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Basset Hound Breed Info, History, Images, Size & More [Update 2024]

The Basset Hound, originally from France, is a medium-sized hunting dog. In this blog, we share information about the Basset Hound Breed; if you search this keyword, your search will end here.

Basset Hound Breed Info

Basset Hounds are friendly, affectionate dogs with long ears and short hair. They are known for their exceptional sense of smell and gentle, calm temperament.

Origin: France (descendant of French breeds)
Coat:Short, dense, and smooth coat
Size: Medium to large
Lifespan: 10-12 years
Temperament: Gentle, affectionate and laid-back
Exercise Needs:Moderate exercise needs and daily walks are essential to prevent obesity.
Health:Prone to a few health issues including ear infections (due to their long ears), hip dysplasia, and obesity.
Grooming:Prone to a few health issues, including ear infections (due to their long ears), hip dysplasia, and obesity.
Training:Basset Hounds can be stubborn but respond well to patient and consistent training
Basset Hound Breed Info

Basset Hound Breed History

The Basset-type hound has its roots in France and traces its lineage back to the hounds owned by St. Hubert of Belgium in the 6th century. Through selective breeding at the Benedictine Abbey of St. Hubert, these hounds evolved and became recognized as the St. Hubert Hound around 1000 AD.

Short-legged and sturdy, the Basset Hound has long, pendulous ears and short hair in various combinations of black, brown, reddish-brown, and white. There are several regional varieties of this breed in France.

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Basset Hound temprature

Basset Hounds are gentle, friendly, and great with children. They can be affectionate yet stubborn and independent. They love being with family and get along well with other pets, although their keen sense of smell can easily distract them.

Basset Hound Facts

Here are interesting facts about Basset Hounds:

Exceptional sense of smell:Basset Hounds have one of the best noses in the dog world.
Distinctive ears:Their long, hanging ears help guide scents to their noses.
Heavy-built bodies:Despite their short legs, they are strong and muscular.
Stubborn temperament:Basset Hounds are known to be independent and sometimes stubborn.
History:They originated in France and are descendants of the 6th-century St. Hubert Hound.
Friendly temperament:They are gentle, affectionate, and good with children and pets.
Vocal breed:Basset Hounds have a distinctive, deep bark and can be quite vocal.

Basset Hound Training

Here are some tips:

  1. Begin training early to establish good habits.
  2. Use positive reinforcement such as treats and praise.
  3. Be consistent with commands and routines.
  4. Keep training sessions short and sweet.
  5. Focus on leash training due to their tendency to follow scents.
  6. Socialize them with different people, pets, and environments.
  7. Patience is key, as Basset Hounds can be stubborn learners.

Basset Hound Coat Color And Grooming

The Basset Hound’s coat is short, smooth, and dense. Their coat colors can include:

  • Tricolor: black, white, and tan
  • Bicolor: lemon and white, red and white, or any combination of these colors.
  • Brushing: Brush regularly (at least once weekly) to remove loose hair and reduce shedding.
  • Bathing: To keep his coat clean, bathe occasionally when needed.
  • Ears: Clean his long, hanging ears regularly to prevent infections.
  • Nails: Cut his nails regularly to prevent overgrowth and discomfort.
  • Teeth: Brush his teeth regularly to maintain good oral hygiene and prevent dental problems.

Is a Basset Hound a good family dog?

Yes, Basset Hounds are generally considered to be good family dogs.

Are basset Hounds good guard dogs?

On average, Basset Hounds are not generally considered good guard dogs but are up to ticks.

What are basset Hounds best known for?

Originally bred to chase rabbits, hares, and deer, Basset Hounds are also used to hunt birds, foxes, and other animals.

Are Basset hounds high maintenance?

Basset Hounds have fairly low hair care requirements and only need to be brushed weekly.


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