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Which dog is best for home Security (2023)

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Which dog is best for Home Security

If your is a question about Which dog is best for home Security (2023) then you visit the perfect website, Dogs are the most loyal, sociable, and favorite animals. For centuries, dogs like to live in the company of humans. Some people probably like to keep dogs.

A big company has done this drug by the year 2023 there is a home robbery every 13 seconds, and in that year there are about 2500 cars stolen for an average loss of about $2,119 per burglary so a good breed guard to avoid Dog enhances home security because dogs sense potential danger at a level that humans cannot and dogs are also our best friends. Here are the latest 10 best dog breeds for home security in 2023.

10 dogs Guard the House

Someone has rightly said that dogs are the truest companions of humans, it is their innocence that pulls humans towards them, if you are also a dog lover and your heart is like ice cream on the innocent face of dogs.

This post is only and only for you because today we are going to introduce you to 10 such dog breeds of the world who want to live among humans like family members, their gift brings brightness to the house and their positive energy is yours. Gives life even in a stressful life.

  • Poodle:- Poodles are one of the most popular dog breeds in America, they are very cute, and dogs this breed like to be surrounded by many people, dogs of the poodle breed are very clever, and the average age of these dogs is 12 It takes 15 years for poodle breed dogs to have the biggest problem with dogs of other breeds, which they do not like at all. The price of this breed is between 50000 to 2 lakhs.
  • Pug Dog:- Pub species dogs have been developed in China. Pug species dogs are very much liked by children. Pug-breed dogs are very calm and very lazy. They like to sleep like humans. Dogs spend most of their time sleeping and their average age is 12 to 15 years. The cost of this breed is between 40000 to 2 lakhs.
  • Newfoundland dogs:– Newfoundland dogs are considered good friends of children. Newfoundland dogs have a water-resistant coat like a duck’s body and paws are also webbed like that, so Newfoundland breed dogs swim easily in water. Dogs are also used to save drowning people they drag the fishermen’s nets into the sea and save drowning people, and if we talk about its cost, then it costs about 30000 to 2 lakhs. takes place between.
  • Jack Russell Terrier species:- Jack Russell breed is mainly a breed of England, the species of this breed likes to jump and play, they do not like to sit empty in one place at all, and they keep doing something or the other all the time. Dogs of this breed are of calm nature like dogs of this species, they are always looking for good company with whom they can play, its price starts from 35000 on average.
  • Golden Retriever:- The Golden Retriever species is mainly a breed of Scotland, but it is also found in Britain, America, and India. Dogs of this species are very clever. Dogs of this species have a great attachment to humans. Most of the children like it very much. The price of this species ranges from around 50000 to 2 lakhs.
  • Beagles breed:- Beagles breed dogs are of a very calm nature. This species is mainly developed in England and the price of a dog of this breed starts from 23000.
  • Dogs of the Maltese breed:- People like to keep the dogs of the Maltese breed mostly as a status symbol. The height of the dog of the Maltese breed is not much. There is also a feature that their hair is very soft, because of being small, soft, and cute, the first choice of most women is the dog of Maltese breed, its price is between 30000 to 1.2 lakhs.
  • Bulldog:- Bulldog is a very famous and liked breed of dog, due to its British origin, it is also called English Bulldog or British Bulldog. The nature of dogs of this breed is very peaceful. Dogs of the Bulldog breed are very heavy. They are full, there are many wrinkles on their face and their nose is flat. Dogs of the Bulldog breed get mixed with humans very soon, for this reason, people prefer to keep Bulldogs. The price of this breed of dog in India is from 10000 to 60000 rupees.
  • German Shepherd:- German Shepherd is a large breed of dog. They have got this name because of their origin in Germany. The German Shepherd breed is also known by its British name Alsacian. The German Shepherd breed is one of the most favorite dog breeds in the world. Because of their strength, intelligence, trainability, and obedience, they are ideal pets for a variety of tasks, including search and rescue, search and rescue, police and military roles, and acting. The price of a German Shepherd puppy ranges from 5,000 to 25,000 may be between.
  • Labrador:- Labrador breed dogs are very much like in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and America apart from India. Labrador breed dogs are very cute and disciplined, and everyone likes these dogs from children to adults, police and the army also use labrador dogs because dogs of this breed are very smart, in their sports and as guides but also The cost of a Labrador puppy in India starts from Rs.5000 to Rs.6000 which can go up to Rs.1 lakh

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