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Himalayan Cat Price In India 2022 – Latest Price Update

The Himalayas are usually medium-sized cats, although they have large and high-boned ones. The sheer size of her hair makes it look so big.

The Himalayas combine Persian with deep blue eyes of Siamese cats with faces, ears, legs, and tail masks. This comprehensive guide will tell you everything you need to know about the Himalayan cat’s price in India, from their temperament and personality to their care and food needs.


Common Name Himalayan Persian, Himmy
Height 10-12 Inches
Weight 05-08 Kg
Temperament Smart, Affectionate, Devoted
Color Black, Blue, Lilac, Chocolate, Red, Cream
Lifespan 9-15 Years

Himalayan Cat Price In India

In India, the cost of a Himalayan cat kitten can range from Rs.7000 to Rs.35,000, depending on various factors such as breeder reputation, age, and coat quality.

The price of Himalayan cat varies in different cities, you can go to the cat breeder of your city and take a kitten, usually the price remains the same as mentioned.

Himalayan Cat Price In Kerala

The price of a Himalayan cat in Kerala can range from anywhere between Rs.10,000 to Rs.30,000.Whenever you go to buy a kitten in your city, identify the breeder there so that you can get a healthy kitten.

Himalayan Cat Price In Chennai

The price of a Himalayan cat in Chennai can range anywhere from Rs.10,000 to Rs.25,000. Whenever you go to buy a kitten in your city, identify the breeder there so that you can get a healthy kitten.

Himalayan Cat Price In Delhi

The price of a Himalayan cat in Delhi can range anywhere from Rs.12,000 to Rs.35,000. Whenever you go to buy a kitten in your city, identify the breeder there so that you can get a healthy kitten.

Himalayan Cat Price In Kolkata

The price of a Himalayan cat in Kolkata can range from anywhere between Rs.10,000 to Rs.30,000.Whenever you go to buy a kitten in your city, identify the breeder there so that you can get a healthy kitten.

Himalayan Cat Price In Tamilnadu

The price of a Himalayan cat in Tamilnadu can range anywhere from Rs.10,000 to Rs.25,000. Whenever you go to buy a kitten in your city, identify the breeder there so that you can get a healthy kitten.

Himalayan Cat Price In Mumbai

The price of a Himalayan cat in Mumbai can range anywhere from Rs.12,000 to Rs.35,000. Whenever you go to buy a kitten in your city, identify the breeder there so that you can get a healthy kitten.

Himalayan Cat Price In Bangalore

The price of a Himalayan cat in Bangalore can range anywhere from Rs.12,000 to Rs.35,000. Whenever you go to buy a kitten in your city, identify the breeder there so that you can get a healthy kitten.

Himalayan Cat Price In Karnataka

The price of a Himalayan cat in Karnataka can range anywhere from Rs.12,000 to Rs.35,000. Whenever you go to buy a kitten in your city, identify the breeder there so that you can get a healthy kitten.

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Himalayan Cats In India


Breeders in India usually sell Himalayan cats at exorbitant prices due to a lack of breeding demand and availability. Lead breeders who match their cats with blood-tested lines often receive more than unlicensed cat breeders.

2. Age factor: –

Cats are more expensive than adult cats because they require less care and live longer.

3. Mixed breed: –

Himalayan cats are a mixed breed, and therefore their prices may vary from one breed to another. Also, since the Himalayans cross between Siamese and Persian, the breeder’s preference for one of these breeds may affect the cost.

Some breeders may charge higher prices for “spoons” in the Himalayan, meaning cats have light marks on the face and limbs.


The price of Himalayan cats in India can vary depending on many factors, but one of the most important is the cat coat.

Himalayan cats have a coat that is affected by the surrounding environment. As long as the coat is bright, the cat is costly. Siamese cats, for example, are the most expensive cats in the world because of their light coat.

5. Health Impact: –

Unfortunately, certain health conditions can affect the value of ownership of Himalayan cats. The most common is hip dysplasia, a genetic disorder that affects the hip joints. If surgery is needed to correct this problem, it can be costly.

What to Know Before You Buy Himalayan Cat

What to Know Before You Buy himalayan cat

Before buying Himalayan, you should consider several factors:

  • Himalayan cats are large cats that must have giant skeletons. Shoulders and legs should be equal. The Himalayans should not be fat, but they should have structures to carry weight.
  • Himalayan cats can have three different heads. People with round heads and round faces usually have fewer health problems. People with facial or superficial types often suffer from respiratory problems, dental problems, and cherry eyes.

