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Maine Coon Cat Price In India 2023 – Latest Price Update

In the 1800s, Maine Coon cats were located in the United States and are considered the oldest breed of cat in the United States, with strong, hard-wired cats, and the Maine Coon cat is known for its large size. Coat of arms and large ears feels like Bobcat’s

Maine Coon may scare some people, but this generation is a soft giant with a sweet and relaxed personality. Maine Coon Brown may be very popular, but Maine Coon comes in almost every color and pattern except chocolate, lavender, and Himalayan (light) patterns.

Maine Coon is the giant breed of cat in the world. What kind of angels are they? How much does a Maine Coon cat cost in India? How long do they stay? Where are they from? Could a Maine Coon cat be the best pet for you? This article will answer all these questions and help you decide whether you should take Maine Coon CAT or not.


Origin Maine, New Englander
Height 10-16 Inches
Weight 5 to 9 kg
Life Span 13 to 14 years
Color Solid white, Cream, Red, Blue and black, Bi-color, Particolor, Tortoiseshell, Shaded, calico

Maine Coon Cat Price In India

In India, the average price of a Maine Coon Cat is between ₹25000 to ₹50000. They are excellent cat breeds for people who desire a more active and lively cat.

The first thing you’ll notice about Maine Coons is that they’re huge! A Maine Coon that grew to be nearly four feet long holds the title for the world’s longest house cat.

Maine Coon Cat Price In Kerala

Maine coon cat price in Kerala ranges from ₹25,000 to ₹60,000, so whenever you go to buy a kitten in your city, get to know the breeder of the cat thoroughly so that you can get a healthy kitten.

Maine Coon Cat Price In Kolkata

Maine coon cat price in Kolkata ranges from ₹20,000 to ₹40,000, so whenever you go to buy a kitten in your city, get to know the breeder of the cat thoroughly so that you can get a healthy kitten.

Maine Coon Cat Price In Delhi

Maine coon cat price in Delhi ranges from ₹25,000 to ₹45,000, so whenever you go to buy a kitten in your city, get to know the breeder of the cat thoroughly so that you can get a healthy kitten.

Maine Coon Cat Price In Bangalore

Maine coon cat price in Bangalore ranges from ₹20,000 to ₹50,000, so whenever you go to buy a kitten in your city, get to know the breeder of the cat thoroughly so that you can get a healthy kitten.

Maine Coon Cat Price In Chennai

Maine coon cat price in Chennai ranges from ₹25,000 to ₹50,000, so whenever you go to buy a kitten in your city, get to know the breeder of the cat thoroughly so that you can get a healthy kitten.

Maine Coon Cat Price In Pune

Maine coon cat price in Pune ranges from ₹20,000 to ₹40,000, so whenever you go to buy a kitten in your city, get to know the breeder of the cat thoroughly so that you can get a healthy kitten.

Maine Coon Cat Price In Mumbai

Maine coon cat price in Mumbai ranges from ₹25,000 to ₹45,000, so whenever you go to buy a kitten in your city, get to know the breeder of the cat thoroughly so that you can get a healthy kitten.

What You Should Know About Maine Coon Price in India

  • Having or owning an animal is not as easy as it may seem. When you want to choose a pet or have a pet, you need to know a few things first.
  • You need to pay special attention to feeding Maine Coon cats. You need to follow a proper diet for your cat. Otherwise, it may carry too much weight.
  • In addition to taking care of your cat’s health, you need to train him with proper exercise.
  • Because they are such big and heavy cats, they can mess things up, and you have to make sure there is nothing around to hurt them.
  • You enjoy interactive games and interactions with family and friends. It should provide an environment that everyone loves, it is fun, and it is constantly evolving.

Factors Affecting The Price of A Mane Coon in India

Before buying or adopting a Maine Coon, you should feed your cat to prevent weight problems.

You will need to train your cat with proper cat exercises.

