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Long Tail Cat breeds {2023}

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Long Tail Cat breeds

In the enchanting realm of cats, there exist a myriad of exquisite felines with diverse forms, sizes, hues, and dispositions.

Not to mention the captivating narratives that underlie the lineage of their breeding. However, those intriguing chronicles shall be reserved for another occasion.

Today, our focus lies upon long-tailed cat breeds, notably including the Sphynx cat. This extraordinary breed possesses a tail, albeit lacking the presence of fur, as it is entirely hairless.

Maine Coon:-

Maine Coons possess the lengthiest tails among all cat breeds. In fact, the world record for the longest cat tail is held by Cygnus Powers, a silver Maine Coon. Cygnus astounds with an impressive tail measuring 17.58 inches, surpassing the combined length of his entire body!

While not all Maine Coons exhibit such exceptionally long tails, they do tend to possess longer tails compared to other feline breeds. On average, one can expect a Maine Coon’s tail to measure around 12-17 inches. The rationale behind their lengthy and furry tails lies in their ancestral adaptation to withstand cold weather in the wild. This, coupled with their thick coat, facilitated their survival in extremely frigid climates.

The notable length of Maine Coons’ tails comes as no surprise considering they rank among the largest domestic cat breeds. They boast a robust, muscular physique and flaunt a luxurious, long coat. Additionally, Maine Coons are renowned for their affectionate nature, playful demeanor, and gentle disposition. They can even be trained to perform tricks and partake in fetching games with their human companions.

All things considered, if you desire a cat breed with a lengthy tail, the Maine Coon is undoubtedly your best choice.

American Curl:-

The American Curl stands out among cat breeds due to its distinctive feature of small ears that curl backward from the face towards the skull, creating an undeniably adorable appearance. This unique attribute is a result of a spontaneous mutation that affects the normal development of ear cartilage.

However, the American Curl’s noteworthy characteristics do not end with its ears. It also happens to possess a fluffy, long tail, making it one of the breeds with a remarkable tail length. While there are both longhair and shorthair variants of this breed, if you desire the longest and most voluminous tail, selecting a thick-coated, long-haired American Curl is your best choice.


The Balinese cat is often mistakenly believed to originate from Bali, Indonesia. However, the true lineage of the Balinese cat can be traced back to Thailand, specifically to the Siamese cat. During the mid-1800s, Siamese cats were brought to the United States and the United Kingdom. Some of these Siamese cats carried a genetic trait for long hair. Through selective breeding, this characteristic was further developed, giving rise to the Balinese breed.

The Balinese cat is recognized for its slim body, long legs, well-proportioned oval paws, almond-shaped eyes, and prominent pointed ears. Of course, it is also renowned for its stunning long tail. The tail of the Balinese is not only lengthy but also uniquely beautiful, featuring a distinct plume of longer hair at the tip. Additionally, the tail’s color often differs from that of the cat’s body.

Balinese cats are exceptionally affectionate toward humans and enjoy following their owners around the house. They are known for being true lap cats, relishing in spending ample time with their human companions. This breed exhibits agility, intelligence, and playfulness, requiring plenty of mental and physical stimulation to maintain their happiness.

Furthermore, Balinese cats tend to be quite vocal and express their desires without hesitation. If you envision a talkative, slender, graceful cat with a long tail as an ideal addition to your household, the Balinese breed might be a fitting choice.

Long Tail Cat breeds
Long Tail Cat breeds

Russian Blue:-

The Russian Blue possesses a moderately long tail that is proportionate to its overall body length. This is because Russian Blues are naturally elongated cats. Their tails begin with a moderately thick base and gradually taper, resulting in a relatively slender tail.

One of the distinguishing features of the Russian Blue is its dense double coat, which has a silky texture, providing a delightful sensation when stroked. Additionally, these cats are recognized for their captivating vivid green eyes, which have a rounded shape.

As the name implies, the Russian Blue originates from Russia. Following the devastating impact of two World Wars, the breed faced the brink of extinction. Fortunately, due to dedicated efforts by breeders, the Russian Blue managed to survive and thrive to this day.

The Russian Blue is renowned for its gentle and reserved nature. It is generally a quiet breed that does not vocalize excessively. However, their shyness does not make them dull or uninteresting. These cats have a playful nature and delight in activities such as jumping and climbing to elevated spots where they can observe their surroundings.

If you are seeking a calm and composed breed with short hair, stunning green eyes, a luxuriously thick and silky coat, and an elegantly long tail, the Russian Blue may be the perfect choice for you.

Norwegian Forest Cat:-

Lastly, we have the Norwegian Forest Cat, a notable addition to the list of cat breeds with long tails.

The Norwegian Forest Cat possesses a remarkably voluminous and dense tail. This breed originates from the forests of Norway, where the climate can be bitterly cold. As a result, the Norwegian Forest Cat has evolved to develop a thick and lengthy tail, serving as an effective tool for keeping itself warm. In fact, their tails can reach a diameter of up to 20cm (approximately 8 inches)!

While the Norwegian Forest Cat may initially display a bit of shyness towards unfamiliar individuals, it is known to be one of the most affectionate and gentle breeds once it becomes acquainted with you. They greatly enjoy the companionship of humans and thrive in a family-oriented environment.


In the enchanting realm of cats, there exists a myriad of exquisite felines with diverse forms, sizes, hues, and dispositions.

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