Characteristics of the Himalayan

Affection Level High
Friendliness High
Kid-Friendliness High
Pet-Friendliness High
Exercise Needs Low
Playfulness Moderate
Energy Level Low
Intelligence Low–Moderate
Tendency to Vocalize Low
Amount of Shedding High

History of the Himalayan

Like many other breeds, the history of the Himalayan is not very long. Less than a hundred years.

During the 1920s and 1930s, breeders worldwide tried to produce cats with Persian bodies and Siamese markings. In 1935, two Harvard University medical researchers examined a black Persian man with a Siamese female to study how certain genetic traits are inherited. There was no intention to create a new breed of cat. After several breeds and cross-breeding, the researchers eventually developed the first actual Himalayan cat, Debutante.

Breeding slowed down during World War II, but after the war, an American breeder named Marguerita Goforth created the first Persian breed cat with Siamese pointed coloring.

In 1957, the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) and the American Cat Fanciers Association officially recognized the hybrid. Many years later, the cat-loving community united the Himalayan and Persian breeds because of their physical characteristics. Even today, many organizations do not regard the Himalayan and Persian as separate breeds.

Himalayan Personality

The Himalayan cat is happy in its owner’s arms. You can always expect the same from yourself or someone else in the family. Also, most of them do not have the problem of separation so that you can leave them at work. However, if your Himalayan cat stays alone for a long time, expect to hear some sounds. This cat-loving personality means he wants to be involved in everything.

Himalayan cats often make excellent pets for children, as long as they have some supervision to teach the child how to behave around cats. Many Himalayan have been seen walking in beautifully dressed baby strollers. She has a fun personality, and she likes to be the center of attention.

These cats have a short lifespan when they are more active than they need to be. After that, they can sleep back in direct sunlight. They will want you to acknowledge their presence or talk to them occasionally, but they can easily entertain you.

Breeders report that Himalayan or Linux flames are often longer than other color species. If you have an active family, this might be a good choice. Alternatively, if you are looking for a cute lip cat, you may want to consider other color options.

Diet and Nutrition

Your cat’s nutritional needs depend on her age, weight, and function, so you must talk to your doctor about their feeding schedule. Because Himalayans have a high risk of hair loss – long, silky coats are more likely to fall out – you can ask your doctor about specifically designed foods to prevent or reduce hair loss.

Cat fat is a common problem in all breeds, so be careful not to overfeed your cat during regular feeding or treatment. Your doctor may recommend a traditional diet plan if your cat gains weight.

Himalayan Cat Appearance

Himalayan Cat price india

Himalayan cats are easy to identify by their unique color. In general, their bodies are illuminated with dark spots (such as ears, face, and tail), which help to integrate the Himalayan rock environment of the same name.

It can come in many other colors, including blue, red, cream, and potato caps. Some owners say that the people of the Himalayans have a relaxed temperament and sweet personality, while others say that they are very strong and alive.

The Himalayans have inherited a beautiful Persian expression with soft, round lines.

The eyes are large and round, while the nose is small, and all the nearby cheeks open to the small ears with rounded directions.

The rounded upper part appears in a small, stocky neck, resulting in an attractive body with strong muscles.

Their legs are supported by stout, thick, robust, and large round claws. The tail is short but commensurate with the length of the body.

The extraordinary shape of the Himalayan is not complete without a long, full, shiny, and soft coat with extra fluff and a thick tail around the neck.

There are two different Himalayan cats: the Extreme Himalayan and the traditional Himalayan.

The Himalayan Extreme is a high-breed with beautiful faces. Because of their small noses, they often breathe.

The traditional form of the Himalayan is very standard, with a low and flattened face in the nose, making breathing easier.

The breed comes in various colors, from fan to white, and includes unique colors for the mask’s face, ears, legs, and tail.

Its primary colors include blue, cream blue, cream tortilla, chocolate, tortilla, chocolate, blue links, blue links, chocolate tortilla, cream lilac, purple, cream links, lilac, cream, cell links, links, and red. The eyes of the Himalayan fall only in the deep blue shadow.

Temperament And Character Of Himalayan Cat

Himalayan is a sweet, noble cat that loves the human touch. They are known for being social and accessible and alive and active.

They make great friends for people of all ages and are great for families with children. However, one thing to note is that the Himalayan need care and love, and if you can’t provide the care they need, the Himalayan may not be the best pet for you.

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How much cost himalayan cat in india

If they play tricks or use the toilet instead of garbage, training should start when your cat is quickly learning the Himalayan way.

Continue the training session for 15 minutes in a quiet place where cats are less likely.

Cat rewards help reward the Himalayan when they get the tricks right.

For example, when you sit your cat down according to your commands, say the word “sit” after its name and reward it when it obeys.

