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Dogs With Long Ears {2023}

Dogs With Long Ears

Bloodhounds, Basset Hounds, and Beagles commonly have droopy ears. These breeds were selectively bred for their exceptional scent-tracking abilities, utilizing their long ears to efficiently channel scents to their sensitive noses.

Long ears Dogs serve as an advantageous trait for scent hounds, which rely on their sense of smell rather than sight during hunting. As dogs with long ears sniff the ground, their ears collect and direct scents toward their noses.

While these breeds excel in scent detection, dogs with long ears are more susceptible to ear problems due to the increased likelihood of dirt and bacteria accumulation.

Therefore, dogs with longer ears require extra care and attention, including regular ear cleaning. It is advisable to consult with a veterinarian to determine the appropriate frequency for cleaning your dog’s ears to maintain their overall ear health.

Dogs With Long Ears
Dogs With Long Ears


The Bloodhound is a hound breed known for its long ears. It is one of the oldest scent-hunting dog breeds. These dogs were given their name due to their association with royalty and nobility, and great effort was made to preserve the Bloodhound’s pure lineage. Bloodhounds are large dogs, weighing between 80 and 110 pounds.


Papillons are tiny dogs with big ears, making them a top choice. They are fluffy, high-energy animals and belong to the toy breed category. As adults, they measure only 8 to 11 inches in height. The name “Papillon” originates from French, meaning “butterfly,” which refers to their wing-shaped ears. While most people think of Papillons with upright ears, some have droopy ears known as Phalene type.

Papillons are easily trainable due to their eagerness to please. They are highly energetic and fast, making them great contenders for competitions. Even if owners don’t wish to compete, these intelligent dogs can learn various tricks.

Boston Terrier:-

Boston Terriers are dogs with big ears that enjoy being part of the family. They are highly trainable and have a friendly nature, which makes them beloved in the pet community. With their small size and a healthy weight of around 25 pounds, they make perfect pint-sized companions.

The Boston Terrier earned the nickname “The American Gentleman” due to its easy-going personality and exceptional manners. They are easily recognized by their black and white coat, resembling a tuxedo, which is another characteristic tied to their nickname.

If you’re seeking an energetic companion, the Boston Terrier is an excellent choice. They are playful and have a unique charm, enjoying walks and playing games with their owners. Additionally, their high intelligence makes training them to perform tricks a breeze.

Basset Hound:-

Basset Hounds are dogs with big ears renowned for their loyalty, calm nature, and patience. Originally bred for hunting small animals like rabbits, Basset Hounds have a strong work ethic. They are energetic animals that enjoy running and playing.

Despite their small stature, with adults standing at just 14 inches tall, Basset Hounds are heavy and muscular. They possess large paws and iconic, velvety ears. Additionally, their sense of smell is remarkable, second only to the Bloodhound.

German Shepherd:-

German Shepherds are dogs with prominent ears that excel in intelligence and character. They are muscular, energetic, and eager to please. Their notable trait is their strong protective instinct towards their families, making them popular as guard dogs.

German Shepherds are large dogs, ranging from 22 to 26 inches in height, with males weighing up to 90 pounds. Despite their size, they are far from lazy. Their mass is primarily due to their well-developed muscles, making them one of the strongest breeds.

As the name suggests, German Shepherds were originally bred for herding. Consequently, they are vocal and use their voices frequently. They are also known for their tendency to chew and mouth objects, so it’s important to train puppies to discourage this behavior.

English Springer Spaniel:-

English Springer Spaniels are hunting dogs characterized by their soft coats and long, feathered ears. There are two distinct breeding lines for these dogs: working and show lines. Dogs from the working line typically have higher energy levels, while those from the show line require more grooming.

To avoid aggressive Springer Spaniels, it is crucial to conduct thorough research and seek out professional breeders. Backyard breeding can lead to aggressive behavior in dogs. When purchasing a Springer Spaniel puppy, always prioritize finding a reputable breeder.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi:-

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is widely recognized for its distinctive characteristics. This breed has a long, robust body, a sturdy build, a bobbed tail, and large, erect ears that contribute to its unique appearance.

Although adult Pembroke Welsh Corgis have permanently upright ears, they don’t start that way as puppies. In their early stages, their ears are floppy and relaxed. It typically takes about a year for their ears to fully perk up, coinciding with the completion of their ear growth.

Pembroke Welsh Corgis are among the dogs with big ears that make wonderful pets. They are cherished for their loyalty and amiable nature towards families. Being high-energy dogs, they thrive when given tasks to accomplish and are exceptionally intelligent, which makes them ideal for owners who enjoy teaching them tricks.

Dogs with big ears are among the most remarkable canines in the world. Not only do their large ears enhance their hearing abilities, but you might be astonished to discover that they can also aid certain breeds in their sense of smell! 

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