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Rottweiler Price In India 2023 – Latest Update

It is essential to know the Rottweiler price when you first see this item. Let’s find out, first look at the initial cost of Rottweiler. We’ll see how much you pay for other expenses each year. Rottweiler was chosen as the police dog and treated with military honors. Rottweiler origin appeared in Germany and is called “Rottweiler Metzgerhund” in German. Most people do not know that this dog breed is extremely dangerous, and Rottweiler’s behavior is classified as aggressive.

The facts about Rottweiler are brave, intelligent, conscientious, relaxed, and obedient dogs that have management experience and require constant exercise. If its Rottweiler puppy is appropriately trained, it can become a good pet guard dog for your family.

Welcome to site for know best information for pet animals in India. The Rottweiler dog breed comes from a German shepherd who crossed with Roman drover dogs or English Mastiff. In the first century, they were bred in Germany by dogs brought by the Roman army. The American Kennel Club recognized the Rottweiler breed in 1931.

Never buy from a dog, puppy mill, or pet shop. Always check the health certificate of the parents to avoid unpleasant situations with genetic disorders of the dog. If you buy or adopt any of these, here are the things you need to know that will make you the proud owner of a Rottweiler dog breed. This article will look at how much a Rottweiler Price in India is and what other costs you need to opt for to help you make the right decision.

Rottweiler Dog Overview

No. Name Rottweiler
1. Rottweiler price in India ₹25,000-₹40,000
2. Breed Origin Germany, America, Roman
3. Breed Size Medium-sized dog
4. Breed Group Working
5. Size (cm)  Male: 61-69 cm, Female: 56-63 cm
6. Lifespan 12-15 years
7. Kid-friendly Yes
8. Family-friendly Yes
9. Other-pet friendly Yes
10. Temperament Friendly, Playful, Active, Careful, Trusty
11. Intelligence High
12. Energy Level High
13. Exercise Level High
14. Color Black, Tan, Mahogany
15, Coat type Double Coat
16. Coat Length Medium
17. Trainability Level High
18. Barking Level High

How many types of Rottweiler in India | Rottweiler price in India | Color, Size, and breeds

There are 3 types of Rottweilers found in India, the first is the American Rottweiler, the second is the Roman Rottweiler, and the third is the German Rottweiler. You have to decide for yourself which Rottweiler you want to adopt in these three. Let us know the price, size, color of these three types of Rottweiler.

No. Breed Name Size Color Price
1. American Rottweiler Male: 61-69 cm, Female: 56-63 cm Black, Tan, Mahogany ₹20,000-₹35,000
2. Roman Rottweiler Male: 61-69 cm, Female: 56-63 cm Black, Tan, Mahogany ₹22,000-₹40,000
3. German Rottweiler Male: 61-69 cm, Female: 56-63 cm Black, Tan, Mahogany ₹18,000-₹35,000

American Rottweiler

The cost of an American Rottweiler dog price ranges from ₹20000 to ₹35000 in India. The American Rottweiler is apparently born and raised in the United States. Americans make these dogs not for work but for their beautiful and interesting look. The American Kennel Club recognizes the American Rottweiler as a purebred dog. That is why the Rottweiler has long, slender legs and a small head, typical of the American Rottweiler.

This difference is due to the non-selective evolutionary process that goes into a race. Some breeders try to sharpen the shoots, so they ignore the need. Although several breeds of Rottweilers do not meet breeding standards, there are breeders in the United States who can produce models suitable for the American show ring.

Roman Rottweiler

The cost of a Roman Rottweiler dog price ranges from ₹22,000 to ₹40,000 in India. In fact, the Roman or Giant Rottweiler is by no means the best, but the breed that looks like the English Mastiff. The Roman Rottweiler or “Rottweiler King” term often refers to a way out of unethical breeders. An increase in the size of the same specimen not only corresponds to breeding standards but also affects the dog’s health.

