is around $12,000.

Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan mastiff is very strong and protects sheep from predators like bears, leopards, and wolves. Their weight is around 150 pounds, but they are very expensive to manage.

Canadian Eskimo dog

Canadian Eskimos are the rarest dog breed; there are less than 300 in the world. They are very territorial dogs, so they overreact to small disturbances, so they are not ideal for families with children. They came from Siberia around 1000 years ago.

Pharaoh Hound

Pharaoh Hounds are hunting dogs commonly used for rabbit hunting. They are very intelligent and athletic. Their life experience is around 11 to 14 years, and their price is around 7500 dollars.

People also ask

  1. Who is the No 1 price dog in the world?
    Samoyed: $14,000
  2. Which dog is costly in India?
    Red-Nose Pitbull Terrier
  3. What is the price of a lion dog?
    cost around ₹50,000 to ₹1,50,000.
  4. Who has 1,000 dogs?
    A rescue facility in Costa Rica
  5. What is the cutest dog in India?
    Labrador Retriever’s


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