Like a fat cat, a Maine Coon quickly breaks or injures your household items.

Remember to keep precious and delicate things away from this breed.

However, Maine Coon enjoys interactive exercises with his family. It would help if you were prepared to provide an environment for interactive play to keep your cat happy and thriving.

History of the Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon Cat

The name of this breed is derived from Maine in the early 19th century. There are many ideas behind the Maine Coon.

One theory is that Maine Coon is the offspring of long-haired cats bred with short-haired cats. Another idea is that the Vikings introduced them to North America.

However, Maine Coon has not created a cat that resembles an animal, and Maine Coon’s only resemblance to the beast is the brown coat.

There are black and white park records from 1861 called the Captain Jenks of the Horse Marines. In 1895, a Maine Coon female named Best Cat attended a cat show in Madison Square Garden.

When the Cat Fanciers Association was formed in 1908, Maine Coon’s fifth cat, Molly Bond, had been registered. Maine Coon’s popularity plummeted over the next five decades with the proliferation of foreign Siamese cats and attractive Persian cats.

Things got better in the 1960s, with Maine Coon being considered one of the most sought after.

Maine Coon Cat Appearance

Maine Coon is a large breed of cat, known for its thick coat, round eyes, and large size. The Maine Coon is available in many colors like black, blue, white, and cream. Maine Coon cats have long, silky skin that needs to be brushed twice a week.

Maine Coon cats weigh from 3 to 9 kg, but some Maine Coon male cats can weigh more than 9 kg. Maine Coon cats can grow up to 40 inches when standing and about 16 inches long, taller than most small dog breeds. The body of the Maine Coon cat is heavy, with solid legs, a solid and muscular chest, and a tail that are almost equal to the length of the body.


Maine Coon cats are cute, soft, and silly cats who love to spend time with their owners. They will come to your house and play around, and Maine Coon can sometimes make little noise while playing and exercising.

They are smart, which makes training easy for them. They are not predatory breeds of cats and love to play with children, and it doesn’t matter if they are lifted or thrown around. Due to its playful nature, many people call it the “clowns of the cat world.”

Maine Coon is the world’s best cat breed because it can adapt to weather conditions. They are part of the family as a dog.


Mixed-breed cats and pedigreed cats have various health problems that can be inherited in nature. Issues affecting Maine Coon include:

  • Hip dysplasia, which in severe cases can lead to insanity.
  • Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a variant of Maine Coon’s inherited heart disease. DNA-based testing is available to identify cats with one of the mutations that cause the disease.
  • Polycystic kidney disease is a hereditary disease that develops slowly and can lead to kidney failure.
  • Spinal muscle atrophy is a genetic disorder that affects the skeletal muscles of the trunk and limbs. There is a test to identify carriers and infected cats.

No matter how healthy your cat is, when you bring it home for the first time, you need to be prepared for any problems that may arise in their life. An animal insurance plan can help prepare your cat for any veterinary needs. Click here to find a pet insurance plan for your Maine Coon!


Maine Coon Cat price india

Despite the length of the Maine Coon’s coat, it has a silk texture that does not soften quickly – if you take care of it regularly. Freezing twice a week to remove dead hair and distribute skin oil can be easily cared for.

Useful preparation tools include a stainless steel cone to remove the strain and a “grooming rake” to remove the bottom dead layer, which can cause stress if removed. Use it gently, especially on the stomach and tail.

Maine Coon is patient, but they don’t like to eat your hair more than you do. Check the tail for pieces of the back that remain on the skin and wipe with a baby wipe. Wash your Maine Coon as needed, which can happen every few weeks to several months. If they feel that their skin is oily or looks terrible, they should take a bath.

Brush your teeth to prevent gum disease. Daily dental cleaning is best, but weekly brushing is better than anything else. Cut the nails every two weeks. Wipe the corners of the eyes with a soft, damp cloth to remove any moisture.