The Roman Rottweiler is massive, with selective breeding without Roman roots. It is about the size of a Mastiff, but his coat and other body shapes are similar to those of an American or German Rottweilers. Unfortunately, because of this size, it is more likely to cause hip joint dysplasia, among other orthopedic concerns.

German Rottweiler

The cost of a German Rottweiler dog price ranges from ₹18,000 to ₹35,000 in India. Rottweiler was built for work, and this extensive work was done in Germany. Only Germans are allowed to imitate certain dogs. Breeding models must meet strict physiological and behavioral requirements and meet the needs of their owners before birth. As a result, you will have a consistent temperament and role in German Rottweiler.

Great German Rottweiler – Germany! This differs from the American Rottweiler, which the German Rottweiler Club selected. The German Rottweiler has emerged as a working dog, which is extremely dangerous in Germany. Only Germans are allowed to have certain dogs. Every dog ​​will undergo a rigorous physical exam and condition testing, and there are conditions that an owner can have. As a result, German Rottweilers show consistent behavior, temperament, and personality.

What is the Rottweiler puppy price in India?

You will get the price of a Rottweiler puppy from ₹20000 to ₹35000 in India. Their children look so adorable that no one is tempted to buy them. Rottweiler puppies are very healthy and intelligent. The Rottweiler is one of the most popular dog breeds in India.

Rottweiler Price including all Indian Cities

City Price
Bangalore ₹25,000-₹40,000
Delhi ₹20,000-₹35,000
Kerala ₹15,000-₹30,000
Ahmedabad ₹25,000-₹40,000
Lucknow ₹22,000-₹35,000
Kolkata ₹25,000-₹40,000
Patna ₹25,000-₹40,000
Pune ₹15,000-₹30,000
Karnataka ₹15,000-₹40,000
Punjab ₹25,000-₹40,000
Haryana ₹22,000-₹35,000
Mumbai ₹18,000-₹39,000
Uttarakhand ₹15,000-₹35,000
Chennai ₹25,000-₹40,000
Hyderabad ₹22,000-₹45,000
Coimbatore ₹15,000-₹35,000
Nagpur ₹25,000-₹40,000

How To Check Rottweiler Puppy Is Pure Breed Or Not?
At Mix

There are some important things to know before buying a Rottweiler dog

History of Rottweiler

Dogs and tamers used Rottweiler to track herds of cattle when they traveled to Europe. At the same time, Roman dogs were bred with local dogs, and as a result, in the town of Rottweil, executioners used strong dogs to bring the animals to market. The butcher’s proceeds save for the dogs and protect them from thieves on the way home.

These dogs also pulled carts of meat and milk for customers. With the advent of cars, the demand for Rottweiler dwindled and racing almost came to an end. Unfortunately, this has been perpetuated by fans of Rottweiler, and people in other countries have begun to appreciate this generation’s ethical and protective behavior.

Today Rottweiler is ranked 11th in the American Kennel Club registered. The Rottweiler was ranked No. 2 during the 90s. They enjoy keeping their breed’s personal secrets.

Temperament and Personality

Rottweilers are individuals whose personalities range from serious and reserved to foolish and loving entertainers. Some are one-person dogs, while others are also affectionate towards non-family members. Rottweiler might have an overdrive, causing him to destroy your living room for lack of anything better than his sweet brother sitting on the couch with you eating popcorn. 

Depending on their personality, Rottweiler tends to be more relaxed and caring than nervous, embarrassed, depressed, or overly active people. Rottweiler is not alone, not in front of you, but he will follow you to ensure your safety. He does not consider himself, and in some cases, people who can work during the day choose better options for him. While he loves his family, he is sometimes ridiculed.

You will be surprised to know that Rottweiler is not a guard dog. He is a thinking dog whose first reaction is to look back and look at the situation before taking any action. Rottweilers require a high level of training to thrive. Learning to read Rottweiler’s behavior is important. For example, it is usually not a barker. If your Rottweiler bark, you need to pay attention and see what their benefits are.

