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Betta Fish Price In India 2023 :- Latest Price

Siamese fighting fish (Betta splendens), also known as the Full moon Betta Fish Price in India or betta, is a native species found in Southeast Asia, including Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

They are popular aquarium fish, designed for color and fighting ability. Not all Betta fish compete – only male fish. He can sit with a female betta on the side. Although commonly sold, there is no need to put leaves in a fish tank. Betta is very happy with its free pH and low acidity in soft, warm water.


COMMON NAMES Betta, siamese fighting fish
SCIENTIFIC NAME Betta splendens
ADULT SIZE 3 inches (7 cm)
LIFE EXPECTANCY 2 to 3 years

Betta Fish Price In IndiaBetta Fish Price In India

The price of betta fish ranges from ₹25 to ₹500 in India, due to the good breed of fish, sometimes the price of betta fish goes up to ₹1000.

(Betta Fish) Fighter Fish Price In Kerala

The price of betta fish in Kerala ranges from ₹25 to ₹500, whenever you go to get betta fish, take information from a good consultant so that you can get healthy fish.

Betta Fish Price In Kolkata

The price of betta fish in Kolkata ranges from ₹25 to ₹500, whenever you go to get betta fish, take information from a good consultant so that you can get healthy fish.

Betta Fish Price In Bangalore

The price of betta fish in Bangalore ranges from ₹25 to ₹500, whenever you go to get betta fish, take information from a good consultant so that you can get healthy fish.

Betta Fish Price In Chennai

The price of betta fish in Chennai ranges from ₹25 to ₹500, whenever you go to get betta fish, take information from a good consultant so that you can get healthy fish.

Betta Fish Price In Mumbai

The price of betta fish in Mumbai ranges from ₹25 to ₹500, whenever you go to get betta fish, take information from a good consultant so that you can get healthy fish.

(Betta Fish) Fighter Fish Price In Tamilnadu

The price of betta fish in Tamilnadu ranges from ₹25 to ₹500, whenever you go to get betta fish, take information from a good consultant so that you can get healthy fish.

Betta Fish Price In Hyderabad

The price of betta fish in Hyderabad ranges from ₹25 to ₹500, whenever you go to get betta fish, take information from a good consultant so that you can get healthy fish.

Betta Fish Price In Delhi

The price of betta fish in Delhi ranges from ₹25 to ₹500, whenever you go to get betta fish, take information from a good consultant so that you can get healthy fish.


Bettas are born in deep waters in Thailand (called Siam, hence the name), parts of Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and China. These areas are rice fields, ponds, slow waterfalls, lakes, everything that lives on the skin. Today, pages are available in many places, providing anonymous people in many places.

Betta Fish Care

You need to know the care of the fish in Betta. Important things to keep in mind when protecting Betta fish:

  1. Betta fish are tropical fish. They need between 75 – 80 degrees cool water. Water pH should be (about 7) and ammonia and nitrate should be very low (about zero).
  2. Betta fish – eats foods and foods high in protein. Do not feed them.
  3. Betta fish can live 10 years, with an average life expectancy of 3-5 years. If you take care of your fish, they will live longer.

An important aspect of caring for Betta fish is the proper placement of their equipment.


Family Belontiidae
Origin Cambodia, Thailand
Social Males cannot be kept together
Tank Level All
Minimum Tank Size 2 gallon
Diet Live foods preferred, will eat flakes and frozen foods
Breeding Egglayer (bubble nest)
Care Easy to Intermediate
pH 6.8 to 7.4
Water Hardness Up to 20 dGH
Temperature 75 to 86 F (24 to 30 C)

Colors & Markings

The bright color and long flow of the male face make it one of the most popular aquarium fish. Usually, there is short and short colored hair. By the way, the color is not red. However, at the time of release, production schedules came in a variety of colors, such as white, yellow, orange, red, black, blue, green, pharaoh, black and black.

A variety of combinations can be seen, from bright colors to contrasting body colors, as well as bright colors. The wings have been shown solely to give a sense of proportion. Shield’s lips are composed of royal lips, deltas, fangs, crescents, lines, and cracked lips.

The two men had a torpedo body with a curved beak designed to feed air. Adults are two to three inches tall, and females are much smaller than males. A unique feature is that it is naturally a labyrinth that allows it to absorb oxygen from the air instead of water, thus allowing it to survive in low oxygen conditions.

Common Colors
Super Red
Super Blue
Super Yellow
Super Black
Super White
Galaxy Nemo
Galaxy Koi

Rarer Colors
Super Orange
Mustard Gas

Color Patterns
Full Mask

Betta Fish Habitat

Single bettas- Keep in an appropriately sized aquarium, 1 gallon or larger. Bettas must be able to breathe from the surface of the water. Because bettas are known to jump out of aquariums, there must be space at the top of the aquarium below the lid for them to surface and breathe.

Male bettas – should be well cared for and well done in 1 gallon or large containers. Men can enjoy living in a public aquarium 10 liters or more free of dangerous fish (e.g., tiger crabs, gouramis or giant danios) or betta fish on the sides (e.g., beautiful guppies).

Female bettas – can be mixed with other healthy fish or other female bettas. If a man keeps his female bettas in front of him, he will be given about 15 gallons in secret places.

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Appearance & Behavior

Betta fish are good and delicious in fresh water. These fish are famous for their bright colors and good shape. The male betta fish are known for their strong finish and fighting spirit.

Many Betta fish can easily be prepared to eat in your hand and usually go to the front of the tank when they see you coming.

