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Angora Cat Prices Breed {2023}

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Angora Cat Prices

Angora Cat Prices:- Angora cats are renowned for their beautiful beauty and lengthy, silky coats. Given that they are one of the most well-known and sought-after cat breeds, their pricing can vary greatly based on a number of variables. This article will examine the numerous factors that affect Angora cat prices and offer information on the typical rates for these alluring felines.

Type of Breed

The Turkish Angora and the Persian Angora are the two main subtypes of Angora cats. The Persian Angora is a variation that was developed in Persia (now Iran), while the Turkish Angora is the original breed that originated in Turkey. Due of their scarcity and historical significance, Turkish Angoras are typically more expensive.

Bloodline and Pedigree

An Angora cat’s price is significantly influenced by its pedigree and heritage. Cats with illustrious pedigrees and proof of descent from well-known breeders are typically more expensive. These cats frequently include certification documents and satisfy breed requirements, assuring their excellence and purity.

Coat Color and Quality

The luxuriant coat is what distinguishes an Angora cat from other felines. The cat’s price is largely influenced by the coat’s length, texture, and color. Long, dense, and silky coats are highly prized, and the cost can also vary according on the distinctive coat color or pattern, such as pure white, black, tabby, or calico.

Gender and age

The cost of an Angora cat might vary according to its age and gender. In general, kittens cost more than adult cats because of their high demand and potential for socializing & training. Female cats may be priced higher due to their potential to become future queens, but male cats may be paid higher for breeding purposes.

Breeder Standing

The price of an Angora cat might vary depending on the reputation and legitimacy of the breeder or cattery. Price increases are common among reputable breeders who place a strong priority on the health, happiness, and socialization of their cats. To make sure the kittens are healthy and well-adjusted, these breeders make investments in genetic testing, proper care, immunizations, and early socialization.

Regional context

The cost of an Angora cat might vary according to its location. Due to differences in supply, demand, and cost of living, prices can range between nations, regions, and even individual cities. For instance, Angora cats could cost more if there is less supply or more demand.

Additional elements

The cat’s show potential, temperament, and general health are further elements that may affect the price of an Angora cat. Cats with outstanding temperaments or show potential may fetch a premium price. Additionally, due to the breeder’s commitment in the health of the cat, cats with particular health certifications, such as genetic testing for inherited disorders, may have a higher price tag.

Standard Angora Cat Costs

An Angora cat can be purchased for a variety of pricing points. A professional breeder would often charge you between $500 and $2,000 for an Angora kitten of pet quality. However, depending on their bloodline, coat quality, and other considerations like those listed above, show-level or breeding-quality Angora cats can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 or even more.


Cats with Angora coats are appreciated for their beauty, grace, and luxury. It’s important to consider numerous elements that affect Angora cat pricing when thinking about buying one.

The price of an Angora cat is affected by the breed, pedigree, coat quality, age, gender, breeder reputation, location, and other considerations. You can make an informed choice and locate a superb Angora partner that suits your interests and budget by being aware of these variables.

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