Use a different material for each eye to not run the risk of spreading the infection. Examine the ears weekly. If it looks dirty, wipe with a cotton swab or a soft, damp cloth that contains a mixture of 50-50 apple cider vinegar and warm water. Avoid using cotton swabs, as they can damage the inner ear.

Keep your Maine Coon Litter box completely clean. Cats are extraordinary about cleaning the toilet, and a clean towel will also help keep the coat clean.

It’s good to keep your Maine Coon only as a domestic cat to protect it from other cat-borne diseases, dog or coyote attacks, and other threats to foreign cats such as car crashes. Maine Coon, which does its best, is in danger of being sidelined by anyone who wants such a beautiful cat without paying.

Coat Color And Grooming

The Maine Coon is a large, carpeted cat with a soft, sandy coat that looks like it can spend all day on the farm in any season. They are made to do the same thing in the harsh climate of Maine, and the quality of their breed reflects their heritage, which is called a large, medium-sized cat whose body is proportionately muscular and Has a broad chest.

Maine Coon has large, medium-long legs and large, well-rounded cages carefully lined with leather, which act as “snowshoes” in winter.

The heavy coat is short on the shoulders, the belly and beard are long (the long neck of the upper hind legs), and the front leg and the long tail have hair in the salute. The width of the head is medium, slightly longer than the width and its width.

The large, lower ears are broad at the base and somewhat narrow, and the large, impressive eyes are green, yellow, yellowish-yellow, or copper. Maine Coon’s white or dual color eyes can be blue or contrasting.

The brown Tabby style is so prevalent in this generation that most people don’t know that Maine Coon can come in any other color or style. They may be surprised to learn that Maine Coon is available in solid colors, including black, red, or white, all tabby colors and patterns, two colors like blue and white or red and white, and practices like tortoiseshell and calico.

Characteristics of the Maine Coon Cat

Like a dog in nature, Maine Coon is intelligent, friendly, and gentle. It is relaxing and reassuring; Maine Coon puts it all together and is a great play companion for cute kids. They live peacefully with other domestic animals, including other cats and dogs.

Maine Coons are friendly and curious, and they are usually found in any exciting situation where there is action at home. Maine Coon is talkative but not too loud, revealing himself through various subconscious rumbles and ways.

They are fully trained cats who enjoy teaching tricks and respond well to delicious food and positive training methods. Despite the old stereotypes, Maine Coon loves water, and will play in it, bathe, dip its food in it and even swim.

Affection Level   High
Friendliness  High
Kid-Friendly  High
Pet-Friendly High
Exercise Needs  Medium
Playfulness  Medium
Energy Level  Medium
Intelligence  High
Tendency to Vocalize High
Amount of Shedding Medium


Maine coon are a giant breed of cat, so it is essential to give them a healthy diet that contains all the necessary nutrients. Every human being is different, and they all have their likes and dislikes, and when it comes to food, the same is true of cats. Some Maine coon cats prefer wet food, while others prefer dry or raw food.

How much do you feed your pet?

Maine coon cats depend on their age as it is clear that a highly developed and energetic cat needs different proteins and nutrients in its diet than older, less active cats. It is also essential to ensure that you are feeding your Maine coon cat the right amount, as the cat begins to gain weight very quickly.


Maine Coon Cat price

Maine Coon needs daily operating schedules to explore and hunt their brains and instincts.

Because nomads are clever, training them and keeping them indoors will not be a problem. However, training requires a lot of patience and knowledge.

The clicker training method works well with Maine Coon. This method ensures that your cat learns new things faster with positive reinforcement.

While training cats is best because they learn fast at a young age, this does not mean that adult cats cannot be trained. Even large cats can learn new tricks.

Your cat wants to share clicks with the positive. So, every time you click, treat your cat and repeat the process. Keep training sessions short because cats are less focused.

Once Katie understands the importance of collision tools, she can add basic moves and commands such as “sit” and “come.” Just say the command and click on the clicker. When the cat hears you, invite him.