Don’t think that the Rottweiler only loves your kids, he’ll love other kids too. Usually, this doesn’t happen. Play between children and Rottweilers should always be monitored, especially when neighborhood children are around. If a Rottweiler thinks his children are ‘it’, he will protect them, even if they are not.


All dogs have the potential to cause inherited health problems, just as everyone has the potential to inherit certain diseases. Run, don’t go, any breed that doesn’t offer dog health insurance, that tells you the breed is 100% healthy and has no known problems, or who tells you their dog is out of the house. Large parts have been separated from health reasons.

Known breeders will be honest and open about health issues and incidents that occur in them. Rottweilers have to face a variety of health problems. Here is a brief summary of some of the terms you should be aware of.

Rottweiler is one of the most susceptible to hip dysplasia, in which the femoral head does not fit into the pelvic cavity. This condition can range from mild to severe. Severe cases are very painful and often require surgery to treat. Even with surgery, your dog may suffer from joint pain in old age. These factors include elbow dysplasia and osteochondrosis of the knee and shoulder.


Rottweiler has a double coat. The outer coat of medium length is straight, hard, dense, and flat against the body. A soft coat is available on the neck and legs, and its thickness depends on whether you live in a cold or hot climate. Rottweilers’ coats are very short on the head, ears, and legs and very long on the shoulders (the hair on the lips).

 The Rottweiler’s coat is a little thicker—in other words, more so than you’d think—but it requires very little attention. Brush weekly with a lightweight rubber comb or soft leash for healthy hair and skin. In spring and autumn, it will have wavy hair, this coat is called “young shape” and it must be attached to prevent all hair from falling out.

Bathe the Rottweiler as you like or while dirty. Mild dog shampoo is available, you may wish to give your Rottweiler a weekly bath. Clean Rottweiler ears on the advice of your veterinarian. Do not use cotton swabs on the ears as this can lead to further drowning of the bungee. Wipe the ears with a cotton swab on the first knee of your finger.

Choosing Reputable Breeder

The best way to find the right dog is to find the right breed. A good breeder will apply all the necessary health certifications to ensure that you are the right fit dog and that you will no doubt be facing the maximum number of health problems. She is more interested in putting the kids in the right home than in earning more money.

A good breeder will welcome your questions about their behavior, health tips, and the type of dog you prefer to live with and come back with questions about what you look for in a dog and what it does. A good breeder can tell you about the history of this breed, why dogs are:

  • High-quality animals.
  • The health problems that affect this breed.
  • The steps they can take to prevent these problems.

Avoid breeds that only care about how quickly you can bring your dog down and send you a credit card. You should also remember that buying a dog from a website that promises to boat your dog immediately can be a risky endeavor because what you get is not what you expect.

Reputable breeders have their own site, so how do you know which are the best and which are not? Red flags include dogs that are always available, no dog options and the ability to pay with credit cards online. Shopping online is easy, but it has nothing to do with popular breeders.

What are the expenses you will face after buying a Rottweiler?

Rottweiler dog food factor

This factor will be a recurring cost for the owner. Rottweiler users should be fed high-quality dog ​​food for maximum growth. Most Rottweiler commercial dog food brands produce specialty dog ​​breeds with an average monthly price of ₹6,000 to ₹9,000.

Rottweiler vet factor

You can consult a doctor before buying a Rottweiler dog to better understand. Expected wetting costs include vaccinations, deworming, pregnancy, and other medical expenses.

Vaccination cost

Vaccination against common diseases is essential for Rottweilers. According to the vaccination schedule, your vet can give you a card to determine and monitor your dog’s age. There are different types of vaccines, and the cost of each vaccine is around ₹750 to ₹15,00

Raising a Rottweiler is no easy task without a deep understanding of these breeds and their mental structure. Therefore, normal owners are advised to remove the road wheeler. In rural areas, their price ranges from Rs 4,000 to ₹6,000 in urban areas ₹12,000

Deworming and other treatment costs ensure good conditions for the Rottweiler. It helps in maintaining health and proper nutrition. The cost of each deworming is an estimated ₹100; it is required once in three months in India. Other treatment costs include antiseptic sprays, cotton buds, and aids are ₹500.