Diet & Feeding

Naturally, all kinds of insects live on children and in traps for children. It is ready to smell bad things that dissolve in water. The internal digestive system is provided with meat, which is much shorter than a fish bowl. Therefore, while natural foods are the best betta food, they are also good for processed foods, solid foods or frozen foods.


Males cannot be controlled in a tank without identification. In most cases, some women can be arrested without any problems, and the man can join them. They can be protected by other safe species of fish and do not look like deer paws when they are small.

Betta Fish Food

Fighter fish is the most popular animal in India because it is light and easy to care for. However, one of the most important things to know about these fish is their diet. Military fish are important – high protein foods and foods.

They should eat a variety of organic or dried foods such as blood worms, salt crackers, mosquito larvae and tubifex worms. You can give them bombs or tiles specially designed for carnivorous fish.

Betta Fish Care & Tank Setup

When it comes to betta fish, there are a few things you need to know. The key is to make sure the containers are adequate. There was plenty of fish to swim in, so they had to split into three groups.

This fish is very shy and you need to give the tank plenty of hiding places. With a little care your betta fish will bloom in your aquarium and enjoy hours of fun.

Fighting fish requires about 2 liters of water, but more. Also, a 5 or 10 tank is fine, but swimming and longevity are better.

Indian almond leaves are popular because they are close to true bettas, where the leaves are hidden in a field. Its tannins have many health benefits including treating certain diseases such as foot and mouth disease and controlling water pH.

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Health and wellness

When properly cared for, the Siamese fish usually live for three to five years in captivity, and rarely for seven to ten years.

One study showed that leaves can be stored in large boxes and that proper nutrition and “exercise” – in the form of temporary bettas – will last for nine years; however, the excess group is much smaller and is limited to smaller bottles.

Large containers with good filtering, standard handling, decor and hiding spaces, nutrients, high protein content, and long lifespan. Like all captive fish, the skin is susceptible to various diseases, usually caused by bacteria, fungi, and parasites.

Many diseases are caused by poor water and cold water, both of which weaken the immune system. The four most common diseases are white spots, velvet, garden rot, and fall; Unlike these diseases, these diseases cannot be cured with the products of the best-selling fish, rising water temperatures, and/or constant water changes.

If the betta fish is kept in a container on the skin, the bite of other fish can lead to the Finnish field which can be very difficult to find.


For more than a century, selected varieties have produced a wide variety of cheeses and flavors, and designers around the world are developing new varieties.

Males of this type were often sold in stores because of their beauty rather than females, and males lacked wings or pink. however, some breeders claim that they produce very tall and red-winged females.

Betta splendens can be combined with B. imbellis, B. mahachaiensis, and B. smaragdina, for a great long life recently. In addition to these mixed Betta species, intergenic hybrids have been reported with Betta fish of paradise Macropodus opercularis.

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Interesting Betta Facts

  1. Betta is similar to slightly acidic water (pH 6.5 – 7) and warm water. Cold water can weaken the immune system and cause infections.
  2. Bettas tails have different tail types – the standard “veil tail.” Other types of lips are “half-moon”, “double tail”, “champion hair short hair” and “double tail”.
  3. Bettas usually take 2-3 years, but sometimes there is a good bet at a young age.
  4. Born in Thailand, Betta is known as the “plakad” and is often referred to as “The Jewel of the Orient.”


Can we keep 2 betta fish together?

Yes. You can keep both bettas, as long as they are male. Keeping two males, yes, will end the war to the death. You can expect one side of the male and the female.

Is betta fish good for home?

Betta fish can be irritating and stressful. While many may be happy with the box, they need a few features in their area such as turrets, trees and viewing areas. They also like to be serious, because they break the wings of different fish into one tank.

Does betta fish need oxygen?

Although Bettas can breathe air through their skin, fish need oxygen in their tank water to stay healthy. Betta can live with low oxygen content in the water, but this is wrong.

Can betta fish live with goldfish?

Although betta and goldfish can coexist in the same vessel, it should be noted that this is a major problem and health problem for both fish. Therefore, we recommend keeping goldfish on the skin as a last resort if fish encounter problems in one of the tanks.

What kills betta fish?

As we have seen, poor skin health can be lost through poverty, overeating, excessive cold water, and shocking conditions. In addition to the damage caused by these diseases, your fish can get sick and often die if they stay under stress.

Can betta live in a bowl?

They should not sit at a table. But they should be in a 5-gallon container or a large glass or plastic tank.

Can betta fish have toys?

Betta loves to see and interact with actors around her. Bettas can be done using toys such as balls and ping-pong sticks, or by using a fishing tank.

Do betta fish need sunlight?

Betta require approximately 14 to 16 hours of light (at least) up to 24 hours. If you can afford an aquarium light, that is for sure. Some aquariums have a timer preset, but if not, you can set a timer with a light source.

Is sand good for betta fish?

Sands are an excellent substrate for cleansing by keeping residues on the skin. The best option is beta blockers if you want to avoid the service. Sand is the best choice, but it can be hard and has to be shaken to have a healthy aquarium.

Can betta live without filter?

Without an aquarium filter, your face can live for a while. It may take longer if you change the water regularly. However, if you decide you do not have a filter in your tank, you may have to wait a while.

Do bettas need a heater?

Betta stays warm all year round, so she should keep the heater warm. The Betta are cooler than most tropical fish because their shallow rivers and lakes can change temperatures quickly.


India is one of the leading countries in the world to preserve and grow Betta. These fish are known for their bright colors, natural environment, and easy view. With a little information about fighter fish, you can find some of these beautiful fish in your aquarium.

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