Even brushing your teeth can be used as a daily exercise. Say the word “brush” with a clicker training tool before starting, and then reward the cat.

Toilet training should begin when your cat is six months old. Start by placing a litter box can next to the toilet, then slowly lift the trash can until it is equal to the toilet seat.

Finally, place the litter box can on top of the toilet under the toilet seat. After a while, replace the litter box with a cat seat.

It is best to have a separate toilet as you need to attach the toilet seat to the deck tape. After a while, when you feel entirely comfortable using a bathroom in the Himalayan, buy a cat toilet bag.


It is essential to brush your long Himalayan coat daily to keep it clean and complex. It is also a good idea to take a shower once a month.

There are tears in Himalayan eyes, so clean the corners of your eyes to avoid blemishes.

Train your cat to be relaxed while preparing. Just say, “calm down,” click the button and reward her.

Wet her coat, apply foam, wash with cat shampoo and conditioner, and say “calm down” in anger.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Himalayan cats rare?

These yellow, cold cats are rare and in high demand: the body of the glacier is white. Grey dots with pink and deep purple markings; Lavender and pink nose and claw pads; Deep cobalt eyes.

Do Himalayan cats cry?

Fortunately, this fruit has been described as sweet. These cats can be shy and prefer a quiet environment. If you have children, keep in mind that hemispheres like to get children’s attention – some even allow children to walk around – but they don’t enjoy simplicity.

Are Himalayan cats smart?

They are intelligent cats and will enjoy a long conversation with you because of their Siamese background. They like attention, but don’t go through them to make you angry.

Do Himalayan cats need a bath?

Himalayans have a lot of furs, so it is important to bathe regularly to keep it clean. He washed in the Himalayan since childhood to accept her. If you plan to show off your Himalayan, you may need to take a bath every day to keep your fur in good condition.

Can Himalayan cats fly?

Himalayan and Persian cats should not be allowed in the air as these breeds have respiratory problems due to polluted air at high altitudes.

Are Himalayan cats lazy?

Himalayan cats are not naturally lazy, but they are happy and relaxed. However, they are not couch potatoes and can be very active while playing.

Is Himalayan a Persian?

They are of the same breed, and Himalayan cats are Persian. The Himalayas are a cross between Persian cats and Siamese cats. The only significant difference is that Himalayan cats have long hair. However, they are the most popular breed of Persian cats.

Are Himalayan cats get hot?

But while we may find them interesting, their “smooshed-in” faces make this breed more sensitive to heat. It is common to see Himalayan cats resting on sofas and blowing air conditioners.

Are Himalayan cats good pets?

Himalayan cats are beautiful, playful, and gentle pets that can adapt to almost any domestic species. They require minimal exercise but very high preparation – if you bring Himalayan home, you can expect them to be ready for their long, thick coat every day.

What is the color of Himalayan cats?

The skin on the Himalayan body is usually white or cream, but the symptoms come in various colors: seal (or black), blue, purple, chocolate, red (flame), and cream. Statistics can be tabby, links, or even the size of a potato.

Are Himalayan cats vocal?

Himalayans can be very vocal or scream while talking. It all depends on what kind of ice cream you have! Himalayan cats are very loving and devoted to their owners, and they are more social pets and are involved in family activities.

Are Himalayan cats good pets?

Yes. The Himalayas are sweet, gentle, and playful pets. Unlike other breeds of cats, they make excellent internal companions because they are not skimmers.
In addition, keeping your Himmie away can put it in the hands of hunters who want such a rare cat without buying it.
Expect a lot of attention with this breed. Himalayan would love to clean their grooming if done positively and consistently.

What is the personality of a Himalayan cat?

The Himalayans are fascinating, and they are also loving, loyal, and intelligent. For Hammies, the chest of his bodyguard is a piece of paradise. While a Himalayan will happily show himself when he is out during the day, he will surely come when ignored.

Do Himalayans love to be held?

Himalayan cats are often associated with human caregivers (sometimes a single person). When they like dreams, and when you pick them up, they are not tolerable; they do not ask for love.

Can a Himalayan be black?

While the colors of Himalayan cats come in dark colors like blue, chocolate, cream, lilac, or red, you will not find completely black Himalayan cats, and most fur comes in cream or white.
This rare beautiful cat is worth seeing. The Himalayan is a soft and sweet breed full of personality, and you can’t ask for the best cat breed from Himalayan.


Himalayan cat price in India and different states of India is mentioned and things like appearance care temperature of Himalayan cat are also mentioned.

If you want to know about other cats, then you can go to the cat category and see how much those cats cost.

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