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Which Dogs Sleep the Most (2023)

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Which Dogs Sleep the Most

Some dog breeds are renowned for having boundless energy and running around the home and yard frequently. However, there are several types of dogs that are satisfied to cuddle up in a comfortable area if you’d prefer to have a dog that is more laid back and enjoys relaxing.

Here are 17 of the dog breeds that are the most relaxed. They still need to exercise regularly, but they also enjoy taking extended naps now let us know Which Dogs Sleep the Most.

Which Dogs Sleep the Most
Which Dogs Sleep the Most

The Top 7 Dog Breeds That Sleep A Lot

Now here we share the 7 best dogs Which Dogs Sleep the Most (2023):-


The Bulldog is famous for its ability to nap. If you want a loving and devoted friend who prefers to relax on their bed rather than be active outside then these dogs are a great choice. These dogs often prefer to sleep rather than be active. However, it is important to remember that Bulldogs are famous for their loud, frequent snoring as well as their long sleeping habits.


The Mastiff is another breed that tops our list of dozy canines. Generally speaking, larger dog breeds require more sleep than smaller ones. Being the size of a small person makes moving around a lot of work, and Mastiffs are one of the large breeds with significant sleep requirements.

Actually, the majority of Mastiff breeds are renowned for requiring a lot of rest. Their aged face and droopy eyelids even give them the appearance of being a little fatigued.


The Greyhound is frequently referred to as a “couch potato” and, when given the freedom to run, is capable of reaching speeds of up to 40 miles per hour. Off the leash, they move very quickly and are nearly impossible to capture.

They do not run lengthy distances; instead, they sprint, which has an impact on their daily energy levels.  After a run, they tend to move more slowly, like cuddling with their owners, and spend a significant portion of the day napping for extended periods of time.

Saint Bernard

It was initially intended for the Saint Bernard, a large breed related to the Mastiff, to find and save missing hikers in icy mountains. These canines are among the world’s strongest and frequently pull loads that are heavier than they are.

When you see them at home, it could be challenging to visualize this strength, though. They don’t typically become very excited, although they do have a propensity to sleep a lot.

Great Dane:-

Another enormous breed that frequently asserts the title of largest dog in the world is the Great Dane. Surprisingly, they are renowned for their extraordinary tenderness and great levels of devotion despite their size.

Their need to be cautious around people to prevent inadvertent harm may also contribute to their predisposition to be laid-back canines, in addition to the physical work involved in bearing their own considerable weight. They like to sleep for extended periods of time and need lots of room to spread out comfortably.

Bernese Mountain Dog:-

Many people have the impression that Bernese Mountain Dogs are energetic dogs, especially when they are in the mountains or out in the fields. They put in nonstop effort and don’t seem to need a break in certain situations.

However, they have a tendency to nod off and sleep for a while when they get back home or to the ranch. If they’ve received their daily dosage of activity, you can frequently catch them curled up next to you on the couch taking long naps all day.

Great Pyrenees:-

The Great Pyrenees, another breed renowned for its work ethic, comes in second on our list of canine breeds that enjoy taking naps. These dogs were first developed to protect their flock from predators while keeping watch over them.

When watching over their flock, they are frequently peaceful and composed, but if a threat materializes, they will undoubtedly make the necessary effort to defend them. It is not surprising that when they go home from work, they are quite pleased to sleep for extended periods of time.


Some dog breeds are well known for sleeping more than others. While individual dogs may have different sleeping patterns, some breeds have a tendency to favor longer and more frequent naps.

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