Once he gains speed using the basic moves, it will be much easier to teach him everyday activities such as small and paw-shakes.

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Maine Coon Cat Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Cat breed that is affectionate and faithful. Grooming is a tad on the pricey side.
Not an aggressive person. They may be afflicted with a severe medical ailment.
They enjoy being touched and do not shed excessively. Not a lap cat/not fond of cuddling.
Gentle and unhurried. Brushing and combing the coat once a week is required.
Embarrassing and endearing. When left alone for long periods, it does not thrive.
Has a good relationship with children and other pets, including dogs.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Maine Coon survive in India?

Despite their association with cold regions of the world, Maine Coon cats can survive anywhere on the planet, whether in cold or hot areas. The key to ensuring that Maine Coon stays warm is to provide them with the extra care they need.

Are Maine Coon cats cheap?

Maine Coon is known as the most expensive cat breed, but it is far from the most costly breed. Below is a list of the most valuable species of cats globally.

How long does Maine Coon live?

The Maine Coon coat is water-resistant and keeps itself in good condition, although occasional brushing does not make the mold. Age: 13 or 14 is considered a characteristic of this powerful breed.

Is Maine Coon Rare?

The Maine Coon generation was rare in the 1950s when it went out of fashion and almost disappeared. However, after becoming an official cat in this breed of fall, her fame soared, and she returned in 1985. Maine Coon are so popular today that they are no longer considered rare.

Can you walk a Maine Coon cat?

Although they are a bit shy and therefore not the ideal candidate to go outside without supervision, Maine Coon cats love to go. They are also very trained. Regardless of their age, they can be trained and taken for walks in the neighborhood.

Are Maine Coon cats friendly?

Friendly, affectionate, and intelligent traits are common traits of many breeds of cats, but Maine Coon cats are mainly social, beautiful, and intelligent. They are very adaptable and can be worn by anyone (including children and other dogs and cats).

Why are Maine Coon cats so big?

The Maine Coons are naturally large areas because they are directly related to the Norwegian jungle cats. Their natural ancestors, such as the wild cats in Wisconsin, and Maine, help increase their size. Maine Coon is also the biggest due to their slow growth rate, which further enhances their bone structure and muscles.

What is Blue Maine Coon?

Blue Maine Coon is a breed of Native American cat native to Maine, and it is the most giant and most friendly breed of cat in the world. Her skin is long, and her smoky blue color gives it a delicious look that most people like Maine Coon.

Are Maine Coon’s eyes blue?

Maine Coon cats are born with blue eyes that change color with age. Maine Coon’s eye problems are not uncommon, although owners should pay attention to eye conditions such as strabismus, astigmatism, farsightedness, and vision.

Do Maine Coons meow?

Maine Coon is a very tall cat breed. They chirp and trill to get the owner’s attention, but they are rarely so enthusiastic. This very clever phylogeny uses Maine Coon’s voice selection to communicate their needs. However, Maine Coon will break a lot if it learns to feel pain, loneliness, or hunger.

Do Maine Coons swim?

While Maine Coon is a cute cat, it can’t move on water. However, it has a waterproof fur that enables it to withstand cold, harsh climates and pass easily in water.

Has Maine Coon’s eye color changed?

Maine Coon newborns often have blue eyes that change color to green, copper, or gold. The color of their eyes does not vary when they are already fully grown.

How do you know if Maine Coon is a mixed breed?

Look at your cat’s body type, size, eyes, earlobes, skin, cage, tail, and personality. However, genetic diagnosis is the surest way to tell if it is a mixed cat. Pure Maine Coon will show the appearance’s physical features that we have highlighted.

Do you have to take a Maine Coon for walks?

Maine Coon loves to travel. Therefore, using your cat for a walk in the neighborhood will be cheaper. Be prepared to host the giant breeds of cats you will find. While her body is in height, she is the sweetest cat in fur!

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