Grooming cost

A week’s care is sufficient for short-haired dogs, such as Rottweiler. However, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, dog nails, and towels are recommended to keep Rottweiler healthy and clean.

Accessories cost

Rottweiler items include bedding, collars, leather, and food and water bags. You may need games to train clickers, memorize clickers, and dog logos. These parts will last a long time, and there will be no cost to replace them, but some expenses are considered while buying this Rottweiler.

Training cost

It is essential to train Rottweiler and communicate with them to prevent attacks on strangers. Special notes for Rottweiler should be standardized. These are intelligent dogs, but they cannot stop an attack. Getting a dog trainer is easy, which costs money ₹5000 to ₹7000, but it will be eligible.

Treat cost

This celebration, like other generations, encourages and inspires the Rottweiler to learn good manners. Domestic food is cheaper than retail food prices, which affects the quality, quantity, and brand. It is best to avoid giving the dog bones and leftover spicy food. Homemade food such as cottage cheese, cottage cheese, boiled meat, vegetables, and eggs are offered.

Rottweiler insurance cost

Rottweiler insurance helps protect against third-party liability, including protection against the cost of biting an unwanted dog. There is a premium cost to cover Rottweiler’s medical expenses ₹5000 to ₹15000.

How much does a month cost to raise a Rottweiler?

The first month can be costly for any dog ​​owner, but after that, all it needs is food, care, and a vet (only if the animal is unwell). 

Expenses Cost per month
Food Cost ₹4,500-₹6,000
Vet Cost ₹1,200-₹1,800
Grooming Cost ₹1,000-₹1,500
Toy (Your-choice) ₹1,000-₹1,500
Neutering (One-time) ₹5,000-₹15,000


Is Rottweiler a family dog?

The Rottweiler is definitely the best dog in the family. They are already in touch with the owner and will always be with you. 

Is Rottweiler Aggressive?

Rottweiler is unsuspecting and aggressive to unfamiliar people, but not so much to their owners, making them the best dog of the time.

Are Rottweilers Dangerous?

There is a misconception that Rottweilers are dangerous and aggressive dogs. Your dog’s behavior depends on the training and treatment you give to your animal. If you are cruel and hurt your dog, it can incite hatred towards you and other humans. 

Are Rottweilers easy to train?

Things that can be trained very clearly. Rottweiler is an interesting character but smart and easy to learn. When trained with precision and persistence, they produce highly obedient domestic dogs.

Is a Rottweiler a good first dog? 

In general, Rottweiler is not a good fit for first-time dog owners because they require constant training and care to be socialized throughout their lives. 

Which is a better dog, Rottweiler or German shepherd? 

Both breeds are highly trainable and work as law enforcement or military dogs. Rottweiler owners need to train their dogs properly. Since these animals are so large and muscular, they can easily break you like a miniature German shepherd. However, the shepherd is a strong dog. 

What dog can beat a Rottweiler?

There is only one dog to defeat the Rottweiler, and his name is Pitbull. Pitbull is a hazardous dog, and many human deaths are also recorded in his records. 

Which is a better guard dog, Doberman or Rottweiler?

In general, Dobermans are ideal for small families because they can bond with individuals. It’s safe around kids, but not as fun and secure as the Rottweiler. Rottweilers are best for families with children, as they can act as guard dogs for the whole family.

How many puppies do Rottweilers have? 

The average Rottweiler has 6 to 12 puppies, and an adult is often expected. Dog training is widespread for first-time moms wielding a Rottweiler. 


In this article, all of you have been informed about the price of Rottweiler dog in India. The price of dogs in India keeps on increasing and decreasing, and every city has different prices, you have to find out in your area.

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