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German Shepherd Price in India 2023 [Latest Update]

There are many reasons to keep a German shepherd. Whatever the reason, once you have decided to welcome this dog into your life, there are a few more things you will need to do before you can bring it home. It would be best if you were more discriminatory in supporting other people.

Welcome to This article is for those who want to know German Shepherd price in India and double coat german shepherd dog price. The German Shepherd, also known as the Alsatian and the short form name of German Shepherd is GSD, is the second most popular breed of dog in India after the Labrador. Everyone knows about this breed, even those who do not like dogs.

It is also an excellent guard dog and has been known to warn people from others. As the name suggests, German shepherds are a German breed as they are highly trainable and obedient dogs. It is used for various purposes, including rescue and search and disability assistance. Read this article to learn more about this breed to decide whether or not you want to get this dog.

German Shepherd Dog Breed Overview

Name German Shepherd
German Shepherd price (India) ₹15,000-₹35,000
Breed Origin Germany
Breed Size Medium-Large Size
Breed Group Working
Height (cm) Male: 60-65 cm, Female: 55-60 cm
Lifespan 10-12 years
Kid-friendly Yes
Family-friendly Yes
Other-pet friendly Yes
Temperament Active, Friendly, Loyal, Careful, Trusty
Intelligence Level High
Energy Level High
Exercise Level High
Color Red and Black, Tan and Black, Black, White, Sable
Coat type Double-coated
Coat Length Short and Long (Both)
Trainability Level High
Barking Level High

German Shepherd price in India | How many types of German Shepherd in India | Size, Color, and Name

This cute and menacing little guard is divided into two generations, “Working Line” and “Show Line”. You will be surprised to learn that there are 5 types of German Shepherd dogs that you can meet. The most common difference between the different types is the color of the coats.

German shepherds sometimes differ in hair length and coat, but this is usually only done for purebred German shepherds. They differ in appearance, personality, and health, otherwise known as “working lines.”

No. Breed Name Size Color Price
1. Saddle Coat German Shepherd Male: 60-65 cm, Female: 55-60 cm Red and Black, Sable, Black and Tan ₹15,000-₹45,000
2. Black German Shepherd Male: 60-65 cm, Female: 55-60 cm Black ₹25,000-₹40,000
3. Panda German Shepherd Male: 60-65 cm, Female: 55-60 cm Red and Black, Sable, Black and Tan ₹30,000-₹60,000
4. Sable German Shepherd Male: 60-65 cm, Female: 55-60 cm Red and Black, Sable, Black and Tan ₹22,000-₹38,000
5. White German Shepherd Male: 60-65 cm, Female: 55-60 cm White ₹35,000-₹55,000

What is the Price Saddle Coat German Shepherd In India?

The Saddle Coat German Shepherd can cost between ₹15,000 to ₹45,000 in India. This German Shepherd is also known as Saddle Back Shepherd, and he is by far the most famous Shepherd in Germany. In addition to the brave black Shepherd, their coat consists of two colors like other German shepherds, and their unique patterns and identity set them apart from other types.

Called the “German Shepherd Saddle Coat”, the “saddle” refers to the black fur coat on a dog’s back that resembles the saddle of a horse. Many also refer to this hair as the “blanket” method, which is also appropriate in the sense that it is covered with dark hair. The hair is sometimes brown and red, except in the saddle area.

What is the Price Black German Shepherd In India?

The Black German Shepherd can cost between ₹25,000 to ₹40,000 in India. This breed of German Schaffer is also known as the “Solid Color German Schaffer”. Saddlebacks are much smaller than German shepherds. Occasionally you will see a grey-blue hue in his coat, but this is rare, and this breed does not bloom strongly in various breeding competitions. If the German Shepherd has this blue color on its body, your dog will be taken into the competition but will lose points for that color.

Black German Shepherd puppy looks very beautiful and they look very cute even when they grow up. Very few people have a Black German dog, if you find a German Shepherd in this black color, then understand that only you have a Black German dog in your area. If you take them out for a walk outside the house, all the people will see your pet dog only.

What is the Price Panda German Shepherd In India?

The Panda German Shepherd can cost between ₹30,000 to ₹60,000 in India. The Panda German Shepherd dog is popular in white, black, and brown colors. They are called “pandas” because of having the same coat as pandas. Most of their abdomen, chest, and mouth are white, their chambers are black and their legs are brown. This type of hair is not very common.

