8 Most Active Dog Breeds Worldwide


Vizslas are friendly, enthusiastic sporting dogs. They are naturally active and make great pets for active families. Vizslas, bred for hunting, are robust, agile, and eager to please.

Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds, or “Aussies,” are active and versatile dogs. They are agile, smart, and strong herding dogs.

Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies are known for their endurance, beauty, and sled-pulling. They are tough and resilient Arctic natives.

Belgian Malinois

Belgium-bred Belgian Malinois are intelligent and lively. Work ethic, adaptability, and athleticism are their hallmarks. Born as herding and working dogs, they excel in obedience, agility, tracking, and protection.

Border Collie

Border Collies are among the smartest and most energetic dogs. They are famed for herding and excel in agility, speed, and cerebral stimulation.

Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terriers are little but energetic and personable. Built for hunting, they have great stamina, agility, and prey drive. These energetic dogs love exercise and mental stimulation.


Weimaraners, or “Silver Ghosts,” are beautiful, athletic dogs with a silver-gray coat. Longevity and prey drive are their hallmarks as large game hunters. Running, swimming, hiking, and retrieving games suit lively Weimaraners.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Southern African Rhodesian Ridgebacks are powerful and active. They're lion hunters and have great stamina and agility. Rhodesian Ridgebacks need exercise to stay intellectually and physically active. Long walks, jogging, and fun games are recommended for exercise.

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