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Indian Spitz Dog Breed [Update 2024]

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Indian Spitz Dog Breed

Hi, welcome! We share the Indian Spitz Dog Breed, sharing all the information about a dog breed that originated in India and that can live up to 14 years. In this share, breed information, history, and origin are shared. & many more.

History and Origin

Indian Spitz Dog Breed:- It was the time when Indians were doing goods exchanges all over the country. Indians were also importing and exporting foreign dog breeds, but only German shepherds were allowed. In the 18th and 19th centuries, breeders wanted the proper solution, so they decided to breed German shepherds together with Samoyeds and a little bit with Pomeranians.

After a little time, they succeeded and made a breed named Indian Spitz that successfully adapted to the climate of India.
Indian Spitz became famous among royal kings, and their appearance went well into the royal grandeur and gained so much popularity.

Price of Indian Spitz in India

As you know, Indian Spitz breeds are very popular in India, and the price range of this breed is around 3000 INR to 8000 INR. Depending on what size you want, the more adults you want, the more you need to pay. If you have a plan to adopt a dog, then you must adopt it from an NGO. Definitely, you will save your life, and this is so good.

The lifespan of Indian Spitz

The Indian Spitz has a very long life because they are highly adaptable to the Indian climate; they can easily handle sub-temperatures of Indian weather. Their life span is around 10 to 14 years, but in India, you will be surprised to hear they can live up to 18 years.

  • There are two types of breeds available in Indian spitz: the small spitz and the great spitz.
  • The small one is generally 5 to 7 kg in weight, and their height is around 8 to 10 inches. They are a very suitable companion for everyone, and they live in full comfort in flats and small areas.
  • The great one is generally 15-20 kg in weight, and their height is around 14–17 inches.

Health care tips for Indian Spitz

As we know, Indian spitz are very adaptive, and they do not need to require so much attention. Here, down below, you will get pro tips on how to manage an Indian Spitz.

  • No 1 You must avoid a weekly bathing schedule—only once a month—but regular brushing is needed to avoid hair shedding.
  • No 2 You must clean their legs and eyes during the monsoon; it will help to reduce the chances of infection in the body. Help avoid ticks and other parasites.
  • No 3 Always keep their water and food bowls clean at regular intervals.
  • No 4 Be sure to clean their sleeping and playing areas at regular intervals.

Grooming Tips for Indian Spitz

As we know, Indian Spitz are very adaptable, and they do not need any special kind of grooming. They do not shed too much, but always keep in mind that they shed too much in the winter season, and you must use a comb at that time to ensure they will not shed all around.

They like to do grooming; they will not stop you from cutting nails and massaging; instead, they will enjoy it. Also, avoid regular bathing. Indian spitz are very cute, attractive, and energetic dogs who like to spend all their time with their owners.

People also ask:

  1. What breed is an Indian Spitz?
    Thought to have descended from the German Spitz.
  2. Is Indian Spitz healthy?
    They are generally a healthy breed.
  3. Can Indian Spitz drink milk?
    They can survive on milk, yogurt, and rice.
  4. Is Indian Spitz friendly?
  5. Is an Indian spitz a good pet?
    one of the most attractive Indian dog breeds there exists.


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