Like this dog, the panda has also had a genetic mutation. Most people might think that just because they have this color in their hair doesn’t mean they are of mixed race. Some breeders may be skeptical of their dogs’ health, but they are as lively, healthy, and strong as other German shepherds.

What is the Price Sable German Shepherd In India?

The Sable German Shepherd can cost between ₹22,000 to ₹38,000 in India. In fact, the unique color scheme of these skins extends to their entire body. Thus the agouti shepherd is not born, its coat color gradually increases and becomes stronger with age. Some colors may be more dominant than others because of their genetic predisposition.

Their coat color is usually a combination of black, brown, tan, or gold. When they are bred, German Sable dogs are usually brown in color and then their coats become a stronger color with age. The puppies of the Sable German Shepherd look very beautiful. As soon as you see them, you will start thinking of raising them. They are very quick and brave and are very loyal to their dog owner.

What is the Price White German Shepherd In India?

The White German Shepherd can cost between ₹35,000 to ₹55,000 in India. The White German Shepherd is part of the Solid German Shepherd breed. The only difference is that the dominant hair color is white instead of black, which encourages the growth of genetically beautiful and beautiful white hair.

The only difference between White German Shepherd and Black German Shepherd is their color. The color of both these breeds has changed due to their genetics. You should not confuse the white German Shepherd with albinism because it is a completely different genetic factor. This breed of a white shepherd is very rare, which may be due to the competitors’ inability.

How much German Shepherd Puppy price in India

German Shepherd puppies cost between ₹15,000 to ₹35,000 in India. If German Shepherd puppies are given proper training since childhood, they will keep your home completely safe. Their puppies start learning everything very fast. They love to play with humans and if you have small children in your house, then understand that you will not get a better playing friend than a German Shepherd.

The German Shepherd is a very good guard dog. They have no answer in loyalty to their master. If you have kept a German Shepherd puppy with you since childhood, then he will understand your every happiness and sorrow. When you talk to a pet, it will be seen that they understand your words, just being an animal, they cannot speak with their mouth. You must be laughing at such things of mine, but if you are a real pet lover, then you must be talking a lot with your pet because he is also a member of your family.

German Shepherd Price Including all Indian Cities

City Price
Bangalore ₹15,000-₹45,000
Mumbai ₹20,000-₹40,000
Haryana ₹25,000-₹45,000
Pune ₹15,000-₹35,000
Goa ₹25,000-₹45,000
Kolkata ₹20,000-₹55,000
Punjab ₹15,000-₹35,000
Uttarakhand ₹20,000-₹35,000
Tamilnadu ₹25,000-₹40,000
Karnataka ₹15,000-₹45,000
Lucknow ₹25,000-₹55,000
Indore ₹20,000-₹35,000
Gurgaon ₹15,000-₹45,000
Maharastra ₹20,000-₹45,000
Chennai ₹25,000-₹45,000
Patna ₹20,000-₹35,000
Rajasthan ₹25,000-₹55,000
Telangana ₹15,000-₹45,000
Kerala ₹25,000-₹35,000
Gujrat ₹15,000-₹45,000
Delhi ₹20,000-₹55,000

How To Check German Shepherd Puppy Is Pure Breed Or Not?
At Mix

German Shepherd Dog Breed Information


Discovered during World War I, the Rin Tin Tin became the world’s first movie star dog and is known as one of the most popular breeds of German Shepherd dogs. With its member’s ears and deep, happy eyes, it has gained a reputation as the cutest dog.

Diverse, athletic, and brave dogs, those dogs are eager to do whatever they can to guide blind people and run criminals for illegal drugs from serving in the military. An enthusiastic, loyal and devoted German shepherd is not a breed but a way of life.

This breed should not be like a pet dog. They are known as German Shepherd Police, Military Dog, Guide, Rescue Dog, Search and Rescue Dog, and Tracking Dog. He is the best of all dogs, including intelligence, obedience, gathering, watching, and grazing. German shepherds raise cows on farms around the world, including in the United States.

A loving and caring German Shepherd is the perfect choice for families with children, but only a home-loving couple is a good fit for this breed. With adequate training and the opportunity to use their heroic and psychological abilities, these versatile operators can manage everything from small city apartments to large farms. It is not suitable for backyard or barn living but should be kept indoors as part of a home.


As the name suggests, the German Shepherd appeared in Germany, where it was invented in the 19th century by Captain Max von Stephanitz, who wanted to create a dog that could be used in military and police work. The result is a dog with beauty, intelligence, and ability.

