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How to Befriend Dogs (2024)

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How to befriend dogs

The relationship between humans and dogs is very old and for thousands of years, we have bred dogs for hunting, herding, protection, and companionship.

Due to this dogs in return are loyal and also good friends. Emotional support is provided, which benefits both humans and dogs and remains good friends.

This is why our canine companions are considered our best friends and dogs are also our best friends! If you want to create a lifelong bond, it’s best to start when you first bring them home.

First impressions matter! So for the best start, make sure you have all the right resources for your new friend’s arrival. There should be a comfortable bed, food and drink bowls, some fun toys, and of course, their favorite food.

If you are bringing a cuddly puppy into your home, an old T-shirt or piece of clothing that smells of their mother helps them settle in and more easily establish a new and prosperous relationship with you.

Here are 10 tips to learn how to be your dog’s best friend:

Introduce your boundaries from the start:-

Inform your dog of the guidelines! For instance, if you only decide to alter your mind once they are grown and take up too much space, don’t let them sleep in your bed!

Befriending a Strange Dog:-

When approaching a strange dog, keep a close eye on the dog’s body language. If the owner is there, inquire about the dog’s friendliness. Make sure the dog is comfortable being petted. By approaching an anxious or angry dog, you risk alienating him.

The presence of a friendly dog is obvious. A friendly dog will wag its tail and come over to you to sniff you. Some friendly dogs may not come directly up to you, but they may wag their tails and show other gestures of friendliness. If a dog is growling, frightened, barking loudly, or looking into your eyes, stay away from him.

How to Befriend Dogs
How to Befriend Dogs

Training from an early age:-

Start by teaching your puppy the fundamentals of positive reinforcement (such as sit, come, stay, etc.), and you may even go further by teaching them tricks. Some dog breeds, such as Border Collies and Spaniels, are highly active, sharp, and eager to please. They might soon be dashing through tunnels and jumping over hoops!

Help them to socialize:-

It’s crucial that your dog feels at ease in a variety of settings, especially if they’re still puppies and learning. Attending socialization lessons with your dog will help them become accustomed to other dogs and sounds, and knowing that you are always there to support them throughout this developmental stage will deepen your bond even more.

Bonding with Your Dog:-

Play with your dog for a while. Being in regular contact with a dog is one of the finest ways to develop a bond with it. Make an effort to spend time with your dog if you have one. This will strengthen your bond with your dog and improve your relationship. Regularly play with your dog and take it on walks.
When you’re at home, let your dog be close by. Have your dog lie down next to you on the couch or sit with you in the living room.

Finding the right location

Owners will know where their dog is most comfortable, this could be in their home or at their favorite park. It may be best to ask in advance if there are any such behaviors or things.

Sniff hello

A wonderful way to meet a dog is to let it sniff your hand. It’s best to allow them to approach you first by standing back a little from them. They’ll likely give you a cursory smell before leaving. If you’re lucky, they might offer to pet you when you arrive. If that happens, take advantage of the chance!

Tasty treats

There might be snacks available from the owner. To facilitate your introduction and to encourage your new animal friend’s favorable behavior toward you, ask if you can offer them some. See whether they are familiar with any commands or tricks.

Encouragement and enthusiasm

Even if your animal friend hasn’t completely warmed up to you, try to be optimistic. A louder voice can be beneficial. Remember to maintain that upbeat, high tone as well if they appear to be content and want to play.

We hope this is useful for your upcoming encounter with a dog! Try not to get discouraged if a dog doesn’t warm up to you right away; these things can take time and effort, but we’re confident that with a few treats and gentle strokes, you’ll be fast friends.

Play games:-

Who among dogs doesn’t enjoy playing games? Playing games with your dog, whether it be tug of war, fetch, catch, or hide and seek, is enjoyable and beneficial for both of you.

People also ask:-

How can you win a dog’s affection?

  • Create a secure space for the dog in your home so that it has a safe environment. Train your dog and use constructive reinforcement to give it structure.

How do you gain a dog’s trust?

  1. Be consistent. This promotes predictability, which fosters trust. …
  2. Provide a safe space. …
  3. Engage in trust-building activities. …
  4. Begin rewards-based training. …
  5. Maintain a confident, calm demeanor and lead by example. …
  6. Professional support.

Canines lose their trust?

  • While behaviors like inconsistent routines and negative reinforcement during training might diminish a dog’s trust,

Should I pet my dog while sleeping?

  • When a dog is dreaming, being touched may surprise him and cause him to unintentionally bite or scratch.

The relationship between humans and dogs is very old and for thousands of years, we have bred dogs for hunting, herding, protection, and companionship.


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