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Kombai Dog (2023)

Kombai Dog

The powerful working dog known as Kombai, hails from Tamil Nadu in Southern India. In South India, during the reign of the Maravar monarchs, Kombai dogs were employed for boar, bison, and deer hunting. The Indian or Tamil Bear Hound is another name for them.

Typically, Kombai dogs have a tan or reddish-brown coat, a black mask, and a unique ridge along the middle of their back. They have large chests, strong jaws, and upright ears. These dogs are incredibly active and fiercely loyal to their owners.

But they can be fairly aggressive with dogs or other animals, with which they do not get along well. It is well known that Kombai dogs would battle intruders, whether they are people or other animals, even at the risk of their own lives.


The southern region of India is where this dog breed originated. Because of their brown and red coats and black masks, people frequently believed that they were related to foxes. This breed has a lengthy history that began in the fifteenth century. They were used to hunt deer, bison, and wild boar in antiquity. Some people also think that the Marudhu brothers’ army employed these dogs. In the early 19th century, the Marudhu brothers—also known as Marudhu Pandias—led a revolt against British control in the Kalaiar Koil of the Sivagangai Kingdom.

Kombai Dog
Kombai Dog

Alternative Names of Kombai Dogs

  • Kombai
  • Brindle Kombai (a variation with brindle coloring)
  • Porru Kombai
  • Indian Boar Dog
  • Boar Hound

Physical Characteristics

It has become harder to identify a purebred Kombai over time since its distinguishing features have become less noticeable. You can use our guide as a resource to more precisely identify these dogs.


This canine breed is renowned for its extraordinary bravery. They will bravely battle to the death if they come up against an enemy. Because of this quality, they make great guard dogs. Strangers are not welcomed by Kombis, and if they see someone as a threat, it might have significant repercussions.

These dogs need frequent training to keep their agility and mental stimulation because they have a lot of energy. They can adjust well to apartment living as long as they get their recommended amount of activity each day.

Lineage: Do they descend from wild dogs?

Some speculate that the Shen-Naai, a red wild dog native to Tamil Nadu, may have been the Kombai’s ancestor. They resemble Rhodesian Ridgebacks from South Africa somewhat as well. It’s vital to highlight that there isn’t much support for these theories.

The Kombai and Pariah breeds are thought to have characteristics in common with the wild Dhole. Science has not, however, validated this connection.

Why Are Kombai Critically Endangered?

Over many decades, the Kombai breed’s pure lineage has deteriorated. This is primarily due to the introduction of other breeds from outside the area and a lack of focus on the preservation of the local Kombai dogs. Genuine Kombai dogs are currently at grave risk as a result.

How Easilare Kombai Dogs Trained?

The Kombai breed is extremely intelligent and intuitive. Because of their strong jaws, they are good in the difficult discipline of dog training known aspbite ork. Since they were bred to be working and hunting dogs, their ownerslot give them a lot of activity so they can burn off excess energy and stay happy and healthy.

The training exercises that entail sniffing and detecting, chasing and catching, and even obedience training with treats can make a group of Kombai dogs rather happy because these dogs find their purpose in defending and protecting.

The powerful working dog known as Kombai, hails from Tamil Nadu in Southern India.


The Kombai dog is a remarkable and historically significant breed from the southern region of India. Their heritage as hunting and guard dogs has endowed them with unique characteristics, including intelligence, courage, and a strong protective instinct. However, over time, their pure lineage has been diluted due to the introduction of other breeds and a lack of preservation efforts.

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