Smart and attractive dogs attract the attention of dog lovers from other countries. Although Rin Tin Tin was previously very popular among German shepherds, this is not the first time he has come to the United States. It is known that one of them was brought to America. In 1906, the American Kennel Club registered the German Shepherd in 1912. The next year, people interested in the breed created America’s American Shepherd Dog Club.

Temperament and Personality

German shepherds are straightforward, courageous, and dependable. With a well-behaved parent and friendly to most people, manageable eyes, and voices, Shepherd is a smart, easy to train, loyal, loving, and fun-loving dog. The German Shepherd will naturally guard its habitat and property and will always warn strangers or invaders, but if you come to your home, the German Shepherd will accept it. It works well with other animals, especially if it is brought from a dog. Smart German Shepherds learn to make decisions quickly!

If your German Shepherd is a family friend, he should have the opportunity to be with your family and train his mind. He should help you collect the items around the house. He likes to walk, run, chase balls or play with dogs. He doesn’t need a large house, but if you live in an apartment or condo, you should take long walks or exercise every day or have the opportunity to rest during the day. Otherwise, he would be lonely, exhausted, and devastated.

Talk to a breeder, explain what you’re looking for in a dog, and ask for help choosing a dog. Pet breeders care for a dog every day and will make appropriate recommendations as they learn about your lifestyle and personality.

Keep in mind that a German Shepherd’s temperament may depend on his background. Work is a very powerful way of working for German shepherds, and there are probably more dogs than people want to manage. An informational dog would be the best choice if you need a family friend.

The ideal German Shepherd dog cannot be completely groomed from the family box. It is a product of this environment and reproduction. If you want your German Shepherd to be a companion dog, a fighting dog, or a third-party dog, look for one with a good personality from early dogs to social parents.


German shepherds have a good reputation for hip dysplasia, but breeders are trying to reduce the risk of this genetic disease. When a dog has hip dysplasia, the head of the femur never moves into the pelvic cavity. Bones weaken over time, which eventually leads to joint pain.

Hip dysplasia can be controlled with medication, or hips surgery can cost thousands of rupees depending on the severity of the condition. You cannot tell whether a dog has hip dysplasia by examining it or just by looking at it. Like most large breeds, German shepherds can suffer from a variety of heart diseases, including ringworm, valvular disease, and an enlarged heart. Annual heart tests are important in diagnosing this condition because most people respond well to treatment.

Don’t fall for the lies of the breeders. If a breeder says he doesn’t need testing, he doesn’t have a problem with his breed, or if his dog is “vet tested,” or if a poor breeder has his own dog genetics, then there are other reasons for this as well. Test it, go ahead immediately.

Careful and Reputable breeders check their pet dogs for genetic diseases and breed only healthy excellent specimens, but sometimes expectant mothers have other ideas, even if a good breed for a dog can cause these diseases. Advances in veterinary medicine have meant that dogs can still live well in most cases. If you find a dog, ask the puppy how old the dog is and why it died.

After bringing a new dog into your home, remember that you have the power to guard against this common health problem: obesity. Keeping a German Shepherd dog at an appropriate weight is one of the easiest ways to prolong his life and reduce knee pain and discomfort in old age. Take full advantage of your dog’s immune system to keep your dog healthy.


The German Shepherd dog has a thick, medium double coat, and many fans refer to it as the “German Shepherd”. Undercoats are very popular in spring and autumn, and German shepherds need to be cleaned and bathed periodically to get rid of all hair loss.

A weekly brush is usually enough to keep it clean on other days of the year. If you like German Shepherd, buy a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner. Do not take German Shepherd if you have allergies or breathing problems. The rest is first aid. If necessary, brush your nails once every few weeks and brush your teeth regularly for health and fresh air.

Finding a German Shepherd Dog

If you look an animal or want to bring your dog to a shelter or rescue, here are some things to keep in mind.

Choosing a German Shepherd Breeder

Finding the right breeder is the key to finding the right dog. Good breeders will match you with the right dog and take care of all health problems without any question. He is more interested in having puppies in the right house than in earning more money. Avoid Breeder who only cares about how quickly you buy your dog and how much money you will pay them. When you are unsure about your situation, you want them to answer your questions. 

A good breeder will ask you questions about behavior and health approvals, how the dog wants to live, what to look for in a dog, and the kind of life it gives you. If there is a written agreement to sell the dog and the dog cannot be kept for a long period of time, the dog’s parents (preferably close relatives) must have a certificate of proper health and behavior. Look for pseudonymous breeders into sports clothing that requires a yard stripe, but also for athletes and in good health.

