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Golden Retriever price in India 2023 – Latest Update

The Golden Retriever is one of the most beloved dog breeds globally. In fact, it is the first choice for brand new dog owners. There are many things you need to know about this beautiful dog. It can be used for various purposes, and you can use it as a guide dog, police dog, or family dog. In this post, you will learn more about the Golden retriever price in India and this dog breed.

Welcome to Golden are very friendly, patient, gentle, and charming. He is also known as the cutest dog in the family. If you want to achieve this, here are some things that will help you in the process.

The Golden Retriever is a reliable and exciting domestic dog that can easily observe and train. They use a fun, funky style and keep the dog’s behavior as an adult. This lively and exciting ball game can be played indoors. Swimming and fishing are natural hobbies long-awaited by the waterfowl at the natural pastimes.

What is the Golden Retriever puppy price in India?

You will find the baby of the Golden Retriever in all the cities of India. The cost of a golden retriever puppy ranges from ₹5,000- to ₹15,000. But my brother always tests the dog’s child. Get an original Golden Retriever pup from a responsible and reputable breeder.

If you are taking a puppy, whether it is a male or female, then at the time of taking it, who were its parents should also be known. Information should also be taken that the parents of the golden retriever puppy did not have any disease.

Name Golden Retriever
Size  Male: 58-62 cm, Female: 53–59 cm 
Color Dark Golden, Light Golden, Cream, Golden
Puppy Price ₹5,000-₹15,000
Temperament Friendly nature, Trustworthy, active
Popularity Very High
Health Issue Bacterial and viral infections
Lifespan 10-12 year

Golden Retriever Price in India including Indian Cities

No. City Price
1. Bangalore ₹7,000-₹15,000
2. Punjab ₹7,500-₹15,500
3. Jaipur ₹8,000-₹16,000
4. Kolkata ₹7,500-₹14,000
5. Hyderabad ₹9,000-₹13,000
6. Ahmedabad ₹8,000-₹16,000
7. Chennai ₹7,000-₹15,000
8. Delhi ₹7,500-₹14,000
9. Guwahati ₹9,000-₹13,000
10. Indore ₹7,500-₹15,500
11. Kerala ₹8,000-₹15,500
12. Mumbai ₹8,000-₹16,000
13. Pune ₹7,000-₹15,000
14. Trichy ₹9,000-₹13,000
15. Tamilnadu ₹7,500-₹14,000
16. Lucknow ₹7,000-₹15,000
17. Kanpur ₹8,000-₹15,500
18 Patna ₹8,000-₹16,000
19. Varanasi ₹7,000-₹15,000

How To Check Golden Retriever Puppy Is Pure Breed Or Not?
Saurabh Dog kennel

Before You Buy Golden Retriever Few Things, You Need To Know

Golden Retriever History and Popularity

The Golden Retriever is a medium-sized dog bred for hunting and shooting waterfowl such as ducks and mountain birds. The name “retriever” refers to the breed’s ability of children to play shooting games with their soft mouths.

Gold Retriever loves water and can easily follow basic or modern standards. It is a long-coated breed, the warm inner coat provides enough heat from outside, and the outer layer relaxes and dissipates the body. Gold Retriever dogs are suitable for rural or urban life.

Pet owner plays a vital role in keeping a dog clean. The Golden Retriever is famous for a handicapped assistance dog, a guide dog for the blind, and a guard dog. In addition, they have been trained like hunting dogs, sniffer dogs, and search and rescue participants.


The Golden Retriever breed is a medium-sized, good-quality breed with a dense, water-resistant wavy coat. Due to its wide historical reputation as an inherited dog. Thus, the three subtypes of the golden retriever show similar differences in size and coat. However, not all golden retrievers are golden, yellow, or golden in color, and all subtypes have similar health problems.

1. Friendly

The Golden Retriever is one of the friendliest dogs in the world. They are good friends and love the people around them. When you are looking for a pet dog, a golden retriever should be your first choice.

2. Intelligent

Golden retrievers are smart and intelligent animals. They learn quickly, and they are known as the best guide dogs for the blind. They are very honest towards their owner and the most important thing is that the Golden Retriever starts to understand their owner so well that what they are feeling, these dogs understand very easily.

3. Reliable and Kindness

This is one of the most reliable dogs. They are loyal and honest. You will feel their trust and confidence when they are around you. The Golden Retriever is one of the most interesting animals you can keep as a pet. He is right with the kids, and they can be good friends with your children.

