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Clown Fish Price In India 2023 – Latest Price Update

People who have kids and DVD players may think they know everything about Clownfish, and what they don’t realize is that there are false anemonefish in Nemo. True anemonefish, and Amphiprion percula are almost identical, but differ slightly in species and live in different habitats.

Anemonefish are usually yellow, orange, red, or black, with white stripes and dots depending on the species. The Clown anemonefish’s most enormous length is 17 cm, and the smallest is 7-8 cm.


SCIENTIFIC NAME Amphiprioninae
DIET Carnivore
AVERAGE LIFE SPAN 6 to 10 years
SIZE 4.3 inches

Clown Fish Price In India

The cost of clown fish ranges from ₹1000 to ₹1,500 in India and the cost of clown fish sometimes goes up to ₹5000, according to the species.

Clown Fish Price In Kerala

The price of clown fish in Kerala ranges from ₹1000 to ₹1,500 and whenever you go to buy fish, ask a good consultant so that you can get healthy and good quality fish.

Clown Fish Price In Chennai

The price of clown fish in Chennai ranges from ₹500 to ₹1,500 and whenever you go to buy fish, ask a good consultant so that you can get healthy and good quality fish.

Clown Fish Price In Kolkata

The price of clown fish in Kolkata ranges from ₹1000 to ₹1,500 and whenever you go to buy fish, ask a good consultant so that you can get healthy and good quality fish.

Clown Fish Price In Bangalore

The price of clown fish in Bangalore ranges from ₹1000 to ₹1,500 and whenever you go to buy fish, ask a good consultant so that you can get healthy and good quality fish.

Clown Fish Price In Tamil Nadu

The price of clown fish in Tamilnadu ranges from ₹500 to ₹1,500 and whenever you go to buy fish, ask a good consultant so that you can get healthy and good quality fish.

Clown Fish Price In Mumbai

The price of clown fish in Mumbai ranges from ₹1000 to ₹1,500 and whenever you go to buy fish, ask a good consultant so that you can get healthy and good quality fish.

Clown Fish Price In Coimbatore

The price of clown fish in Coimbatore ranges from ₹1000 to ₹1,500 and whenever you go to buy fish, ask a good consultant so that you can get healthy and good quality fish.

Clown Fish Price In Hyderabad

The price of clown fish in Hyderabad ranges from ₹1000 to ₹1,500 and whenever you go to buy fish, ask a good consultant so that you can get healthy and good quality fish.

Clown Fish Price In Delhi

The price of clown fish in Delhi ranges from ₹500 to ₹1,500 and whenever you go to buy fish, ask a good consultant so that you can get healthy and good quality fish.


Clown Fish Price In India

Three different white stripes of bright orange clown anemonefish are one of the most popular inhabitants of the class. It grows up to 4.3 inches in length and is named after the colorful sea anemone that live inside.

Feeding Clownfish

Clownfish- food and most of the food they eat. The food makes them happy, but they have to be satisfied with the sea level. At the same time, a healthy diet should be based on a healthy seafood diet, along with ice cream and organic foods. If possible, feed them 3-4 times a day.

Typical Behavior

These endangered species can only be harmed if there is a species of clownfish – there is only one crab species in the aquarium. They live higher than stocks, often taking less time. They leave the place and move closer to the anemones when they are fed.

It is well-prepared for its association with other types of anemones. The combination of toxins that prevent toxins and the flesh of anemones allow them to live together. They needed places to hide and eat to encourage weak swimmers.


Clown Fish Price India

The Clownfish has a long body and a hole in the tail, indicating that it has two wings, not one. It has 11 spines on the back of the False Percula, with 10 spines compared to the True Percula.

These species can grow up to 4 inches tall, but are much smaller. This is great for a small or new aquarium. Three white stripes: one on the back of the sleeve, one in the middle of the body and the other under the skirt. The middle rope is straight and forms a triangle at the beginning.

Look at their backs and hips, giving them a natural glow and strength to move. Black borders or false interior dark borders are darker and brighter than aquariums.

Their tails are round, so they are not good at swimming. Harassment with powerful filters is very easy.

There are varieties with real shades that are often orange but really black. Different colors are made (almost) to create different textures such as platinum.

Habitat and Tank Requirements

Clownfish live in the tropics of the Pacific Ocean and Indian Oceans, reefs, or shallow lakes near Australia and Southeast Asia.

Due to its association with Anemones, it often appears below 40 feet and is not found in shallow water due to its high temperature and low salt content. They escape with weak swimmers, soldiers or rock-protected Anemones.

Very few nutrients in the water near the shore indicate this. It takes time and feeding in a home aquarium is difficult, but it is possible!

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Tank Conditions

Anemones are harder to keep than Clownfish, so if you try to compare them, you should first plan your aquarium around anemones.

Although these fish do not have light requirements, anemones have light needs, so the type of light you need depends on the type of Anemone you choose. Anemones need about 50 gallons of the aquarium, so they don’t need to be housed in a small aquarium until the Clownfish arrives.

If Anemones do not protect this fish, it will work well if a small aquarium is organized, and the filtering and watering conditions must be watered wildly.

The required temperature is 74-79°F, so the temperature should be set. The thermometer should be used daily to ensure constant hydration.

