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Top 10 Expensive Dog Breeds in the World to Own

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Looking for Expensive Dog Breeds &  Owning a dog is a delightful experience but some breeds come with a hefty price tag that reflects their rare qualities, unique traits and often prestigious lineage . In this blog post we’ll take a closer look at the top 10 most expensive dog breeds globally showcasing their remarkable characteristics and the reasons behind their elevated price points .

  1. Tibetan Mastiff: Guardian of the Himalayas
    Tibetan Mastiff Known for its majestic appearance and impressive mane . The Tibetan Mastiff is not only one of the largest dog breeds but also one of the most expensive. Originating from the Himalayan region . This breed is cherished for its loyalty, independence and protective instincts making it a sought-after choice for those seeking a regal companion .
  2. Samoyed: The “Smiling Sammie”
    Expensive Dog Breeds
  3. Samoyed with its thick fluffy coat and perpetually smiling expression . The Samoyed is a captivating and expensive breed . Originally bred to pull sleds in Siberia . These friendly and social dogs are prized for their gentle nature and striking appearance . Maintaining their pristine white coat . however requires regular grooming adding to the overall cost of ownership .
  4.   Rottweiler: A Symbol of Strength and Loyalty       

Expensive Dog Breeds

5. Rottweilers are renowned for their strength, intelligence and unwavering loyalty . This breed often commands a high price due to its versatility as both a working and family dog . Known for their protective instincts . Rottweilers are an investment in both companionship and security .

Chow Chow: The Puffy Lion Dog

6.            The distinctive lion-like mane and unique blue-black tongue make the Chow Chow a rare and expensive breed . Originating from China these dignified dogs are known for their aloof yet loyal demeanour . Chow Chows require dedicated grooming to maintain their luxurious double coat contributing to their exclusivity.

Expensive Dog Breeds

  Akita: A Symbol of Japanese Nobility

6 . A symbol of nobility in Japan, the Akita is a dignified and powerful breed . Known for their loyalty and reserved temperament . Akitas can be relatively expensive to own due to their lineage and the care required for their thick double coat . This breed is often associated with strength, courage and a strong sense of family loyalty .


Expensive Dog Breeds

7.  English Bulldog: The Endearing Couch Potato
Despite their comical appearance and laid-back nature, English Bulldogs can be surprisingly expensive to own . Breeding challenges, health considerations and their popularity contribute to the higher price tag . Nevertheless, their affectionate and gentle disposition makes them a beloved choice for families seeking a charming companion

8.   Lowchen: The “Little Lion”

  1.  The Lowchen meaning “little lion” in German is a rare and expensive toy breed . Known for their lion-like mane and friendly demeanour . These small dogs are not only adorable but also highly sought after . Limited availability and a history of being cherished by European royalty contribute to their exclusivity
  2. 9. Saluki: The Royal Hound
  3.  Considered one of the oldest dog breeds . The Saluki has a regal history as the “Royal Hound of Egypt . Known for their grace, speed and hunting prowess . Salukis are valued for their aristocratic lineage . Their sleek appearance and gentle temperament add to their allure . Making them a choice for those willing to invest in a piece of history .


10. French Bulldog: A Fashionable Favourite : Known for their bat-like ears and compact size French Bulldogs have become a fashionable and popular breed contributing to their high price tag . Their friendly and adaptable nature combined with their charming appearance make them a sought-after choice for urban dwellers and celebrities alike .

Owning an expensive dog breed comes with its own set of challenges and responsibilities . While the initial cost may be steep, the unique qualities, loyalty and companionship . These breeds can make the investment worthwhile for those seeking a distinctive canine companion . Whether it’s the majestic Tibetan!

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