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Bearded Collie Price {2024}

Bearded Collie Price

The purpose of the following essay is to inform readers who are considering purchasing a Bearded Collie about where to buy, where not to buy, and puppy prices. We often hear about dogs that were purchased from pet stores or puppy factories that were of low quality, had terrible temperaments, or were sick. This information will help the reader choose a beardie that will be a friend for many years and prevent such scenarios. We also encourage you to visit this website for more information.

Where to Buy a Puppy

It’s not just another month of feeding or weekend entertainment, it’s what you’re after. You want a partner who will bring you happiness and affection for at least a dozen years. Because of this, it’s much more crucial to conduct a thorough study before making a purchase than you would with a car that you trade in after four years, a washer that doesn’t hurt when it’s manufactured incorrectly, or a tool that breaks down within a day.

But this causes a lot of individuals to struggle. How precisely does one locate a reliable breeder? Start by visiting the website of the breed of your choosing, the AKC helpline (919-233-9767), or both.

Bearded Collie Price
Bearded Collie Price

Average Price from Breeders

To get an accurate average price for Bearded Collies from trusted breeders, we have limited our predictions to puppy and litter postings, which include puppies 4 weeks to 6 months of age.

We found a total of 14 postings on websites such as Nextpet, Pets4Homes, FreeAds UK, and the American Kennel Club. Trusted sellers often sell Bearded Collie puppies for around $1,300, with the lowest price advertised at around $400 and the highest price posted at $3,500. Other estimates put the price in the range of $900-2,600, which is also within the same $1,300 range for the average price.

Average Price from Shelters

Regarding shelter prices, they are often adoption and rehoming costs rather than selling prices. According to the Animal Humane Society, adoption costs for dogs and pups typically vary from $129 to $767.

Adoption costs, however, take size, breed, and age into consideration. Due to their rarity, adoption fees for bearded collies may vary. There isn’t enough information on adoption costs for bearded collies, but since they are herding dogs, we can research the costs at rescue facilities that focus on these breeds.

We discovered that mature rescue dogs cost less, between $100 and 375 dollars, whereas rescue pups cost between $200 and $425. The average cost of a rescued Bearded Collie, whether a puppy or an adult, is anticipated to decrease.

Key Pricing Factors Bearded Collies

The pricing of Bearded Collies is influenced by a number of important variables. Prices from breeders and shelters may both relate to these criteria or simply be one of the two.


Purebred dogs include bearded collies. Given their pedigree status, purebred dogs often sell for more money than mixed-breed dogs.

Breeders of pedigree dogs frequently belong to kennel associations and register their puppies with lines of verified purebreds. The American Kennel Club (AKC) has recognized the Bearded Collie as a breed, which raises the price of a Beardie due to its lineage.


A Beardie puppy may have inherited superior genetics from its parents. They could have met ideal breed criteria and taken part in sanctioned kennel club events and exhibitions. Better dog bloodlines typically require a lot of investment from breeders, and their high cost may be a result.


An unusual breed is the Bearded Collie. After nearly going extinct during World War I, breeders worked hard to increase the population, and about 1976, Beardies arrived in the US.

They remain an uncommon breed, one of the most so in the UK, despite this. As of 2021, they are ranked 143 in the American Kennel Club’s Popularity Ranking, an annual ranking based on registration data. The limited number of listings for Bearded Collie pups may have an impact on their pricing.


Puppies are more costly the younger they are. In general, puppies cost more than adult dogs since they are more in demand. Therefore, a Beardie puppy that is 8–10 weeks old—the perfect age to bring home a puppy—may sell for a higher price, often between $1,000 and $2,000.

The Cost of Taking Care of a Bearded Collie

Food Cost

Dry dog food normally costs $20 to $60 per month on average. An adult Bearded Collie costs $15 to $30 a month for 15lbs of dry dog food and weighs 45 to 55 pounds on average.

Dry dog food for a Bearded Collie costs, on average, between $180 and $360 per year. Treats, on the other hand, have an average yearly cost based on brand best sellers that range from $115 to $335. It is important to remember that selecting high-quality meals and treats, even if they are more expensive, lowers the likelihood of health problems later in the Beardies’ lives.

Medical Cost

The average yearly medical expense for owning a dog is between $1,270 and $2,803 in the first year and between $19,800 and $55,000 throughout the course of a 15-year lifespan.

According to a lifetime pet care study, a Bearded Collie has a life expectancy of fifteen years. The yearly fee covers the following routine medical tests and screenings:

  • Routine examinations ($50–$250)
  • ($50-$500) Spay/Neuter
  • Heartworm and flea/tick prevention medication ($140–$185)
  • Immunizations ($60 to $100)
  • $35 to $75 for a heartworm test
  • ($195–$300) Allergy test
  • Treatment for an ear infection ($150)
  • ($300–$500) Dental treatment

Due to inbreeding, purebred dogs like Bearded Collies are more prone to inherited diseases. They are more likely to experience particular health concerns, such as eye difficulties, and the expense of their medical care may increase by twofold.

  1. Treatment for elbow and hip dysplasia ($1,700–4,500)
  2. Treatment for hypothyroidism ($300–$800)
  3. Evaluation by an ophthalmologist ($300–$350)

The purpose of the following essay is to inform readers who are considering purchasing a Bearded Collie about where to buy, where not to buy, and puppy prices.

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