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Pomeranian Dog Breeds in India {2023}

Pomeranian dog breeds in India

Purchasing a Pomeranian puppy can bring joy and companionship to your home. These adorable dogs are known for their attractive appearance and origin. If you are considering buying a Pomeranian, it is important to consider the costs and other relevant factors.

Acquiring a Pomeranian puppy can vary in price due to several factors. These factors include your location, the source from which you plan to obtain the puppy, the puppy’s age, whether it is a purebred or a mix, the color of its fur, its origin, and its overall health.

When buying a Pomeranian puppy, there are several factors that can affect its cost. These factors include your location, where you get the puppy from, its age, whether it is a purebred or mixed breed, the color of its fur, its origin, and its health condition.

Pomeranian Dog Breed Information

The Pomeranian is a small and lively dog that approaches the world with boundless curiosity, believing it is the most adorable creature. Despite weighing only seven pounds, this breed possesses the bravery of much larger dogs. Pomeranians are unaware of their small size and will fearlessly confront even larger canines. They are easily identifiable due to their luxurious, fluffy double coat and their fox-like face with perky, attentive ears.

Factors Influencing Pomeranian Dog Price in India

The price of a Pomeranian puppy in India is determined by several factors.

  1. Quality of the Pomeranian puppy: The price can vary based on how closely the puppy conforms to the breed standards. The closer the puppy is to the desired breed characteristics, the higher the quality and price. The genetic pedigree of the puppy also influences its cost.
  2. Reputation of the breeder: Buying a puppy from a reputable breeder provides peace of mind. Breeders who participate in dog shows often charge a premium for their puppies. Reputable breeders take excellent care of their dogs, making it important to choose one when buying a puppy. Paying a premium price ensures the puppy’s quality.
  3. Location and demand: The location where you reside plays a significant role in determining the price of an Indian Pomeranian puppy. In large metropolitan cities, Pomeranians tend to be more expensive compared to rural areas.

Consider these factors when purchasing a Pomeranian puppy in India.

Pomeranian Dog Breeds in India
Pomeranian Dog Breeds in India

Understanding Pomeranian Dog Price In India

Whether you are a first-time dog owner or have prior experience, it is important to plan a budget when considering owning a dog in India. The cost of owning a dog in the country has increased significantly over the years, with India having the highest number of first-time pet parents worldwide.

The Indian mini Pomeranian is an ideal choice for first-time pet parents. This small dog breed is easy to care for, alert, loyal, and serves as an excellent guard dog. Unlike larger breeds such as Golden Retrievers or German Shepherds, Pomeranians do not require excessive exercise or a large living space, making them suitable for Indian apartments.

Many pet parents mistakenly assume that expenses end after purchasing a Pomeranian puppy. However, the reality is quite different. The cost, effort, and time required to maintain this dog can add up significantly.

It is essential to consider that the average lifespan of a purebred Pomeranian in India is approximately 10-12 years. Therefore, it is crucial to plan your budget accordingly, accounting for ongoing living expenses throughout the dog’s life.

Pomeranian Puppy Price Range and  Most Important Factors


The cost of Pomeranian puppies in India varies across different states and cities. It is difficult to provide a fixed price per state, but generally, you can expect a minimum cost of Rs. 3000 regardless of the location in the country. The price fluctuates depending on factors such as the breeder’s location or the puppy’s origin.

For instance, if you reside in Mumbai and wish to purchase a Mini Pomeranian puppy from a breeder in Delhi, the cost will be higher. On the other hand, buying a puppy locally tends to be less expensive compared to obtaining one from an out-of-state breeder.


The age at which a Pomeranian puppy is sold greatly affects its price. It is important for breeders to sell puppies between 6 to 8 weeks of age. If a breeder is selling a puppy before this age, it should be reported to the appropriate authorities or brought to the attention of dog welfare organizations. Puppies need time to thrive in their litter for at least 6 weeks before they can be moved to their new homes.

It is worth noting that 6 to 8-week-old puppies generally command higher prices due to the increased demand for younger puppies compared to slightly older dogs. People prefer getting puppies because they are easier to train and socialize with compared to older dogs. Many individuals also enjoy the idea of their Pomeranian puppy growing up as part of their family.

 Breed (Pure or Mix):-

The breed of a Pomeranian puppy is a significant factor that influences its cost. Purebred Pomeranians tend to be more expensive compared to mixed breed puppies. People often choose purebred Pomeranians due to the lower likelihood of health problems.

Purebred puppies have a reduced risk of inheriting hereditary diseases, which can result in a longer lifespan thanks to better genetics. It is commonly believed that purebred puppies experience fewer health issues and are generally healthier overall.

A Registered puppy:-

The cost of a Pomeranian puppy will increase if it is registered with the Kennel Club of India (KCI). Additionally, if the previous litter of puppies from the same breeder has performed well in national shows, the price will be higher. Furthermore, if the parents of the puppy are registered as champion breeds in the registration papers, the cost will also be higher.

The Pomeranian is an adorable companion dog that is known for being loving, cuddly, and cute. They are well-suited for apartment living, making them easy to maintain. Pomeranians also excel as guard dogs and will vigorously protect your home from intruders.

When you bring a Pomeranian home, you can expect an annual expense ranging from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 55,000. Compared to other large breeds, the cost of a Pomeranian in India is relatively affordable.

We hope that we have provided satisfactory answers to your questions regarding the cost of Pomeranian puppies in India and why there is significant variation across different states and cities.


Cheerful: Pomeranians are joyful and bring cheer to families. They can be excellent companions for older individuals who live alone, providing comfort and companionship.

Great apartment dogs: Pomeranians are well-suited for apartment living. Their small size makes them suitable for families residing in apartments or smaller homes.

Intelligent: Pomeranians are considered one of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world.

Obedient: Pomeranians have a natural inclination to obey their owners. They can be trained effectively to follow instructions, making them obedient pets.

Kid-friendly: Pomeranians are generally friendly and gentle, making them suitable for families with children. However, it is important for kids to handle them with care due to their small size and vulnerability to injury.

So far, we have discussed the price of Pomeranian dogs in India and their characteristics. Now, let’s explore some advantages and disadvantages of owning a Pomeranian dog.

Purchasing a Pomeranian puppy can bring joy and companionship to your home

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