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Ringneck Parrot Price In India 2023 – Latest Price Update

Ringneck Parrot Price In India 2023:- Parakeets, also known as ring-necked parakeets (commonly called Indian ringneck parrots), are medium-sized parrots in the genus Psittacula in the Psittacidae family. Its ancestral ranges crossed Africa and India and are now known in other parts of the country, where wild people have established themselves and sold exotic pets.

Ringneck Parrots are very smart and can make great pets for the right owners. They must be kept forever to maintain them, and if left unmanaged, they can go astray and lose the correct. So let’s start our topics Ringneck parrot price in india.

Ringneck Parrot Overview

COMMON NAMES:- Indian ringneck parakeet, Indian ringneck parrot, rose-ringed parakeet
SCIENTIFIC NAME:- Psittacula krameri manillensis
ADULT SIZE:- 14-17 inches
LIFE EXPECTANCY:- 25-35 years
SIMILAR SPECIES:- Alexandrine parakeet, Moustcahed parakeet, Queen Alexandra’s parakeet
COLOR:- Green, Yellow, Blue
TEMPERAMENT:- Smart, Intelligent, Activeness
HEALTH ISSUES:- Psittacosis, Polyomavirus, Aspergillosis

Ringneck Price In India 2023

The price of Indian Ringneck is up to Rs.2500 in India. Ringnecks are available in many colours like greens, blues, bright yellows, cinnamons, and lutinos. The price is also up to 2000 rupees in different states, but the average price will be available up to 2500 rupees.

Yellow ringneck parrot price in India

The cost of the Yellow Ringneck Parrot ranges from Rs.8000 to Rs.10,000 in India. These yellow-coloured birds are very impressive, and they are favourite of their owners.

Blue ringneck parrot price in India

Blue Ringneck parrot costs upto 10 to 20 lakhs rupee in India because the bird’s colour blue is scarce. These birds are lovely and unique, and the price is very high due to the bird’s colour, and these birds are very hard to find with the breeders who sell them the bird.

Ringnek Cost In Other Cities Of India

Cities Name;- Price in rupee(₹)
Ringneck parrot price in mumbai ₹2,300-₹2,500
Ringneck parrot price in delhi ₹2,000-₹2,500
Ringneck parrot price in Kolkata ₹2,200-₹2,500
Ringneck parrot price in Chennai ₹2,100-₹2,500
Ringneck parrot price in bangalore ₹1,800-₹2,500
Ringneck parrot price in pune ₹2,300-₹2,500
Ringneck parrot price in Tamilnadu ₹2,200-₹2,500
Ringneck parrot price in Hyderabad ₹1,700-₹2,500

Things Before You Buy Indian Ringneck Parrot

Indian Ringneck Parrot will be available very quickly in India. is an organization where you will find rescued, adopted or purchased birds, and it is a trusted platform. Pricing ranges from ₹2,000 to ₹2,500, though you can expect to pay up to ₹8000 depending on the organization and the bird.

If you’re going the breeder route, don’t ask the breeder how famous he is, how long he’s been in the field, and how many Ringneck Parakeets he has bred. If you are unable to go anywhere, you will not be able to see the bird, then do not worry. Many breeders work under closed aviaries due to which birds avoid getting infected with diseases.

Also, make sure the birds you want to bring home are healthy. Ensure the parrot is intelligent, strong and shows all the signs of a healthy bird, such as bright eyes, clean feathers and full crop.

Origin & History

The Indian ringneck parakeet is an Asian subspecies of different colours, and it is an Asiatic parrot originally from Ceylon. Now you can find it in many corners of Asia, especially in India and Pakistan. He also lives in Sudan and the west and south of the Middle East.

In the wild, they live on lowlands and in cultivated rural areas. They travel in groups of 100 or more birds, so they get used to having fun.

Indian ringneck parakeets are found in 200 BC years ago. In India, religious leaders were considered saints even after having complete confidence in their ability to imitate human language. He was highly respected by the rich royal families of India, admiring the colourful parrots and their colourful and beautiful ornaments in their decorative cafes.

In the 1920s, agriculturalists began breeding Rainer enslaved people, and with the advent of colour, poultry grew in popularity. Indian parrots, which are now widely used in the animal industry, are becoming very popular as animals. Their small size and beautiful colours make it an excellent choice for most bird owners.


Although the Indian Ringneck is engaged in measurement and exercise, it is usually inappropriate. Their alertness causes the sides of the Ringneck to close quickly, and if not checked, they often start chewing on other destructive habits.

