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Cute Animal blogs (Update 2024)

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Cute Animal blogs

If you are here to learn about some cute animal blogs, then you are at the very right place. As you know, pets are so cute, and you can see their photos and videos all the time. But if you can’t find a perfect website where you get lots of interesting photos and videos of pets, then here I have given you the best 8 websites, and I am sure you will definitely like them.

I am Maru

This very good Japanese blog where they are focuses on a Scottish fold whose name is Maru. She is a very playful and energetic cat who likes her cardboard box. Maru is very famous, and her trainer posted lots of photos and videos on social media. She captures lots of moments with her dog and posts them on YouTube. Maru plays with three cardboard boxes—small,  medium, and large—chasing a toy and sleeping around his couch. Maru is a very adorable cat and looks so pretty.

Daily Puppy

Daily Puppy is a channel belonging to cute dogs where you will get lots of beautiful photos and descriptions of various kinds of dogs. If you love dogs, then you must visit this channel. You will get information about all kinds of dogs and puppies all over the world.

The litty Bitty Kitty Committee

This channel belongs to a woman who cares for lots of foster kittens Laurie, in this channel you will get high-quality professional photos of kittens who are exploring the house, sleeping on couches, and wrestling with each other.

Cute Roulette

On this website, you will find lots of cute and adorable videos of cute kittens. When you reach the site, you will not have any idea what kind of video is waiting for you, but if you watch one, you will definitely get addicted.


Lolcatz is a very interesting website where you will get lots of stuff related to kittens and dogs, all photos and video are user-generated which looks very adorable and cute, Lolcatz are now a day become so popular in the pet community. LOLcats is the best place to find and submit funny cat memes Click here.

Zoo Bornes

Zoo Born is the only website where you will get lots of videos and photos only about baby animals who are born in zoos. You will see how little animals do their cute stuff and play all around the ground. How they are feeding and playing with each other and lots of funny moments,

Cute overload

Cute Overload is a website that is very active; you will get the latest photos and videos all the time when you enter. On this website, you will find lots of animal videos, including those of cats, dogs, squirrels, elephants, rats, and more. You will definitely like this blog, a very adorable and fully overloaded website.

Holy Cuteness

A very simple and addictive website where you will get lots of stuff about babies and big animals. You will get photos and videos of large elephants, small rats, lots of dog breeds, and cute kittens. You will definitely love this website. While you scroll down, you will see lots of cute pictures and videos, which is so adorable and cute.


People also asked:-

  1. What is the number-one cutest animal?
    the quokka’s
  2. What animal won the 72 cutest animals?
     Orangutang and NUMBER ONE
  3. Who is more cute dog or a cat?
    Cats have larger eyes for their faces and cute noses
  4. Do pet blogs make money?
    Your pet blog can grow into a profitable full-time business.
  5. Do animal blogs make money?
    Pet blogging is a great way to make money 


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