Top 7 Birds Found In Antarctica

Due to the documentary “March of the Penguins,” the Emperor Penguin is possibly Antarctica's most famous bird. The largest penguin species, these magnificent birds can reach 4 feet tall.

Emperor Penguin

Another popular Antarctic penguin species is the black-and-white Adélie Penguin, which has a thin white ring around its eyes.

Adélie Penguin

Snow Petrels are gorgeous, all-white birds that thrive in Antarctica's frigid climate. Circumpolar distribution means they are widespread throughout the Southern Ocean and continent.

Snow Petrel

The South Polar Skua is a formidable predator in the Antarctic ecosystem, often preying on the eggs and chicks of other seabirds such as penguins and petrels. These skuas are known for their aggressive behavior and sharp beaks, which they use to steal food from other birds or scavenge carrion.

South Polar Skua

Antarctic Petrels are seabirds that spend most of their lives in the Southern Ocean but return to the Antarctic continent to breed during the summer months. They have a striking black and white plumage with distinctive wing markings.

Antarctic Petrel

Their short black band under their chin resembles a strap, hence their name. Feisty and lively, they are known. These penguins swim well in the chilly Southern Ocean using their strong flippers and live in vast colonies. 

Chinstrap Penguin

The Antarctic Skua, commonly known as the Brown Skua, lives there. Opportunistic predators and scavengers, they eat carrion and steal from other birds. 

Brown Skua

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