The value of a German Shepherd dog depends on where it was born, whether it is male or female, the level of its parentage, and whether it is suitable for a pet or pet show. Healthy, licensed parent dogs grow up in clean environments or try to present themselves as good role models, with German Shepherd puppy prices ranging from 15,000 to 35,000.

Which Factor Affect German Shepherd Dog Price in India


The price of a German Shepherd dog can vary from place to place. If the German sheet becomes immediately available in some places, the price will lower. If it is not available in a particular location, adding transportation charges can be costly.

Puppy Quality

The price of a German shepherd also depends on its quality. Mixed German shepherds are available at low prices, but this may affect their health and well-being in the future. Conversely, purebred German shepherds tend to be more expensive but stronger and healthier than mixed German shepherds.

Reputable Breeders

The cost of a German shepherd also depends on the breeder’s reputation. Famous breed dogs remain clean and healthy. Of course, buying a German Shepherd dog from a reputed breeder can be very expensive.

Monthly Expenses For German Shepherd Dog

The first month can be costly for any dog ​​owner, but after that, all it needs is food, care, and a vet (only if the animal is unwell). 

Expenses Cost Per Month
Food Cost ₹4,500-₹6,000
Vet Cost ₹1,200-₹1,800
Grooming Cost ₹1,000-₹1,500
Toy (Your-choice) ₹1,000-₹1,500
Neutering (One-time) ₹5,000-₹15,000

German Shepherd Food Cost

The cost of feeding a German Shepherd a month can range from ₹4,500-₹6,000. It depends on you how fond you are in terms of feeding blooms. The most important thing to a dog’s health is nutrition. Feed your German Shepherd dog a portion of high-quality food. Their diet should be high-quality protein. It would help if you also gave them a healthy diet during exercise. Chicken, fish, and meat should be included due to their high protein content.

There are certain foods that should not be fed to your dog. These include wine, chocolate, butter, nuts, and raw meat—high-quality food costs between ₹1,200 to ₹2,000 for a German shepherd.

German Shepherd Grooming Cost

The cost of Grooming a German Shepherd a month can range from ₹1,000-₹1,500. The German Shepherd has a double coat and needs frequent brushing to get rid of the laughter. An anti-drip brush will make the cleaning process easier and faster. It is essential to keep your dog’s nails short and clean.

If you don’t cut a German shepherd’s nails too long, it will start growing on its shoulders. Apart from this, cleaning of ears and anal glands are vital. If you are not comfortable looking after your bride at home, it is a good idea to find a groom who can take full care of you.

German Shepherd Vaccination Cost

German Shepherd vaccination price in India is ₹2,000 to ₹2,500. Vaccinations play an important role in keeping your dog healthy. The vaccine protects dogs from a variety of diseases such as rabies, parasitic viruses, diffusers, and hepatitis and prevents the spread of disease in humans.

To prevent the disease, vaccination should be started when the dog is 6-7 weeks old. Then, when the German Shepherd reaches old age, he has to take his original shot every year and shoot a madman every three years.


Is German Shepherd A Good Family Dog? 

The German Shepherd is a brilliant and loyal dog. A German shepherd must be socialized and trained from an early age. Active owners are easy to prepare and make good friends, but you have to put more time and effort into them. Their love, play, and care make them the best dogs and puppies in the family. The German Shepherd is one of the domestic dogs registered with the American Kennel Club.

Are German Shepherds Aggressive?

German shepherds do not run because they are safe like dogs and get up like war dogs. However, you can train them to run away. It is often used for tasks that require aggression, but this does not mean that your pet dog will be aggressive. They are very relaxed and relaxed dogs and it depends on how you train them. Proper training and companionship are the keys to relaxation, comfort, and happiness.

Do German shepherds bark a lot?

The German Shepherd’s voice is very loud, and they make a sound so loud that it cannot be heard. The poor or needy can’t pierce a poor man’s face, so you know nothing but the strong reflection of a stranger.

Is it better to get a male or female German Shepherd? 

Research shows that male German shepherds tend to be more aggressive than females. This means that families should choose females over males. Men exceed at care and protection and can function well at home without children and proper training. 

Are German shepherds easy to train? 

German shepherds are obedient, and they make training easier than other breeds of dogs. Not only are German shepherds excellent at active training, but obedience training will not be a problem for them. They will obey and obey your orders. 


In this article, all of you have been informed about the price of German Shepherd dog in India. The price of dogs in India keeps on increasing and decreasing, and every city has different prices; you have to find out in your area.

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