They are also being eliminated as teenagers, making them difficult for some owners to manage. This phase comes with a bland diet but lasts only a few weeks or months.

Generally well designed and well maintained, the Ringneck has a sweet, admirable quality. Her voice is funny because she is strong but soft. You will also notice that he is very adept at warning about black people’s dangerous, brutal treatment.

They are not known for their intense love, and although men have strong relationships with their superiors, men are steadfast. Birds usually pay little attention. if so. Despite their unique identity, they require a lot of time and attention.

Speech &Vocalizations

Indian Ringneck is one of the most talking birds in the world. They usually start talking by 8 months to 1 year of age, and can learn over 200 words. Birds can be moderate to very vocal, but they often differ in speed of speech and quick learning.

Colours & Markings

Although the ringneck colour change is standard, the most common colouration of this type is bright blue with blue tail feathers and green under the wings.

They are dimorphic species, and their colouration and display can differentiate between bird species. Men play with dark red lips, black faces and three coloured ribbons around their necks. Dark circles develop by 18 months, and blue and purple rings appear by age 3. Females, although physically fit, have no face or collar, and some have green edges around them.

Caring for Indian Ringneck

With the proper care, touch and love for Indian Ringneck, you can instantly become your favourite friend and family member. They love to learn new things and are exceptionally skilled at birds who want to challenge their intelligence, and this is one reason they make so much noise and are so good at catching birds.

It is best not to condemn if you feel any aggression, as birds can instil fear in humans. The best way to deal with this is to ignore the bad habits and make good use of the good practices.

This bird must be more significant than you expect, and it should accommodate its long tail and allow it to run and play when the bird is not there. Ensure the distance to the bar is not too large for them to slip or run. The ideal size is 1/2 inch to 5/8 inch.

Clean food and water containers, paper and toys every day, and mop the floor every month. Plan to release everything once a year.

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Common Health Problems

While the Indian ringneck parakeet is commonly referred to as healthy pet bird and has been implicated in a wide range of diseases such as psittacosis, polyomavirus, aspergillosis and several bacterial infections, when you complain, if you are left alone for long periods, or if you are tired, it can do harmful things, such as breaking a bird’s feather.

Diet and Nutrition

Wild Indian ringnecks are often invited to eat fruits, vegetables, nuts, fruits and seeds, and they enjoy the flowers and nectar of flowers. Although many veterinarians agree that captive chickens are better off eating a nutritious diet, a ringneck can evaluate the types of fruits in their diet.

Leafy vegetables and herbs are essential for maintaining a healthy diet, not maintenance. They can also eat healthy cooked foods, and you especially like chicken, even beans, grains and rice. Avocados, rubies, chocolate and other common foods are toxic to chickens, but be careful.

Some snakes release knives when birds attach to the seed. It looks like these birds are playing with and eating drugs. Give plates and badges separately and rotate them according to the normal schedule if you feel like it. They usually carry grenades. As a rule, start giving cats 1/4 glass of tablet and 1/4 glass of fruit daily. Add money if needed. To prevent rust, remove non-food items.

As with all chickens, food and water containers should be empty, clean, and filled to reduce the growth of bacteria and the risk of infection.


Ringnecks are very active birds. Like other birds, it’s good to keep a safe place for the animal and spread its wings for about three hours a day.

In Ringnecks, they have to keep their jaw muscles tight. It is advisable to provide chewing gum toys, paper and plate items so that the chicken does not eat anything essential or dangerous. This animal loves puzzles and challenging games you can find, which will help keep the birds busy. Bathing dad with water makes your friend happy with a bow.


Are ringnecks loud?

Indian Ringneck is known for being very vocal, but some people may not always appreciate the sound of learning their words. They can call quickly, but most Ringneck are silent all day.

Can Indian ringnecks be kept alone?

They will pray for you and will miss you more when you are gone. They will be alone and will flap or flap their wings, and they usually do not need to be left alone all day.

How do I stop my Ringneck from screaming?

Reducing the average amount in your home should give your chickens some rest. Resolving a quick control cry usually doesn’t work overtime. Birds are always quiet when it is dark, so most people think that the hatch can be closed or the chickens can be kept in the dark room, closet or garage.

Are Indian Ringnecks cuddly?

Indian Ringneck parakeets are one of the most popular pet birds globally. They’re cuddly and intelligent, yet not as common as dogs or cats.

Can Indian Ringnecks and budgies live together?

So there is a thief in the beach yard, and if there is a parrot-like Indian ringneck, it would be foolish to catch this budgies bird because these birds kill their friends in a short time.

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