Coat and color

As the name suggests, their coat color ranges from light gold to dark gold. The topcoat is waterproof, somewhat slightly wavy, and can be used in small amounts throughout the year. The coat is soft and cool in summer and warm in winter. Flows in spring and autumn.

Bringing back the logo shouldn’t be too much as it can be a problem on the field, especially when it comes to winning games. The Golden Retriever has a lamprey on the back of its front legs, and heavy fur on the front of the neck, back of the legs, and under the tail.

Golden Retriever breeder factor

These are the factors that affect the price of golden retrievers in India. There are five types of breeders:

Reputable Breeders

There are many responsible and reputable breeders in India. You can find popular breeds on various websites such as They have a list of the best breeder in India and a section called “Puppies Available,” where they advertise their popular breeds.

Remember that the quality of a dog is directly proportional to its price. If you buy from a good breeder, it will be costly as it will guarantee the quality of your dog.

Puppy mills

The Kennel Club and the American Kennel Club claim that responsible breeders should make the animal a healthy dog ​​and guarantee an accountable home and community for all animals. This period is essential for adult development as all adult skills are learned at this stage. When a dog interrupts the process of socialization, the result is often a social problem as the dog becomes an adult.

Puppy mills female sometimes raise their young puppy in warm climates until they are physically fit since the last wave. When a breeding female is really tired or unable to have a puppy in old age, she is usually killed. The puppy should be weaned from their mothers 8-10 weeks before the recommended age.

Regular breeders

Responsible breeder loves their dogs and want to share them with others. Sometimes they share a dog.

If your household needs an animal, you can find a cat through regular breeding and buy a dog. Some of your friends may also turn out to be breeders, you will have to talk to them and ask.

Pet Shop

It is so popular, you can find it in most pet stores. The Golden Retriever is beautiful, interesting, and easy to sell. We recommend that you do not buy a dog from a pet store or, in this case, from anyone other than a Golden Retriever breeder, and this owner does not guarantee a healthy dog.

Also, don’t get bogged down in claims of getting a KCI certificate at an animal shop. They usually buy leaves from golden breeders.

There are a few things to keep in mind when buying a pet.

Don’t forget to get to know breeders – if you avoid that, let it be or say it’s an animal.

See all the facts – most stores claim to be successful dogs. If so, ask for proof. 

Learn About Dog Parents – If an animal buyer takes you to an animal, pay attention to the dog parent and see how they behave.


They play an important role in Golden Retriever sales. They charge a combined commission of around 10 to 15 percent from the pet dog owner.

If you want to buy a golden retriever puppy through a broker. A large number of them will hold meetings with happy breeders, which is a practical option.

What are the expenses after buying a Golden Retriever, which one should pay attention to?

Golden Retriever Food Cost

The golden retriever size of an adult dog typically requires 12 to 15 kgs of dry dog ​​food per month. Depending on the dog food brand, the price can range from Rs. 2500 to 10000. Various brands include Goodness Grain-Free, Royal Canin, Pedigree, Drools, Hills Science, Arden Grange.

As a reward for completing the task, you can also train your dog with cookies, toys, and dog food to keep your dog happy during training. Tweak your diet and monitor your daily calories accordingly.

Health Cost

Around, Rs 5000/- and above. As your animal ages, it develops health problems like any other – be it a human or an animal. You must have enough money for medical needs, including medication, hip dysplasia, surgery, and hospital care. The cost of a regular vet is about Rs. 400/- to Rs. 500/- per Consultancy fees.

May be admitted to hospital. 1000/- per day. Operations and procedures cost can be made from Rs. 15,000/- and above anywhere, and this is too much money. But don’t be disheartened, with the growth of the pet insurance market, the pet insurance power in India is getting stronger. Pet insurance plans are approved by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Board (IRDA) and there are several types of pet insurance.

Grooming Cost

Around 1500/- to 2,500/- per visit. When dogs became pet animals in India, the demand for dog care centers, spas, and salons increased in many Indian cities. This is a lucrative business and you can spend a lot of money cleaning your dog.

Sometimes it is necessary to meet the groomers in order to cut very long hair and close the hair tie, which dogs hate. You can find spa packs, oral treatments, dental care, ear cleanings, foot treatments, medical treatments, shampooing procedures, and much more.