To stay healthy, an aquarium needs a pH of 7.8 – 8.4. This delicious pH can be combined with other ingredients. Clownfish need a certain range in the range 1.021 – 1.026. Changing water quality can save water in a tank or aquarium.

A well-designed aquarium should ensure beautiful recreation and adequate protection from the flow of water. This can be done with the help of stones, live stones, or neck spoons.

The superior design offers a combination of large areas for swimming and concealment. They can be stored in dehydrated containers for easy cleaning, but some container mates may require a substrate, so it’s best to keep them in a container.

What Size Aquarium Do They Need?

Clownfish require a 20-gallon aquarium with ample space to hide and view. If you want to keep Anemone, you need a big tank. Each clown is allowed an extra 10 gallons per fish.


Clown Fish Price

One of the things that makes a Clownfish for beginners is that it is easy to eat. They feed on all animals in the wild, including copepods, small crustaceans, algae, anemone tentacles, fish eggs, and larvae.

Their wild food can be genuinely eaten, in aquariums, staple foods such as Mysis shrimp and Brine shrimp. They can easily eat frozen fish and bacon (if cut). Organic food can be used to prepare or process processed products.

If you have tiny particles in your aquarium, flakes and pellets will provide a nutritious part of their diet.

Smaller Clownfish should be fed close to their shelter – this is a small area that can remain until they grow old. To prevent nutritional problems as they get older, they need to be given small amounts of water.

Adults should be fed twice a day and children 3-4 times a day. Give them what they can eat in 3 minutes and take the extra food out of the water storage container.


Although their care is complicated and easy, they can get sick and need constant monitoring and maintenance. This includes regular water testing and tank cleaning. Pieces of water are always needed. You must be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Water should be changed at least 15% every week, especially in small aquariums. It is important to use the main nutrients to prevent the development of nitrite/nitrate diseases. Visible algae can be cleaned with a suitable soap.

Clownfish can quickly heal from many painful injuries, in addition to causing serious illnesses such as depression and schizophrenia. Look for any abnormalities, changes in color, or changes in your hopes of helping to restore work.

Relationship with Anemones

Clown Fish Price In kerala

The clown fish dance with the anemones before sitting down, gently touching different parts of their bodies until they become accustomed to their masters. The skin layer around the cloned fish protects them from Anemones poisoning. Selling protection from grain and food waste sends ridiculous fish to visitors and cleans the owner of parasites.

Population Range

About 30 species of Clownfish have been identified, most of which live in the shallow waters of the Indian Ocean, Red Sea, and the western Pacific Ocean. It is not found in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, or Atlantic Ocean.

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Changing Sex

Surprisingly, all the clownfish males were born. They have the opportunity to change men, but they will only do so to be strong women in the organization, and it cannot be changed.


Is The Clownfish Right For Your Aquarium?

As a very light fish, Clownfish can entertain your aquarium! Or, if you plan to add it to an existing aquarium, this is a new choice. They show the most interesting things in the world of fish, so it’s worth a look.
If you are just starting a new aquarium, consider the many styles and options to have the best aquarium you are proud of.

What is the lifespan of a clown fish?

Therefore, although the life expectancy of clownfish is between 3 and 10 years, it is not entirely accurate. Some species can live longer with good care: a closer look at aquarium forums shows that most aquarists have been caring for staggering for 20-30 years.

What do clownfish eat?

Clownfish feed on invertebrates and small species of advanced species, as well as food left over from anemones.

Does clown fish need oxygen?

This is why they are particularly vulnerable to low levels of oxygen. The anemones elevate their enemy anemones and provide the owners with oxygen-rich water.

Does clown fish need an air pump?

As mentioned earlier, there is no foundation for a concrete wall. However, they have their own uses for feeding marine critters and/or baby fish, so they must be kept by hand. The only example I can think of is heating onions while frying clownfish.

Can you touch a clownfish? 

Like other fish, the clownfish will not be harmed by the death of the host anemone due to the tiger’s protective layer. Clownfish can open this barrier, so don’t forget to check it out, but don’t touch it!

Is Nemo a clownfish? 

Marlin and Nemo are Ocellaris clownfish, pink, and yellow clownfish live with sea anemones like in the movies. This type of mockery is 3 to 4 inches long and has orange, black, and white stripes.

Are clownfish easy to care for? 

On the other hand, clownfish are ideal for beginners because they are easy to care for and do not require large boxes to live happily ever after. Wild Clownfish almost always live in or around the Anemone, which is very small and easily eat fresh, frozen, and dry food.

Can clownfish live in freshwater? 

Clownfish are marine fish, meaning they do not live in clean water. A Clownfish is a species of fish that lives near a coral reef, and large Clownfish live in reefs and among large marine anemones.

Do clownfish sleep at night?

Clownfish sleep under an aquarium and hide in anemones or empty mouths. If you watch a Clownfish for an hour a day, you will see that the Clownfish is asleep, and you have nothing to worry about.

Is Clownfish found in India?

Although clownfish are found in various parts of the Pacific Ocean, including the Great Barrier Reef, some species are widespread, and others are limited. Clownfish usually live in shallow enclosures or shallow pools under shallow water.

Are clownfish poisonous?

They live in anemones, like underwater plants. Anemones eat fish and kill with poisonous claws, and scientists believe that funny fish are safe from poisonous plants.

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