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Dog Breeds That Start With N {2023}

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Dog Breeds That Start With N

Sure! Here’s a list of dog breeds that begin with the letter “N”:

  1. Neapolitan Mastiff
  2. Newfoundland
  3. Norfolk Terrier
  4. Norwegian Buhund
  5. Norwegian Elkhound
  6. Norwegian Lundehund

Please note that this list may not be exhaustive, as there might be lesser-known or regional breeds that also start with the letter “N.”


Neapolitan Mastiff

Certainly! The Neapolitan Mastiff, also known as the Mastino Napoletano, is one of the most wrinkled breeds in the dog world. Its ancestors were courageous and even faced gladiators in the Coliseum and participated in wars during the time of the Roman Empire. These noble giants have a distinctive appearance with numerous creases and folds on their faces, which they have earned through their rich history.

Fans of the Harry Potter franchise may recognize this breed. In the books written by J.K. Rowling, they are referred to as Boarhounds, but in the movies, Hagrid’s faithful companion Fang was portrayed by several Neapolitan Mastiffs, including Bella, Bully, Hugo, Luigi, and Vito.


The Newfoundland dog breed originates from the coast of Newfoundland, Canada. While there is agreement among dog historians on this point, there is disagreement regarding its genetic ancestry. However, it is believed that the Newfoundland dog can be traced back to the Tibetan Mastiff breed, despite the absence of records documenting the transportation of Tibetan Mastiffs to Newfoundland.

According to many experts, the Newfoundland breed likely emerged through a combination of Tibetan Mastiffs, Great Pyrenees dogs, and Black English Retrievers. It is also possible that Huskies played a role in the breed’s development. Regardless of the exact mixture, the outcome was a gentle and large dog resembling a bear, known for its affinity for water, resilience to cold temperatures, and coat coloration primarily in black or black and white.

Dog Breeds That Start With N
Dog Breeds That Start With N

Norfolk Terrier

The history of the Norfolk Terrier is closely intertwined with that of the Norwich Terrier, which is why they share a similar background. Until 1979, these two breeds were considered as one. However, The American Kennel Club made a distinction that dogs with folded ears would be called Norfolk Terriers, while those with pricked ears would retain the name Norwich Terrier.

In the past, this small working terrier was known by various names such as the Canab Terrier, the Trumpington Terrier, and the Jones Terrier. During the 19th century, their primary role was to eliminate rats from stables. Interestingly, students at Cambridge University began adopting these lovable dogs and keeping them in their dorm rooms. As a result, the Norfolk/Norwich Terrier became the unofficial mascot of the university.

Norwegian Buhund

The Norwegian Buhund, also referred to as the Norsk Buhund and the Norwegian Sheepdog, has a rich history that dates back to the era of the Vikings when it sailed the high seas with them.

This breed is an intelligent Spitz-type dog, and in modern times, it is commonly utilized as a farm dog or a watch dog.

Norwegian Elkhound

The Norwegian Elkhound, also known as the Gray Norwegian Elkhound, the Norwegian Moose Dog, and the Small Gray Elk Dog, originated in The Land of the Midnight Sun and holds the esteemed position of being the National Dog of Norway.

This hunting dog’s ancestors are believed to have roamed the fjords as early as 5000 BC, tracing back to ancient times.

Norwegian Lundehund

The Norwegian Lundehund, also known as the Norwegian Puffin Dog due to its hunting of seabirds, is a Spitz-type dog that possesses a unique characteristic of being polydactyl, meaning it has six toes on each foot. This feature enables it to climb along cliffs with agility.

This particular breed has faced the threat of extinction multiple times since the beginning of the 20th century. At present, it is estimated that there are around 1,400 Norwegian Lundehunds remaining.

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