Training Cost

Approx. 15,000/- up to Rs. 25,000/-. You can also choose certified dog trainer training for cheap dogs. This is a very selective issue and most dog owners do not think about training until it is too late and the dog gets out of control. Average cost Rs. 800/- to 1000/- per session. You will need at least 15 to 25 sessions to train your dog. You will start with this, but the dog will continue to train for the rest of his life.

In addition, many training courses are ineffective, do not involve animals, and do not provide good motivation and education to parents who train dogs. As a result, you stop asking for your dog trainer, but you don’t care. Therefore, it is important to train your dog with the help, guidance, and direction of a trainer. It is a growing kids industry and we can expect it to be positive.

What problems do pet owners face after buying a golden retriever?

Golden retrievers are so fond of playing that they get dirty. Even if they’re at home all day, it’s hard for their coat not to show lines or brown markings, which would annoy your four-legged friend. He shed a lot of hair! There will certainly be more cleaning activities involved. Never leave your Golden Retriever alone for more than a few hours, which means you will be more focused, which is hard for most people!

Some fun facts about Golden Retrievers

Golden Retriever is originated from Scotland. The legend has revolved around a gold collector coming from a Russian circus dog for decades. When Lord Deadmutt’s document was published in Inverness, Scotland, this vision was shattered. In 1864, Tedmouth bought a “yellow backer” named Lord Knocks and made it out of a colorful, heart-shaped piece of water. The Golden Retriever we know today may have come from pears and oxen. Thank you, Mr. Tweedmouth!

As an athletic dog, a golden retriever requires a lot of training. Active members of this sports team make bad couch potatoes, and they are always ready for activities like sports, walking, swimming, or other exercises. They are natural athletes who specialize in various sports.

The Golden retriever is an active and hardworking breed. The Golden Retriever is used for everything from hunting and tracking to dogs. Despite their playing habits and sometimes good habits and behavior, they learn rapidly and acquire many skills, including finding and rescuing dogs in disaster areas.

The Golden Retriever loves to eat a lot, and he is always enthusiastic about eating. They can eat anything from food to toys, paper, and crayon bags. If so, it’s a fair game. They eat a lot, so pet owners know how to limit food, measure food accurately, and feed when they are.

The Golden retriever is a perennial favorite and popular pet animal. This breed has been on the list of the ten most popular dog breeds in the United States for decades and eventually ranked third in 195. His cousin, the Labrador retriever, has been at the top for 28 years.


What is the cost of a Golden Retriever in India?

The Golden Retriever is a dog breed that costs between ₹5,000 and ₹20,000 in India.

Why is Golden Retriever so expensive? 

The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in India. It is in great demand in India because Golden Retrievers are such loving dogs that they live comfortably in the city’s homes. Due to the high demand and short supply, it is naturally more expensive than other dog breeds. 

How much does a golden retriever monthly cost? 

Prices for a Golden Retriever can range from ₹5,000 to ₹20,000, depending on the color or size of the dog’s preferred characteristics. However, this does not include an annual expenditure of Rs. 1,00,000, which includes food, health, and other expenses. 

Is Black Golden Retriever rare?

Black Golden Retrievers may have more genes than other retrievers, but this is not uncommon – most of the community does not have dogs.

Is it easy to train a Golden Retriever?

Golden Rivers are one of the most popular breeds because they are honest, smart, and easy to train. They love to work with people, so they are naturally obedient.

Is Golden Retriever dangerous?

The Golden Retriever is a large dog that is prone to be dominated or bullied. This type of behavior doesn’t show up until later in a dog’s life, so you need to be careful with them without compromising your safety.

What is bad about Golden Retrievers?

The Golden Retriever is a healthy type of dog, but it can also play a role in health problems. A few things to pass on to Golden Retriever owners: Cancer, Hip & Elbow Dysplasia (HED). 

Is it good for India to buy a golden retriever? 

The Golden Retriever and the Labrador Retriever are two of the most popular dogs in India. This intelligent dog makes good friends with people from all walks of life. This is an active game, so take the time to get better – but every minute is worth it! 

Can Golden retriever save you? 

The Golden retriever is one of the most loyal and intelligent breeds. Although it is not generally considered guarding, don’t be fooled. Golden retriever can defend their owners with honesty and intelligence.


In this article, all of you have been informed about the price of Golden retriever in India. The cost of dogs in India keeps on increasing and decreasing, and every city has different prices; you have to find out in your area.

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